Player Information


Junior Weyrwoman Embyr

Name: Embyr
Pronunciation: Em-byer (the 'y' is pronounced as a consonant, not a vowel, so slowly it's Em-b[eh]yer)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 11.25.2740
Craft: Harper (Sr. Apprentice) - artist
Rank: Junior Weyrwoman
Physical Description:

Embyr, on the much-popularized male rating scale, would probably rate a solid five or six, or maybe a seven on a really good day - not really all that much to look at, but, as she sees it, at least she's not genuinely ugly. Her hair is a dull brown that falls in an unimpressive bob down to her chin, though its thickness does a bit to make up for the bland hue, and in the summer it is laced through with subtle (you might have to squint a bit) highlights of auburn and gold. Her eyes are a slightly stony color, an interesting and well-blended mix of blue and green and grey that is surprisingly attractive, but their slightly smaller size paired with a somehow vaguely awkward placement on her face makes few people likely to notice their hue. Her mildly sloping nose is almost entirely average in size and rounded shape, and her mouth is narrow, with lips of an average fullness sometimes appearing slightly thinner than they really are, since they are often pressed together in thought or concentration. Her chin is broad and softly rounded, from certain angles lending just a bit too much flesh to the lower half of her face.

Embyr possesses a medium build, standing at an average 5'5" and is neither skinny nor stocky. Her shoulders are slightly on the broad side and slightly crooked, with the right side a good inch higher than the left, though the otherwise pleasant line they form hopefully distracts the eye just a bit from the fact that her neck could probably use about another centimeter or two of length. Her torso is slender and well-formed when viewed from the side, with only a short line from navel to spine, and the dip of her waist and the curve to her chest are moderate and proportional to her frame. But when viewed from the front, her hips are a bit broader than average, lending her a certain vague thickness which isn't so visible from other angles. But then again, her hips are also likely the most elegantly shaped area of her body, hipbones traceable with the tip of a finger even if her thighs will never be skinny or even slender, though at least weyrlinghood has seen her legs well-toned and streamlined. Despite having rather lovely hands with long, graceful fingers, the joints of those digits are just a trifle swollen with her constant habit of cracking her knuckles, and her upper arms *were* what Embyr deems her principle 'problem area', sporting a tendency towards thickness and flab which wasn't so prominent anywhere else on her body, but weyrlinghood has done quite a bit to take care of that little issue, and has created a healthy muscular tone to her arms and shoulders that mitigates that issue at least partially.

Embyr's clothing style is most certainly casual, though that's mostly just out of convenience - what ultimately matters to her is comfort. She literally never wears skirts, always feeling a little ridiculous in them and privately thinking them a bit absurd on everyone else, too, and tolerates fancy dresses about as well as the average feline tolerates a bath.

She wears a short gold barbell pierced through her tongue, which she's fond of playing with when she's thinking, running the round end of the jewelry over her upper lip. She also has Xyxith's name tattooed across the underside of her left wrist, the font of the inked script copied from her own handwriting.


Embyr is most succinctly described as a staunch individualist who is probably just a bit too smart for her own good. Ranking impressively above-average in terms of blanket intellectual capacity, her talent for abstract reasoning, attention to detail, and an efficiently objective perspective make her mind a force to be reckoned with - and she knows it. Maybe it's because she knows her own abilities that she rarely bothers to put the effort into using them for anything conventional - despite her intelligence, Embyr has never exactly been good with obligations or authority, inclined to resent the former and challenge the latter. It isn't that Embyr is really afraid of work, physical or otherwise, but she *is* afraid of having no time to herself. She wants her life to be her *own*, an urge born of an independent intellect paired with a surprisingly stubborn sense of oddball spunk.

