Player Information


Wingleader G'ral

Name: G'ral
Pronunciation: Guh-rall
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 09.21.2702
Craft: Seacraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingleader
Physical Description:

G'ral is a surprisingly large man, standing at an imposing stature of 6'4", but what used to be a thickly muscled physique is now tending slightly towards just "thick" as he ages. But the bit of extra flesh which the Turns have piled on does nothing to impede the power promised by his broad chest and shoulders and thickly muscled arms, and his profession ensured that G'ral more than maintains healthy levels of fitness.

G'ral was a handsome man in his youth, and the weathering of age hasn't entirely compromised that effect. He has a very masculine appearance, which is most easily attributed to his broad, strong jaw and rectangular face. Of course, the short beard doesn't exactly hurt, either. His nose is slightly crooked from a fall when he was a young boy, and his eyes are not entirely symmetrically lidded, a trait which may be either odd, endearing, or other, depending on one's point of view. His eyes are a warm brown only a few shades lighter than his hair, which he keeps just short enough to fit comfortably under a riding helmet.

His voice is a deep and rumbling baritone, and he has large hands which are covered in decades' worth of scars from the inevitable nicks and scrapes that go along with dragonriding.


G'ral is a leader, through and through - it is his goal, his calling, a role that he sees as nothing less than his duty. In fact, that single word - duty - is at the center of his world view, and defines both his thoughts and his actions. Nothing in G'ral's life can ever be permitted to come before the wellbeing of the Weyr.

On a positive note, that makes G'ral an extremely hard worker, seemingly tireless and unwilling to settle for less than excellence. He is also objective, and extremely fair-minded. Negatively, he possesses very little patience or compassion for those who do not try to the best of their ability to fulfill their duty, and anyone who gives less than 100% in his Wing can relate that his penalties for laziness are both just and unforgiving, except in the most extreme of circumstances. G'ral does understand the concept of morale, but harbors a strong hunch that his riders would indeed feel better training hard and surviving rather than drinking with wingmates one night and then seeing them eaten alive by Thread the next day. He has no sense of humor when it comes to people's lives, and will not tolerate that kind of tomfoolery within his Wing.

Surprisingly, on the rare occasions that G'ral isn't actively overseeing his Weyr, he isn't *quite* so much of a hard-ass. Many a Wingrider chewed out in drills has been surprised to find a much more approachable and understanding G'ral paying them a visit to talk about the situation - though he never softens punishments or permits invalid excuses. But the man does have a heart ... it's just that he feels it's tactically inferior to the mind.

He will be most personally familiar with those also in leadership positions, understanding all too well the stress of that role and sympathizing, which forms a common bond, at least in his mind. But he also considers it a duty not to be shirked, and he will expect nothing less than complete commitment from those in positions of power within Eastern Weyr.

Traits snapshot: strict, old-fashioned, dogged, stubborn, dutiful, resourceful, a secret romantic


G'ral was born Geraldon, the fourth in a family of eight born to a fisher family at a seahold near Igen Weyr. His father was a hard worker, and his mother was doting, if a little frazzled from taking care of so many children, but his childhood was healthy and nurturing. But G'ral was one child who was never happy sitting still or just playing around at some game - he always wanted to be helping, or being productive. He insisted on entering the Seacraft as soon as he turned twelve (although the insistences started long before that), but it wasn't until he as Searched at the age of fourteen that life began to settle into what would be it's final path for him.

A bit shocked by the liberalities of the Weyr, he forced himself to adjust, and managed well enough over the Turns to put aside his Holder ways and recognize that dragons made certain new morals necessary. After three Turns, he was finally picked by what he'd dreamed of all along - bronze Tsorieth, a dragon prepared to pursue leadership and responsibility as vigorously as he was.

G'ral long ago set a goal … and that was to lead a Weyr into the Pass. To this end the bronze pair took advantage of the Interval, using the long Turns that they had before the coming of Threadfall to move from Weyr to Weyr as new positions of Wing rank opened itself up here or there, gaining experience, and looking for a place that he felt he could truly guide. After all, he was hardly the only competent, determined bronzerider … but apparently he was certainly among them at Eastern Weyr, because as soon as Oryndith rose for the first time after the initial flight which had secured her position as Senior Queen, Tsorieth caught, and G'ral was finally Weyrleader.

Since then the position had been admittedly on-again, off-again, but since that initial victory, gold Oryndith rose only twice that Tsorieth did not catch. Weyrwoman Setyne and G'ral grew close, and after a few Turns became Weyrmates. Preparing to lead Eastern Weyr into the Pass together, they were ready for anything … except for a pregnancy and the tragedy to follow.

Both were overjoyed about having a child to nurture, though G'ral had others in the crèche from this or that greenflight. It would have been Setyne's first … but a chaotic sequence of events dashed everyone's hopes. The gravid state of Setyne's pregnancy altered Oryndith's cycle, and the senior queen was proddy when gold Dynath rose. Setyne went into labor, and was unable to leave with Oryndith. Both golds were killed in the resulting fight, and the child was stillborn. G'ral was crushed … but he is determined to go on for the sake of Eastern Weyr, and for the sake of Tsorieth, even if not for his own.

Bronze Tsorieth

Name: Tsorieth
Color: Bronze
Size: 39
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Igen
Age: 42

Tsorieth is a burnished, khaki bronze over the entire expanse of his burly form, his gleaming metallic hide uniformly sheened with a subtle hint of green-tinted tones. He is not among the largest of his color, stretching longer from nose to tailtip than only perhaps two-thirds of his bronze brethren, but he is clearly built for power and strength, a veritable powerhouse of frame and musculature. His wings are long and broad, and his shoulders wide and thick with brawny might, while a deep barrel chest and large lung capacity ensured that his flame will be one to rival, even if he isn't quite a record-setter.


From the moment that he first cracked shell, first his color and then his slowly-rising rank has defined everything about this dragon. Tsorieth is a true bronze down to the depths of his core - he is a leader, a creature who takes to duty and responsibility as easily as breathing. He seems to have gotten an extra dose of instincts, and there is something in Tsorieth's psyche that firmly respects the status quo - be sure, he *knows* that he is a bronze. But he feels no need to flaunt that position - it is simply the way that things are, and he will not enforce his will upon another unless it is necessary. To him, being bronze means only a single thing: he has a job to do. It is within the definition of that job that the inevitable ego associated with Tsorieth's color makes its appearance - he is out to lead as much of Pern as he can into this next Pass. He may not be outwardly cocky, and in fact may appear as steady and even-tempered as a brown ... but Tsorieth simply assumes that it is a given that he is the best dragon for the job. And, having caught a Senior Queen more than once, he has the record to at least begin to back up his claims.