Player Information


Wingthird Valli

Name: Valli
Pronunciation: VALL-ee, like Valley or Valium
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 07.21.2736
Craft: Trader (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingthird
Physical Description:

Valli is a girl who tends to draw a second look. Not necessarily from her 'good looks' but more because it takes a second look to make sense of her odd appearance. Its not uncommon for her to be mistaken as a young man. Short cropped hair, tall at 6'1", and thick eyebrows in a shade of dark brown that matches her hair contribute to this confusion. Her nose is a bit awkward, slightly larger than normal at the tip making it appear bulbous, and lips seem to have disappeared on her.

Its not just her face either, but the fact that as a trader constant moving of goods and riding gave her a well built set of muscles. While these traits can mistake her as a male at first glance, she is not entirely lacking in feminine attributes. While she is muscular she still has some defining curves, and if she ever bothers to put on a dress she has been known to be called 'handsome', which can irk her because when she wears a dress she hopes to be pretty.

The only thing that does bring out more femininity is when Valli moves. She tends to swagger her hips, sometimes more than necessary. However this is usually lost amid the short hair and muscular body she possesses.


If there is one thing Valli lacks, its tact. Its not that she is out to hurt or anything like that, not at all, but she rarely sees the point in mincing words or dancing attendance on peoples feelings when the truth should simply be good enough. Bluntness, she feels, is all to the better because there is no reason it should confuse people. Of course, this in some situations is a boon, but when it comes to personal life, it tends to be less than spectacular. Probably why she has rarely had boys take an interest in her and a tough time finding friends. Walking up to a boy and going "I really find you cute and think you would be a good match for me, let's hang out" tends to frighten off more than encourage.

Aside from her bluntness Valli tends to take great joy in things outdoors and more rigorous activity. Climbing up trees, running through grass, spending the day ranging on one of her trader family's runnerbeast, all these are things she liked more than any, and as many youngsters did she dreamed of the freedom of flying. It may have even played a part in why she was searched; because ever since she impressed Levinth they have often been spotted out of doors during the rare bits of free time they possess.


Valli was born into a large trading family that worked around the Southern Continent. The fourth child in line, she was at an early age put to helping out with the caravan: tending the animals, cleaning up after meals, making sure packages hadn't fallen over. It was work she fell readily too and as she got older seemed to quite enjoy. Her father was pleased, two sons and now a daughter were taking to his ancestral craft well and he hoped Valli's younger siblings his wife had borne him would follow in their steps.

Life wasn't too hard at all, especially as she worked in trading. Valli never once figured she would do anything else with her life, going from hold to Weyr to crafthall, trading goods and gossip with those along the way. She officially became an apprentice, then late in her 20th year a journeywoman. She was proud and happy.

It threw a bit of a kink into her hopes of becoming a master trader someday when a blue searched her out for Eastern's sands not long after she became a journeywoman. She felt confused, sure she would have been searched earlier if she was a viable candidate. But she went along, assuring her family if she did not impress she would come back and be a trader. That is, until Levinth came along and chose her as his bonded partner. Her family was both happy and sad; happy for the honor of a dragonrider daughter, and sad for losing one of their own to the trader clans. But even as Levinth has grown Valli does her best to keep in touch with her trader family and friends; and sometimes can get unique things for her new friends in the weyr thanks to those ties. The road ahead will be an interesting one for her.

Blue Levinth

Name: Levinth
Color: Blue
Size: 28.25
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

Levinth looks … well, Levinth looks pretty ordinary. Normal, run-of-the-mill, average … well, to be honest, maybe a little sub-par, to go by common standards. It isn't his coloring that anyone could find fault in, unless they object to the blandness of the uniformity - his hide is an even blue somewhere between cobalt and robin's egg, neither rich nor dull, light nor dark, and altered by not a single marking over his entire body. It is his build that is the only thing that makes him stand out - he is small, first of all, measuring only twenty-eight and one-quarter feet from nose to tailtip once he is fully grown. Also, his frame is slightly awkward - a bit scrawny, his limbs are thin, his neck just slightly short, and his wings just barely overlarge. But despite his tendency towards thinness, he will also carry a persistent bit of extra weight in his belly, giving that area of his body a pudgy appearance which looks a bit uneven when compared to the rest of him. He will be quite clumsy on the ground, especially as a hatchling, and for the first few months out of the egg will seemingly always be tripping himself up with his wings, tail, or limbs. Luckily, there is none of that physical awkwardness in the air, and he will be an adept and agile flyer.