Embyr has a tendency to shut down when put into a group, which tends to make her awkward around her peers. Preferring instead to stand back and merely observe the group and attempt to learn what she can about this mysterious thing called 'hanging out', she definitely isn't the best with social cues and often second-guesses her interpretations even when she does notice them. Despite that, as an objective observer she has a knack for getting a feel for the motives behind others' behavior ... but only give enough data, and only as long as she's actually paying attention. Inevitably, she will soon become once again engrossed in her own thoughts, at which point just about anyone would have a fairly difficult time of getting her attention. Absent-minded professor, anyone? When interacting one-on-one or with only a few other people, she tends to be surprisingly assertive and frank in her commentary and, to those not expecting a sudden bout of sarcastic humor, can be quite abrasive with her tendency to be both analytical and critical of anything presented to her, her wit often biting and her statements blunt to the point of rude. When confronted with the fact that this might have offended someone, Embyr is most often surprised but ultimately nonplussed, because usually (though not always, for Embyr does have a bit of a pit bull tendency when riled, however rare that might be) no insult was intended; people should have a thicker skin, in her opinion, even if she tends to flinch or bristle at criticism herself. But it's a habit that she just can't seem to break, giving in almost every time to that urge to critique, or to make that occasional biting comment that, while she didn't really mean it, was just *begging* to be said. Er ... no harm done, right? It was just a joke! And, inevitably, it was just the truth.

Objective-minded enough to be fairly even-tempered, keen interest or vague annoyance tend to be Embyr's most common emotions, the latter most often arising from too much forced social interaction. Or too much forced anything, really, because Embyr is not a person who hides her sentiments well; consistently acting against how she truly feels, whether it's being in the limelight when she'd prefer to be alone or in close company (which is the vast majority of the time), or even attempting to smile and be pleasant when she's really feeling sour, is something that will frustrate her quickly. Her emotionality, though it flares rarely, is sudden and powerful when it does, with her melancholies weighty and hard to shake, her attachments fierce, loyal, protective, and sometimes a bit needy, and her anger, though the rarest emotion of all, efficient and vicious. Her introspective nature can make her existence a slightly lonely one at times, her mood sometimes succumbing to the weight of feeling removed and misunderstood. The simple truth is that Embyr lives primarily in her own head, the way she is and the way she thinks resulting in her often being more absorbed in her own thoughts than in what is going on around her ... and that can be a bit of a lonely way to live. Thank Faranth for Xyxith.

Those that do manage to get close to this girl will find something more than just an admirable intellect, awkward social skills, stubborn tenacity, and unique emotionality beneath the surface. There is a spark of something extra within Embyr, something not always in view, but bold, defiant, and passionate when it does decide to emerge, too strong-willed to be chalked up to normal youthful rebellion. Because Embyr, whether she shows it in the classic ways or not, is proud, possessing a dogged sense of self-worth that is surprisingly resistant to battering. And it isn't all just about her intelligence - it's also about her force of will, about the fact that on the rare occasion that she does *really* put her mind to something, there is next to nothing that she will let get in her way. There exists a stubborn, resilient whisper close to this girl's heart - I KNOW I'm worth something special. And I'll show you all someday. Impressing to a gold dragon certainly hadn't done anything to diminish that secret pride ... but it's come with a sense of responsibility that was the last thing she ever wanted out of life. But she's trying, her resolution not exactly something she's happy about, but something she plans to stick to. She can do this - she *will* do this.

Traits snapshot: intelligent, introspective, internalized, analytical, has a dry wit, sardonic, stubborn, tenacious, blunt, awkward, aloof, individualistic


Embyr was born to B'yern and Emelia, who were (and remain) a bluerider and a harper, respectively, dwelling at Eastern Weyr. Emelia was a general practitioner of the various arts encompassed by her craft, with no true specialization other than her love of teaching small children. In fact, Emelia loved children of all kinds, and when she had her little girl both she and B'yern were overjoyed. Embyr's parents had similar temperaments, with her father tending to be a bit more intellectual but no less jolly and good-hearted than her mother, and everyone expected their daughter to mirror her parents' outgoing and sunny dispositions.

Things didn't quite work out that way.

