Player Information


Wingrider C'kri

Name: C'kri
Pronunciation: Kuh-kree
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 02.10.2740
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

At this point in his life, C'kri wouldn't really be considered short, but his slightly diminutive height will quickly come out as the Turns pass and it becomes clear that he has, in fact, finished his growth spurt, which left him standing at only 5'7". His build is also slight, suited for his age, and only time will tell whether he'll bulk up or not. Looking precisely the age he is, he couldn't pass for even one Turn older if his life depended on it, and makes no attempt to look any older than he really is. Shaggy blond hair covers his head in a messy and often mildly tangled clump, and his nut-brown eyes tend to reflect the unsure hesitance of his insecurity.

(Drawing by cinquain.)


C'kri is a born follower, with many of the most crippling stereotypical traits of that designation: he wants people to like him but are afraid they won't, he lacks confidence in himself and his own decisions and opinions, he's eager to please, he's shy, and deep down he sometimes wishes that he were a different person. He wants to stand up, he really does, and he wants to have the courage some of the other riders do, but it just isn't in him. It isn't even in him to really be a rebel even in his own head, and though independent-minded views dangle temptingly in front of him, he'd never gotten up the nerve to actually adopt them as his own. Everyone at Fort always said that that rank matters, that blue and greenriders are inferior, and how could that many people be wrong? Even if everyone at Eastern seems to disagree ... he's not quite sure how to handle this discrepancy, and has come to the tentative conclusion that maybe it's only *he* who's inferior. But it's not Kauluth's fault! C'kri is both defensive of and a bit apologetic for his dragon, clearly the passive member of the pair and to this day not entirely sure how to handle being linked at the soul with a much stronger personality than his. But the love that the boy and his blue have for each other is unconditional ... C'kri just wishes that he could be stronger for his dragon. Better, somehow, than he is ... his insecurities aren't something that he's going to shake anytime soon.

Traits snapshot: insecure, follower, hesitant, eager-to-please, passive, downtrodden


Cankris was born at Fort Weyr, and was neatly more or less discarded by his mother - after all, he was just another one of many brats she had over the Turns, and would have after he was born. Being raised in the creche wasn't a hardship - he could blend in with the crowd there, and so his indoctrination began.

His life was uneventful - easy for someone who always went along with the flow with no arguments. At the age of twelve he had a choice to make - should he Stand? Was he really special enough for a dragon? He wasn't sure ... the Turns passed by with little decision, until with a rather pointed (and guilt-inducing) verbal shove from his mother, he found himself in the candidate program. Surely this wouldn't be so bad ... right?

And for a few Turns ... it wasn't *so* bad. Branded the follower he was, he stayed in the background, out of trouble and not bullied enough to make life *truly* difficult. He was just another boy who everyone expected would Impress to a green and cause no trouble. But green, apparently, was incorrect. At a hatching when he was fourteen Turns old, Cankris Impressed to blue Kauluth and became C'kri. Shocked by his good forture and even more confused by the strong will of his dragon, C'kri has settled into a place higher than expected of him, but still low enough to hopefully avoid the horrible pressures of responsibility.

Except that C'kri just couldn't seem to get himself up to par with the other riders. He was a liability in drills, and no matter how much he was pressured and disciplined no one seemed quite able to shock him into being able to really control his dragon, and Kauluth's lazy ways paired with C'kri's nerves created an incompetence that was simply unacceptable in a rider. It wasn't until the young bluerider burst into tears in the middle of being chastised during drills that his Wingleader officially gave up, and he bypassed C'kri entirely to go straight to the Weyrleadership, suggesting that maybe Eastern Weyr's tactics might be able to help the boy, since obviously he couldn't handle Fort's particularly tough love.

C'kri hadn't even been at Eastern Weyr for a turn before a mishap in the middle of the Pass's first Threadfall had him branded an incompetent fool once more - a knock to the head in the middle of Fall caused him to lose consciousness, and Kauluth's wrenched a wing in his resulting panic and managed to tear gold Ashanath's wingsail during the subsequent rescue, temporarily grounding the queen. C'kri was demoted to the Weyrling Wing, a humiliation that he knows he well deserves, and though he's made efforts to become a better Wingrider and get better control over his dragon, it's proving to be a daunting task for the insecure young man.

Blue Kauluth

Name: Kauluth
Color: Blue
Size: 30.5
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Fort
Age: 7

From the moment the rope-like egg that this blue hatched crumbled around him, it was clear that this dragon is *blue*. Very blue, in fact - only in tropical island waters is a blue quite *that* shade found, a gorgeous splash of brilliant, near-electric azure coating him from nose to tailtip. And while not the biggest blue in the Weyr, despite his respectable size, Kauluth is one of the stockiest of his color, his build thick and sturdy. There can be no mistaking it - this guy was born to be a powerhouse.


If, that is, he can be bothered to do anything. Time means very little to Kauluth, and he has a habit of rather casually wasting as much of it as possible. Why do something *now* when it can be done tomorrow? He's very inventive in his ways of getting out of doing anything, from the old 'I feel sick' routine to setting up diversions and accidents to get him out of work. Nothing serious or that could cause injury, of course, but - oops! His riding straps snapped. Can't fly today. No, those aren't his teeth marks ... if he put half as much effort into learning things as he did into getting out of drills, he could easily have been one of the best in his Wing. Oh well.

'Oh well' would describe Kauluth attitudes about most things in life - this is one of the most laid-back, casual dragons that you will ever meet. Prone to a droll, snarky sense of humor and finding amusement in messing around a little bit with people who take stuff too seriously (his favorite game being 'poke the candidate', in which he teases new arrivals without ever identifying which dragon is actually speaking to them), he couples a very extreme form of laziness with the task of entertaining himself, which has often resulted in some very bemused conversation partners. Not everyone is sure how to deal with Kauluth's well-meaning but occasionally sardonically-barbed teasing, and his encouragements for them to just let it roll off their back, that they should just chill and maybe take a nap, don't always go over especially well.

There's only one thing that *will* get Kauluth to use all that power he has, and that's a threat to his beloved rider. More than most this blue will form an extremely strong bond with his chosen one, and he'd move heaven and earth to defend him. That doesn't mean he'll do what he's told, mind you, but it *does* mean that should C'kri ever get lost he'll tear down mountains to bring him back. The two form a slightly unusual bond, Kauluth rather clearly being the dominant member of the pair, and many wonder why he chose the young Fortian candidate previously known as Cankris at all. But the blue saw something special in the boy, and knows him better than he knows himself - knows that he's got a good heart and a gentle soul under his hesitant insecurity, and knows that he *needs* Kauluth's guidance and sometimes tough-love encouragement to get him to step out of his shell.