Player Information


Searchrider Asarene

Name: Asarene
Pronunciation: Ah-seh-reen
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.27.2733
Craft: Harper (Sr. Apprentice) - guitar
Rank: Searchrider
Physical Description:

Standing about 5'5'', Asarene has a build made slender and sufficiently fit from whatever exercise her interests bring about - which, these past Turn, have been dragonriding, and she has acquired quite a few new muscles. She's finally let her thick, dark brown hair grow a bit, and it drapes down a few inches past her shoulders. Large, candid dark eyes stare out of a more or less oval face sporting a straight nose and a small chin. She isn't unpleasant to look at, one supposes, but nothing much to comment on in appearance, and more likely to be overlooked than anything else. Her body of slight curves reflects good posture, her stance sometimes slightly uncertain, often with arms crossed across her body or with a hand clasping the opposite wrist.


Asarene is a girl who was a passionate dreamer ... and who actually had her dream come true, and is still in the process of interpreting this new reality. Someone who had originally been a young woman who might have grown up to be outspoken, independent, and freespirited, Asarene was changed by the impact of her Impression, into someone much milder than she would have otherwise become. Due to the gentle but insistent influence of Syreth's sunny and friendly disposition, Asarene is more sweet-tempered than she was in her teen years, though anyone who knows her well is aware that this particular trait is approximately as much habit as genuine, and the truth is that a slightly sulky side will often - and, from everyone else's point of view, unexpectedly - rear it's ugly head when Asarene reaches her quota of smiling brightly for the day. Even then, though, she isn't nasty so much as somehow tired, feeling the drain of her slightly introverted nature being overworked by so much social interaction. Usually, Asarene recharges by going to her Weyr and practicing on her guitar. A few candlemarks alone with her dragon and some of her favorite songs, and she's as right as rain, ready to go out and greet the world again ... even if maybe she would rather be taking a nap. Oddly, though, the efforts she makes to be so good-spirited are entirely voluntary, not even requiring Syreth's admitted occasional prompting, because Asarene would do absolutely anything for her dragon. Syreth is this woman's everything, and has been from the moment that the green broke shell and called for the harper candidate across the Sands. It is as a tribute to her dragon that Asarene is constantly seeking to improve her demeanor and continue along the slow road towards the goal of bringing a smile to the faces of those around her, of feeling that precious warmth of emotional connection that she'd first experienced fully at Syreth's initial call to her, and has since grown to value above anything else in her life.

Even if what it takes to actually forge that connection makes her heart race with anxiety. Asarene is not a social creature by nature, even if she wants to be, and she spends her time around others almost constantly nervous, always afraid that she's going to say the wrong thing or somehow embarrass herself, driving people away, an irrational fear she can't seem to conquer. She also is pointedly irritated by the stereotype that pleasant people aren't particular intelligent, and so takes pains to watch her own speech for fear of coming across as stupid. In truth, Asarene is anything but slow, but her eternal uncertainty about her own actions as she constantly self-monitors in an attempt to better steer her own behavior makes her often overlook things or occasionally make mistakes out of sheer nerves. If you manage to get her to relax, however, she's incredibly sensible and down to earth, and is a surprisingly good source of advice.


The daughter of one of the permanent masters at the Northern Harper Hall, Asarene has led a bit of a privileged life. As his only child, her father cherished her and, as she grew, became very proud of her abilities and avid interest in learning. She is on good terms with most of the resident masters in the hall, and often in their company. With little official responsibility, she tended to spend time in the kitchen or helping with sewing duties, out of pure like of the task. She also picked up drawing, and has a distinct talent for sketching portraits, though she cannot work in color and uses little shading, being a girl who thinks in terms of lines. She also extensively writes, mostly essays and theories, but also a bit of poetry. At the age of sixteen she was Searched and went to Fort Weyr ... though she found the reality of candidacy to be a bit harsher than her harper-fancified dream.

After not Impressing during the first clutch that she stood for, Asarene moved back to the Harperhall for a short return home which wound up lasting several months as she cemented her decision to either Stand, or not. When she did return shortly after the next clutch was laid, Asarene had a new conviction about being a dragonrider, as well as a more realistic image of the task. Both another clutch and her 17th birthday passed with no real ado.

Asarene had a slightly troublesome interview with one of the ACMs when she showed a very strong apprehension to greenflights. She was required to see a mindhealer to make sure of her ability to Stand. Vehement about doing so, she nevertheless transferred to Southern to escape the heavy regimen of Fort, which she found to just be too contrary to her more liberal harper sensibilities. She impressed green Syreth during the upcoming hatching at her new home. And the rest, as they say, is history. Well ... barring a rapid transfer to Eastern Weyr after Asarene and her lover of two Turns had a falling out. But let's not talk about that.

Green Syreth

Name: Syreth
Color: Green
Size: 23.5
Wing: Boundless Horizon
Weyr of Impression: Southern
Age: 11

Tending a definite but ultimately fairly modest amount towards the smaller end of the spectrum for greens, Syreth stretches to a length from nose-to-tailtip which is just a bit longer than the true midpoint between 'runt' and 'average-sized'. Her hide displays a primarily dark green coloration which oozes lazily downward with her underside showing some temptingly minty shade.

As a hatchling, an extremely plump figure kept Syreth from ever hoping to attain the title of 'smallest dragonet' within her clutch, a factor that also forced her to waddle about and slowed her speed to a frustrating level - something that she disliked very much. From the moment that she could fly she preferred her wings over her legs, and though she has grown out of her hatchling pudge and could no longer be called 'plump' or even 'chubby', she unconsciously remembers that necessitated waddling and flying remains her clearly preferred mode of transport. Of course, just because she's no longer pudgy doesn't mean that she's anywhere near thin, and she will never achieve the attractive slenderness that some other greens have. Her build is thick and sturdy, both healthy and durable in its reassuring stoutness.


Syreth is a green both friendly and maternal, possessing a delightfully sweet temperament that, incidentally, goes along with a sweet tooth that makes honey her favorite treat and one potential way to endear yourself to her forever. Considering anyone and everyone a friend by default unless they truly offend her sensibilities with horrors such as rudeness or silliness, she has very good intentions and is earnest enough about them to have a tendency to gently nag others in her efforts to be helpful. But she just can't help it - she's only looking out for everyone's best interest!

Highly valuing good sense and very down-to-earth in her way of approaching the world, Syreth depends heavily on simple rationality and a level-headed approach to everything - perhaps more so than another green might have to, because this dragon's memory is even worse than most of those of her color. But even if she can't remember the story, she does tend to retain the moral, and happily applies her common sense as a substitute for actual recollections. It works well enough, actually, though she does tend to repeat herself. Did she mention that she's a bit forgetful?