From a young age Embyr had difficulty making friends, preferring to sit by herself and observe whatever had caught her interest or to wander after some adult knowledgeable about whatever it was that she was currently obsessed with, constantly pestering said unlucky individual with questions. And while a few adults were impressed with her intellect and helped to foster her academic leanings, most were simply bemused by this socially awkward little creature who was showing herself to be so especially capable in all things theoretical and analytical but so deficient in the very basics of normal interaction. Luckily, Embyr did adjust enough to her surroundings not to become a complete social outcast, though the majority of her peers have always regarded her as just a little odd - smart, but generally no one many people ever bothered to take notice of or comment on.

It was obvious, by the time the Embyr was old enough to be apprenticed, what her talents were. From childhood she was forever drawing pictures in dirt or sand, or scratching increasingly-realistic depictions onto her 'special' sections of the rock walls of the Bowl. She was no savant, but she *was* talented, even if certain subject matter - such as landscapes and anything she needed to draw from memory but hadn't already extensively sketched and studied - were things she struggled to be even mediocre at rendering. There was also a unanimous decision that getting the girl into the harper hall and among others of her specialty was a good idea, where people might forgive her lack of social skills and hopefully appreciate her for her talents.

And indeed, life at the Hall did see an improvement for Embyr - while never achieving the status of 'social butterfly' that others curiously seemed to laud, she did have real friends for the first time, and as the Turns passed she was shaping up to be a competent artist, though she often butted heads with her teachers over her resistance to change any aspect of her style. But her specialty, and what she *wanted* to draw, was dragons ... Embyr was sixteen when one of her older friends, Aren, walked the tables and asked to be stationed back at Eastern Weyr, and he offered to suggest to one of the Masters that she come along with him for a Turn or so, to get the chance to study her choice of subject matter up close. With the condition of correspondence and consistent delivery of formal projects following a syllabus worked out between her and some of her teachers at the Hall, Embyr was on her way - at least temporarily - back to her old life. Of course, she didn't expect to be Searched nearly as soon as she got there ... she was a candidate from then on, and even a Turn and more later was still hard pressed not to grin like a fool when the incredible chance in front of her hit her all over again. Though it was something that she stubbornly denied to anyone who asks, mostly because she thought (and still thinks) that it's just too much trouble to deal with their concern ... the truth is that Embyr was lonely, the Turns of dealing with her own objective and introverted demeanor concentrating into an innate tendency to cling to the rare possibility of emotional intimacy, and a dragon was the ultimate form of that vital connection. A *dragon* would finally understand her ... and for that, even if she didn't like it, she was ready to eventually risk her life in Fall. At least she wouldn't be alone up there.

And then came Xyxith.

When the gold egg had been laid on Eastern's sands, Embyr hadn't *actually* thought she was going to get it. Sure, she'd thought *about* it, but those idle fantasizes, though nice, had been empty of genuine expectation. Because it didn't matter how much she secretly *wanted* that gold, and it was just a coincidence that she happened to like that gold egg more than any egg - gold or otherwise - that she'd ever seen before. She wasn't *actually* going to get it ... right?

And then the egg hatched on 01.03.2757, and the golden dragon who had been within called her name and tackled her to the ground.

Since then, life has been a blur. A girl who was previously best known for being the intimidatingly smart weirdo who never did her homework was suddenly Pern's newest goldrider, and Embyr wasn't quite sure what to do with that. Mired in the unpleasant feeling of this new 'rank', she's made one definite resolution so far: she's going to do this, but that doesn't mean she's going to compromise who she is. She refuses to turn into some twit awed by the shininess of her own dragon's hide - she'll be a 'goldrider' - ugh, she *hates* that word - because she *has* to ... but she's going to do it *her* way.

Er, somehow.

The tragedy of Eastern losing two golds and their riders on 02.14.2757 only served to throw everything into sharper focus for the weyrling pair - Embyr is determined to *not* let that happen to her own dragon, and if that means being the best, if slightly unconventional, Xyxith-rider (ahh, that sounds *so* much better than 'goldrider') that she can be ... well, she'll do it for her dragon.