This is one blue who will take time to grow into his own. As a hatchling, he will be easily bullied and made fun of, and it isn't hard to see why. He is a naturally uncertain creature, unsure of how to approach this big scary world outside of his egg, and he will lean heavily upon his rider for reassurance and guidance when he is young. His lack of an aptitude for steering himself will make him hesitant and awkward, easily put down and often taking insults with a downtrodden acceptance. He tends to freeze up when under many types of social pressure and ridicule, and that will tend to make him appear not all that bright at times, the gears of his mind clogging up with self-doubt and turning him into a stammering embarrassed mess when put on the spot or called on in class to answer a question. But Levinth also has surprisingly sturdy morals, and will stand up for them, stammering or not. This blue wants very badly to see the right thing done, and even if he isn't entirely sure of himself, he will overcome his nerves to stand up for what he believed in, whether that means confronting friends or social adversaries. There is a quiet kind of courage within this blue, a core of surprisingly well-polished steel nestled beneath his nerves. His moral compass tends to be reliably fair, as well, and perhaps because of his own underdog status and his desire to belong, he tends to be good at looking out for the wellbeing of the entire group rather than an elite few. He believes in equality and fairness for everyone regardless of rank or the color of one's hide, and that tends to make him both reasonable and modest - after all, he is only one out of many, and considers himself no more important than anyone else. He will shrink away from the spotlight whenever it is shined on him, uncomfortable with being the center of attention, though he will always be willing to help a friend one on one. \

There is one area in which Levinth will best be able to conquer his nerves, and that area, ironically, is Threadfall. Though he will be slightly uncertain in Weyrling drills at first, he will quickly find himself taking to both practice for and the actual act of flying Fall as a fish takes to water. He will find comfort in the order inherent in drills, both taking and following orders easily and well and eventually learning to act with reasonable autonomy. He will learn Wing formations quickly, and be a reliable and fierce fighter who will likely become well-respected within his Wing for his abilities. This will help him with his issues of self-confidence as he begins to learn that yes, he most certainly *does* have something to offer. He will never shirk from doing his duty, and will eventually learn to take pride in what he does well, becoming more self-assured in his daily life. In fact, it's quite likely that Levinth will eventually, many Turns down the line, wind up as a Wingthird's dragon, for his unassuming manner and mastery of skills in Threadfall will make him a surprisingly likeable leader.


Name: Taylin
Species: Flit (Brown)

For the most part, this little brown looks fairly ordinary. The majority of his hide is a pleasing but unremarkable mahogany brown, while his wingsails darken to a deep, muted umber. Not much to cause him to stand out – in fact, there might be nothing at all particularly eye-catching about him if it were not for his face, which pales to the half-bleached, half-sandy shade of fresh wood pulp. Small and stocky, this flit has a squarish frame, and his neck and limbs are just slightly shorter than average.

Oh dear, oh dear! Well, now they’ve just gone and done it, haven’t they – wait, who’s gone and done what? Just what is this little fellow fretting over this time? Oh yes, this brown is definitely a worrywart, a somewhat foppish curmudgeon with a tendency to wring his paws (metaphorically, though occasionally he does so physically as well, to somewhat comical effect) over small matters and to fuss over others with a sense of good-naturedly nagging authority. But the stodgy little guy does mean well, and is actually quite thoughtful and polite even in his gentle-tug-on-the-sleeve style reminders about posture or table manners – though he is quite easily flustered, and rambunctiousness and vulgar language rank especially high on his list of utterly unbecoming behavior. At least one more point in his favor: he will be a willing participant in his own training. After all, he wants to set an exemplary standard, to serve as a role model to rebellious or uncouth young flits everywhere… and he certainly doesn’t want to let down his pet! Perish the thought.

Name: Nira
Species: Flit (Green)

This flit is a lovely little lady. A bright, lush emerald drapes over most of her form from nose to tailtip, delicately but eye-catchingly accented by the pale, creamy mint of her neck ridges and wingsails. The swathe of dark olive that runs down over her throat and belly is slightly less standardly pretty, but does add a certain mild and matronly element to her appearance that suits her. Small and slightly thin for a green, she is quick and agile but will rarely take the opportunity to demonstrate that.

Mild-manner and agreeable, this green seems the perfect little assistant – she will have absolutely no problem being told what to do, and may actually wind up pestering others for tasks or ways she can help if left to her own devices for too long. She doesn’t care at all for solitude, but prefers the peace and quiet of relaxation and familiar company as opposed to loud noises, bustling crows, or new situations. With a poorer-than-average memory, this little lady may resemble a green dragon better than a green flit in that particular regard, and she is undeniably just a little too easily distracted sometimes, with a tendency to sometimes miss the obvious or get easily bewildered by complicated concepts. But in the end, it’s usually hard to care about her faults, because all in all she really is a sweet little thing, and she always means well.