Player Information


Wingrider Dryphena

Name: Dryphena
Pronunciation: Druh-FEN-a
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 10.28.2739
Craft: Harper (Apprentice) - dance
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

For all first appearances, Dryphena is pretty with a dash of the exotic. It is that faint striking element to her appearance which has the possibility to truly make her more appealing than the average face in a crowd, and it is a very deliberate and well-cultivated exotic, something she is quite aware of and uses to her full advantage at every opportunity. One exotic element is the richly-colored auburn hair that spills down nearly to her waist in thick and abundant waves well, at least it used to. Weyrlinghood has seen Dryphena's hair shortened to just above her shoulders, and without length to weigh down her locks they've been tending towards curls over waves. But at least Weyrlinghood is only doing good things for the dramatic curves of Dryphena's body, an extreme hourglass figure both busty and hippy set atop long, slender legs well-toned from dancing. But most potently, any memorable exotic is found in the expression on her heart-shaped face, the inviting yet sly glint to her wide and sultry chocolate-brown eyes, the mischievous tilt of her brow or the knowing curve to her full lips. Pretty? Oh yes, Dryphena is pretty enough, but pretty alone doesn't get remembered, and Dryphena is determined to leave an impression.


Dryphena is a born trader, through and through, with all its vices and virtues alike. In truth, a few more of the former than the latter. An outgoing and fun-loving charisma mixes with a sense of streetwise, manipulative cunning and a very specific form of selfishness to top the list of her most commanding attributes, but perhaps the selfishness runs deepest. While not necessarily petty or self-centered in a damning, constant sense, a single question is always on her mind: 'what's in it for ME?' If helping someone now means that you can call in a favor later, then it's a good investment, but be certain she will know exactly what you owe her at any given time, and has no qualms about cashing in. This tendency to view absolutely everyone she meets as a business prospect of sorts prevents her from having in-depth emotional attachments in *almost* all circumstances. Well she tries, at least. She certainly has emotions, including very strong ones, and is more than capable of genuinely liking people but she knows that *she* can keep herself in check. Other people's emotions are just *messy* things, and they just get in her way. Admittedly, however, that business-like control has been known to slip from time to time. People have occasionally gotten under her skin and into her true confidences and affections, but they're few and far between.

Her other most prominent personality trait, and one that *is* painfully obvious, is the fact that she is completely and utterly shameless, and rather wild. Sex, vulgarity, vices they're the spice of life, as far as she's concerned. At least, the spice of *her* life. But she doesn't let them overcome her that would just be silly. That kind of weakness is for other people and she can then use their little dependencies to her advantage. With a tendency to be a bit shocking in her behavior, Dryphena has trouble fitting in, her extremist tendencies often clashing with the rules or, barring that, defying simple human decency. At least she's not out to make others uncomfortable just for its own sake (except in the case of someone particularly hide-bound "needing a lesson); most of the time her behavior is just for fun, a teasing and playful countenance that's just out to add a little bit of excitement to life. Usually. She's quick-witted enough to adjust when she needs to, but censoring herself like that is one thing that she detests, and it can be sure that she's acting out more and more behind closed doors.

Other than that, though, she tends to be fairly unruffled hard in insult, hard to rile, meeting most challenges with a grin and a confident laugh. She's gotten quite good at what she does, over the Turns, and is rather used to getting her way which can lead to some very frustrated episodes when she doesn't. She's smart enough to not show it outwardly at least at first. But deep down, Dryphena is nearly incapable of conceiving of the idea of not getting something that she wants, and doesn't give up easily. Be sure that when ultimatums finally are presented, it won't be a pretty reaction.

Traits snapshot: coy, sultry, manipulative, selfish, playful, fun-loving, defensive


Born the second-youngest of seven children to a tanner father and a creche-teacher mother in a small cothold just outside of Eastern Hold, Dryphena's history was fairly bland up until the start of puberty. Or at least, comparatively bland - Dryphena was hardly a mild-mannered or sweet-tempered child, and was in no way easy to deal with, but the foot-stomping petulance of that bratty little girl was nothing compared to the bitter manipulations and emotional tumults of the hormone-wracked adolescent that she began to turn into at approximately the age of twelve. If there ever was a "bad girl" or a "problem child," it was Dryphena. Developing a tendency to bully her peers, siblings, and even parents through complex emotional manipulations, life among the family became distinctly strained, and her older siblings were glad to move away as the Turns passed to find families of their own. Contrarily resisting joining a craft, Dryphena bounced around through various areas of study, skipping classes and, as she got older, seducing her teachers. Eventually, everyone grew so frustrated with her that she spent a stint as a drudge, and finally Dryphena was genuinely miserable enough that making everyone else miserable too just wasn't good enough. She ran away, getting to Eastern Hold and hopping a ride on a trader caravan headed to the Weyr.

And once she got there? Dryphena thought it was just *great* - and here was also a place full of people who loved to appreciate what she loved to flaunt. Over the Turns Dryphena dabbled in the Harpercraft and was technically a drudge again for a brief and unpleasant amount of time, but eventually grew into a sort of freelancer status, reporting to no one in particular and renting a room with tips from dancing in the Rider's Hall. And, slowly, she began to grow out of her bitchy teenager phase... her hormones starting to ebb, she's still a unrepentant handful, but certainly no longer a monster, and maybe that was why she was Searched pretty much out of the blue at the age of eighteen, after she'd been at the Weyr for a full two Turns. There was a clutch of eleven eggs on the Sands, only a month or so from hatching... and who knows whether or not Dryphena would have managed to keep herself from being kicked out of Candidacy for longer than that, because she happened to Impress to another unrepentant handful: green Yosabrith.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Green Yosabrith

Name: Yosabrith
Color: Green
Size: 22.5
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Oh, but Yosabrith is a lovely green! A dark stripe going down from her jaw, along her throat and stomach and even to the very tip of the underside of her tail breaks the otherwise lovely light emerald green that covers the rest of her hide. Her wing sails are a much lighter spring green, with what appear to be almost floral patterns appearing on her sails.

She's really quite average beyond that. She'll never grow to be above the average for greens, and her form will be well muscled, slender with out being skinny. She'll not be able to pull some of the more dangerous stunts her longer, thinner sisters can, but that's more than all right with her.


As sweet as this green looks, appearances are more than deceiving with her. Oh, it doesn't seem like it, but she's the draconic version of a highly skilled con artist. Her attitude can change at the drop of a hat, and often she'll go by multiple names. For a time she may even work to keep it so only her Rider knows her true name.

When you first meet this little green, she'll come off as the ideal follower, subservient, eager to please, sweet, and maybe even a little naive. Few realize that they're being played by Yosabrith until it's far too late, and her ploy either succeeds, or is near enough to success to not matter. For the males of her species, she'll seduce them, playing into their masculinity, and even their need to 'protect' poor little her.

Truth is, Yosabrith is rather aggressive, cold, and calculating, and often shows contempt for the victims of her ploys. The only other being she will ever trust is her own Rider, playing everyone else like pieces on a chess board. When she's trapped, however, she's fast to revert to her natural feminine wiles.

When it comes to her flights, when she rises will be as big of a mystery as who she picks, even with her rider. She acts flirty and almost like she's ready to Rise so often, it's hard to tell when she's proddy and when she isn't.