Life was about as normal as it can get when you happened to be attached to a dragon like Xyxith ... until, that was, Embyr's 18th birthingday rolled around. She woke up with cramps, and assumed it heralded her menses - but the cramps got worse through the morning, and by drills they were bad enough that she was pretty sharding sure (98.37%, to be specific) that something was wrong. She was right - she hadn't even known she was pregnant, but some sloppiness with her routine of taking the teas had gotten her about four sevendays along before she miscarried, most likely from the frequent *between*ing drills that the Weyrling lessons required. She was more shaken up by the experience than she could really make sense of, and some of her social progress that Impression to Xyxith had made was reversed, as she reverted to a slightly more cynical attitude. An attitude which her gold also began to adopt in some measure, although at least the impact to Xyxith had been more subtle. For the time being, there was nothing to do but for gold and rider to just support each other, to try to work this out and get on with things.

Life goes on, and the months passed with old tragedies fading into the past, and new ones to deal with - when an earthquake hit the Weyr on 05.13.2758, Embyr got her foot trapped under a door trying to evacuate from one of the classrooms, and was saved by brown weyrling T'ral. She was a bit shaken by the experience - she'd signed up for Threadfall by being a candidate, but the random, uncontrollable aspect of the destruction caused by the "earthshake" was a hard pill to swallow. Not that any of them had much choice - repairs were started immediately, and by the time Embyr graduated with the rest of the Front Runners weyrling class and became a full goldrider on 06.03.2758, the Weyr had returned (at least structurally) to normalcy, more or less.

Now an official rider, Embyr isn't quite sure what to make of her new rank (she has an office, for Faranth's sake, a fact which she finds completely absurd), and is taking things day by day, as they come. She's still hardly a poster-child for decorum or poise, and never will be, but she does get her job done - and so what if she's acquired a deliberate strategy of mentally pushing her own buttons and talking herself into an 'I'll show them' attitude in order to summon the stubborn conviction necessary to slog through all of her duties? At least they get done, and she'd argue that to be all that's anyone else's business.

Gold Xyxith

Name: Xyxith
Pronunciation: Zike-zith
Color: Gold
Size: 40
Wing: Sun Sear
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

Runt? You bet. Xyxith is simply TINY - well, tiny as golds go, small enough to likely give some of her larger bronze clutchmates a superiority complex until they meet a queen of proper girth and length. She will reach a final size of only forty feet, and that only if she stretches juuuuuust a bit. Her size will contribute to the small clutches she will produce, which will earn her a reputation as only a mediocre breeder, but it isn't for lack of trying in her flights. She has a handicap, one subtle but evident upon first sight - this gold's wings are slightly undersized, even for her small size. This mildly skewed features isn't enough to hinder her ability to fly during daily activities, but does destine her to succumb to the exhaustion in her slightly smaller wing muscles earlier than other golds in Fall and Flight, as she expends more effort to keep herself in the air. In form she is exactly average, though despite having an excuse of neither long limbs nor pudge, she will tend to be just a bit clumsier than most dragons, especially due to her tendency to gesture with her tail and wings during conversation, perhaps a bit more wildly than is prudent.

Xyxith is predominantly a dark and gleaming golden color, burnished and metallic and surprisingly attractive. A paler shade somewhere between milky and sunny splashes over her muzzle and creeps up the bridge of her nose and back towards her jaw, also spreading in a gleaming shimmer over her chest and belly. Each foreleg is also coated in this buttery shade from paw to elbow, with each back foot again socked in said paler hue. The last distinct marking that she bears, completing her unique trio of gleaming shades, is over her wingsails, which are an almost somber shade that tends towards a brassy green-gold over the rich golden shades of the rest of her.


