Player Information


Weyrling T'kana

Name: T'kana
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 12.14.2741
Craft: Farmcraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Terikana towers over everyone. He stands at 6'8" tall, and build like a herdbeast. A crop of sandy blonde hair coats his head and a bit of fuzz that he thinks makes him look more grown up lies about his chin. His face still hasn't quite fleshed out as it will within a Turn or two, with a bit of baby fat on his cheeks all out of style with the beard he wants to have.

As for the rest of him, a lifetime of working in fields and with the animals of the farm have given him muscles. There will not be many physical tasks he won't be up to, because he does take pride in his strength and his ability to work out on a regular basis. Skin will be a dark tan from being outside all day, in the sun, and this includes when his tunic is off.

His oversized body carries to his extremities. His hands and his feet are both huge, in the case of the latter often causing tanners making footwear for him to glare and charge extra for the much greater amount of material they will need.


What to say about Terikana, or Teri as he likes to be called? Not a whole lot. Not because he's got an empty mind, oh no, but because this boy hardly says a word, and when he does he tries to keep it as succinct as possible. It's not modesty or shyness, but rather embarrassment. Teri has a very pronounced stutter that he doesn't want people to use against him to tease him as his siblings did as a child. As such he's usually on the side of a group, listening to what is being said and trying to convey what he wishes to add in looks and gestures.

Once you get past his silence and his stutters, you find out more about him. He's not the fastest to pick up on something but those things he does understand he can do and convey fairly well. Part of this too extends to an enjoyment of doing things with his hands. This can be anything from building something like a birdhouse or a fence, to carrying sacks and if he can get away with it, massage of a lucky lady.

That's his true passion you see, Teri loves the ladies. He can't help himself, they're just so darn good looking! He'll make a point to discretely (and sometimes not so discretely) pose just to attract their attention. It doesn't always work, but Teri has had enough success to be confident in continuing this habit.


Teri was born as the second son (and third child) of seven, to his parents Terin and Kanada. He barely made it and same with Kanada. He was a huge baby and only the skilled healer there for the birth was able to save both of them with an emergency c-section birth. That kept both of them alive. His parents were amazed and thought his size would mellow out as he grew but it did not. He maintained his amazing size all the way to current time.

It wasn't until he was nearly two when he started talking that they realized his stutter. At first his parents and siblings assumed it was solely a trait of how he learned. But as he learned more and more words the stutter did not go away. It was minor and only slightly awkward at first but it began to grow worse. Unbeknown to his parents, Teri's siblings were teasing him about it. His embarrassment about his stutter continued to grow which made it worse, because he unintentionally focused on it while talking. Worse, to avoid it, he stopped talking as much.

For all that he didn't mind working with his family or his siblings. They weren't being malicious, no, just teasing and made sure he knew but it still had the effect of silencing him. Over time his family grew to accept that.

On the farm he was at home. Teri loved nothing more than being busy with something to do, and he was great with the animals. When he received Last as an egg gift he was ecstatic. This signaled the beginning of a shift in how he communicated. He started to work with the flit to convey things for him. She has a track record of being able to convey an idea all right if he's there reinforcing it, but if she's gone it's likely to be misunderstood. But it did help Teri reach out to people more.

His whole family was surprised, not in the least Teri, when he had been chosen on search. They rarely had company on their secluded farm aside from traders, and dragonriders usually were less common. Additionally no one from their family had been a rider in living memory, and while his parents were sad to lose such a hard worker they are very proud of him.

Bronze Cheith

Name: Cheith
Color: Bronze
Size: 34.6
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

This is one exceptionally large bronze. Bigger even than his brother Shinseith, he will be more than a contender in flights and during Threadfall. But that size will be well paired with his physique. Neither fat nor skinny, his body seems well proportioned for fitness. There is a distinctly deep chest, and wide, powerful wings with wing muscles that are extra strong to keep him aloft during long drills. His natural lines will be accented by the intense exercise he will do, and insist his Chosen keep up with him. This will sculpt his musculature into a physique tuned for any physical feat he could push himself towards.

It's not just his size and shape that gets a look; but his coloring. His body for the most part is a deep, vibrant bronze with a touch of greenish tones in it. The coloring is broken up by tiny spots of brighter and darker bronze, defining patches that somewhat resembles the armor that Hold guards have worn in the past. But his face is a much different tone. The coloring of his face becomes that of a much brighter orange-bronze, extending from his forehead down across his muzzle.

The end result of his physique and coloring makes him look exactly like what he wishes to be - a warrior through and through. Cheith will fight, and readily so, and it's easy to see why some can consider him a potential future leader.


Some dragons are born fighters. Some are made. This bronze is massive in both length and girth, even compared to other bronzes, but this isn't fat. This is muscle that Cheith has honed to top shape by constant fighting and constant drills.

This desire will come from his years of training as a dragonet. When he's newly hatched he'll exude a confidence so strong that nothing can deter it; but that confidence will lack direction and be likely to get him in trouble both with other dragonets and the weyrlingmasters. But when Cheith sees that fighting can give him a purpose he'll take to it with an almost dangerous obsession to be the best he can at it. He's a natural born leader, but this a facet he doesn't pay too much attention to. He'd rather focus on doing the best job, and if that means he has to direct a few other dragons around once in a while, so be it.

Chelth will also be fairly quiet. There are no wasted words, no wasted movements. Everything he does is thought out and calculated. It may be done fast in his head, but there is nothing he does that he doesn't initially consider first what will come after. When he does speak, it'll usually be to the point and without anger, however he isn't at all beyond dry wit and satire. Rather that's the best way he has of expressing his more ridiculous inner thoughts, with some sort of sarcastic remark to something his chosen might say or do. But he's not as sure of things under the surface -- without his chosen around he'll have a harder time focusing and deciding what to do. He's unlikely to show it. Seeing his doubts will be a sign that this bronze trusts you, but you will almost never hear about them. He is very much the silent type, especially in his concerns.


Name: Last
Species: Flit (Green)

Is this one flit or two? It's hard to tell. The front half of her body is a pale dull green, almost to the point of being a sickly seafoam shade. Her front half is also rather skinny with massive wings. But it is a huge contrast to her back half which is a brilliant emerald green with dark green at the tip of her tail. Additionally, this flit has a backend of a queen rather than that of a green! It makes her wobble slightly when she walks even.

Last's name is a joke because she was the last gift Teri received on his birthing day day, and hatched out shortly thereafter. but she doesn't care about her name, all she cares about is Teri. She's rarely too far from him, and in fact is often curled up on his shoulders taking a nap. Teri is in constant mind-contact with her so that she often can chirp or even make simple mental vocalizations for him so he doesn't have to, and enjoys doing it for him. Each time she finishes she rubs her head up against his cheek. She's also not very likely to play with other flits, since she stuck so close to Teri as a hatchling she sees no need to change that behavior.