Player Information


Master Naked Zarak

Name: Naked Zarak
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 07.12.2709
Craft: Healer
Rank: Master
Physical Description:

Is this a healer or a smith? Many people get confused when they first spot Zarak. He is tall and rather muscularly built, even at his age slightly past his prime. Broad shoulders are accented by a broad chest and well built arms, and a tan complexion. He also has quite strong legs, and big hands.

He is starting to show signs of his age. The sleek long blonde hair has now gone silver with age, and the top of his head has started going bald. He usually wears the hair tied back in a ponytail. His thick eyebrows often distract people from his green eyes.

For clothing, he usually wears full length healer green trews, and a sleeveless tunic of the same shade.

J/K, he never wears clothes.


One thing ladies learn early on is that you never, ever let your eyes off Zarak! This man acts with the desires of someone less than half his age, and thats about the age of the women he tends to chase after. Of course some don't mind - he is personable, friendly, and comical. Still, those with girlfriends or daughters in that age range, can have a problem with his woman chasing ways.

He does get along with men fairly well too. If he is not chasing a woman, he will be hanging out with the men, drinking some wine or something a bit harder, telling tales of past exploits or possibly some other funny story just to get a laugh. He enjoys comedy, but sometimes he goes too far towards realms of the macabre. Jokes about what might be a dead relative tend to not always go over too well.

It is good for him that he knows when to shut up his lady and fun loving ways. When it comes to healing he will be friendly, chat, and comforting in his own way trying to draw out a smile. But even at then he becomes no nonsense and pointed in his focus on the problem at hand. Zarak will not tolerate interruption during a healing session, and he will have to contain his anger at those who do not follow his instructions.


Zarak was born on the Southern Continent to a pair of holder parents. Even as a young child he had a decent talent at patching up his siblings and fellows. A healer who came to tend one of his older brothers noticed this affinity and after a long chat with his parents, they agreed to sponsor him to the healer hall.

Zarak found his calling there; learning fairly quickly and enjoying his time in the hall. There was a few times he worried about falling out of grace with his masters; incidents involving spending nights with some of the young ladies of the hall, but fortunately nothing worse than a reprimand or two was administered.

He spent some extra time as an apprentice learning more varied aspects of the healing arts, eventually becoming a journeyman. He started journeying at that time around Northern holds, and spent many more years practicing his craft and learning new techniques when he could. He also has two children by as many women, a son and a daughter both in minor holds where they were raised by their mothers.

He was offered a chance later in life to expand his journeymanship, and after a few more years of study he became a senior journeyman. Relishing in his new position, he applied for at age 39 to a post in Eastern for a healer, and was granted. He has been there ever since.

In late 2761, he initiated Master Zarak's Office Hours After Hours, which was met with great success and applause.


Name: Feran
Species: Flit (Blue)

Feran is a rather unremarkable blue. A deep royal blue in color and of about average size he blends right in to any fair that might be hovering around. His paws are a touch darker than the rest of his body.

It's hard to find a flit more like his owner. This blue loves to strut his stuff for the ladies and try to impress them. Puffed out chest, wings spread, head cocked to one side as if to be teasing... what a ham! Given that however he knows when to knock it off, particularly when Zarak looks at him warningly. In that situation he winds up settling down on Zarak's shoulder and does as he is told.