Xyxith would best be described as a quirky intellectual. Clearly a creature of thought first and foremost, this gold will approach the world from a standpoint of surprisingly enthusiastic analysis, what might have been a wholly contemplative and reserved demeanor instead somewhat eccentrically paired with a surprisingly outgoing brand of eager, keen excitement for both the results of her own thought process and the details and mysteries of the world around her. And despite her abrupt, animated, and often rapid manner of speech, this gold most affirmatively isn't simply chattering away. When Xyxith has a point to make, it is one that she puts forward only after careful thought and thorough mental investigation - but to others that process will frequently seem sudden, for Xyxith thinks faster than sometimes even she can keep up with, leaping onto intriguing tangents so rapidly and freely that she will quite often eventually wind up talking about something only rather shakily related to whatever she'd brought up in the first place. But talk she will, and often whether it seems relevant to anyone else or not, because Xyxith has a tendency to think out loud - well, at least as far as mindspeech goes. But luckily her chatter isn't wholly constant, and even when engaging someone in her fast-paced intellective dialogue Xyxith tends to lapse in and out of voicing her internal monologue, though sometimes that's simply because she's progressing so rapidly along a train of thought - or switching too rapidly from one to another as the flow of her variable interest happens to dictate - for her commentary to keep up. Friendlier than most intellectuals, Xyxith seeks out others to converse with much more habitually than her rider has the inclination to, and though she does value her alone time this gold will spend much of her day talking to either one or a small number of others. Though she says she does this in order to get opinions on her ideas, that explanation usually doesn't hold much water, considering that it's often quite difficult for anyone else to get a word in edgewise. But ... well, is it really her fault if others can't keep up?

Unfortunately, Xyxith's mind has a tendency to not only go off on quick-minded tangents when *she's* talking or thinking ... it also often happens when *other* people are talking. Xyxith is a creature who must be constantly engaged, or will instantly revert into the shelter of her own mind and the entertainment of her own thoughts, attention drifting father and farther away from the conversation as she takes matters into her own hands and engages herself. The issue arises with the fact that it can sometimes be hard to get her attention again, though it is less an inability to refocus her mind on the task at hand rather than a deliberate choice not too. Well ... she *could* listen to what this person is saying ... but she knows she's intelligent enough to follow it only using 10% of her mental capacity and thinking other, more interesting things to herself with the other 90% ... so ... is there really any real reason to give it her all?

That question will be Xyxith's eternal dilemma - while, as any gold, she does demand to be listened to and views herself as mightily important, this dragon will soon become aware of her intelligence compared to the average member of her species, and that will give her a sense of entitlement that will be difficult to shake. To her credit, she will never give it a thought to laud her intellectual status over her peers - it isn't their *fault*, or so she would say with an adamant little flick of her tail and a decisive nod of her head. It's not like I'm *better* than them. I'm just different. That's the way things are.

Yes, 'different' is exactly how Xyxith thinks about it ... or at least, how she admits to thinking about it. She *does* try to be fair, and for the most part will succeed admirably, her logical and methodical approach to viewing the world lending her an even temperament almost completely devoid - refreshingly - of the feminine notions of spite or pettiness, and leaving her free to act towards others in a way that she considers evenhanded and reasonable. It also allows her to almost always stick to her own ideals when it comes to how to treat those around her, the core of those ideals being: all are valuable, but in the end it's justice over mercy, and understanding over compassion. Very difficult to insult or anger, Xyxith is much more interested in the complexities of someone's motivations behind the affront, and anyone attempting to make the gold feel bad about herself will likely face the surprising outcome of having her cheerfully analyze just WHY it is that they would wish to do that and the particularities of how they went about it ... what most people don't realize is that this is Xyxith's form of subtle retaliation. But of course, Xyxith isn't completely impossible to affect, and she will fail in her attempts to stay levelheaded when provoked enough, which often results in a very sulky gold likely to snap at anyone who so much as greets her - Xyxith is upset by irrationality, and most of all when she herself is the source of it. But luckily her bad moods usually only last as long as it takes for her to find something new to thoroughly interest her, improving her temper through the natural joy she finds in simple contemplation and discovery.

Her most obvious downfall is her unique brand of pride, because 'different' doesn't tell the whole story. What Xyxith really thinks about herself is that she is *special*, and that means ... well, it means that while she's perfectly willing to contribute to discussion about a course of action and do the work of overseeing and analyzing everyone *else's* results, actual responsibility or work is something she will continually shirk almost without a second thought. It's no big deal ... after all, she's a gold. And what's more, she's a *smart* gold. And ... doesn't that mean that merely existing is enough? Besides, they couldn't have been *serious* about asking her to get all that stuff done in one day. Xyxith will often manage the first few tasks on a list, beginning long-term projects, but will wander off course as soon as she can convince herself that whatever she's doing isn't as pressingly urgent as pursuing her own interests. This 'running the Weyr' thing can wait until tomorrow ... right?


Name: Oppenheim
Species: Flit (Blue)

Oppenheim is a rather tiny little fellow – or is it just that he's so often seen next to a gold dragon that makes him seem so small? In fact, he isn't all *that* tiny for a blue flit, though he is proportioned just a bit oddly, sometimes seeming to be all head, wings, and tail. He DOES have a larger-than-average head, actually, which perches precariously upon a short, thin neck that leads into a torso so squat he looks more chubby kitten than sleek flit from shoulder to haunch. When folded his wings look small to his body, but they spread to a surprising length and girth that explains the power behind his habit of zooming in zig-zagging bursts of speed through the air, and his broad tail seems held always just a bit stiffly behind him.

Predominantly a smooth, even shade of azure, Oppenheim fits in with Eastern's tropical palette just as naturally as his sunset eggshell did, but his distinctive markings make him hard to mistake for just any other part of the background. He is actually four colors in total, with the second hue of a pale, cool sky blue soaking his chest, belly, and the undersides of his wingsails, as well as forming narrow bands that wrap around his wrists, highlight his tailtip just below the spade, and arc over the backs of his wingsails about a half-inch in from the edge. Between this thin streak of palor and the trailing edge of each wingsail, his hide grows darker, infused with the same rich midnight sapphire that also coats his forepaws and tailspade, contrasting starkly against the powder blue highlights. The last color is possibly the most subtle, a medium shade of teal that socks each hind leg up to the knee and also tints his muzzle, the hue stretching back toward his cheeks before fading into irrelevance beneath his huge jeweled eyes.

With the two he looks to, Oppenheim has his job cut out for him… but bless his little blue heart, he wouldn't have it any other way. This is a flit who thrives on responsibility – at least what small responsibilities he can manage, which usually involves fussing worriedly over the proper behavior of his pets. After all, this is very important business, morale and the reputation of Eastern and all that! It's a matter of simple, non-negotiable responsibility, as far as he's concerned, and he has selflessly taken it upon his small but study shoulders to ensure that a good example is set. After all, he looks to a GOLD and her rider – a rather absurdly large gold, in his opinion, but there are others even more absurdly gargantuan, and it really isn't his place to comment on something so delicate a matter as a very powerful female's weight.

Honestly, this little fellow probably *does* have the perfect pet for his disposition, because he's born to fret and loves to help, and there's rather a lot to both worry about and improve upon when it comes to Embyr and Xyxith setting what Oppenheim would consider a "good example." He IS only a flit, after all, and the fact that a goldpair's adherence to personal eccentricities could theoretically broaden the range of "acceptable" behavior goes riiiiiight over his head (to Xyxith's particular bafflement and frustration). There are rules, people care very much whether they follow the rules because Xyxith is shiny and [needlessly] large, and since social disapproval lets him know when his pets must not be following the rules, whatever behavior is causing it must be immediately stopped – right? It's certainly obvious to him, and here it's his pets' approach that HE finds baffling. No, don’t explain to them why you're being odd so they won't disapprove – just stop being odd. It's much easier. Oh yes, he's a rather practical little fellow, and will insist – albeit very politely – upon everyone please not embarrassing Eastern *today* rather than making odd things less embarrassing tomorrow. Luckily, he's incredibly easy to distract with misdirection, and he does feel a little puff of pride every time responsibility is delegated to him… won't you PLEASE stop doing that – people are staring. What? That's a Candidate out past curfew over there? Never fear, Oppenheim is on it!!!