Player Information


Dragonless Mirene

Name: Mirene
Pronunciation: MEER-ene
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 05.10.2743
Craft: Bakercraft
Rank: Dragonless
Physical Description:

Second looks are not reserved for Mirene. Mirene is used to getting third and fourth looks! She's tall at 16; standing at a height of 5'10" which makes her taller than even some of her male age-compatriots. She's also fond of emphasizing her femininity.

And boy does she know how to emphasize those feminine qualities. Her blonde hair is kept long, and she watches what she eats. This has resulted in a rather thin appearance. Her benefactors call it lithe, her detractors accuse her of starving herself. Of course that's not how Mirene sees it! She's just keeping her figure.

Mirene also enjoys showing off that figure. Hands on hips, a flash of green eyes, a tilt of the head and just a bit of a swagger, that all goes into it! And makeup. In fact Mirene is a bit compulsive about makeup because she has a rather noticeable scar on her chin from falling on a rock as a young child. Liberal use of cosmetics at least minimize it; and when she can she ignores its presence.


Did someone say busybody? Because that'll definitely fit the bill for Mirene. She's always buzzing about, working on something or other. It may just be restacking the recipe hides or sweeping, but it's something. And she absolutely has to be around people when doing it. This isn't a need to be seen working; but rather a side effect from her youth. At one time a rockslide trapped her in a darkened tunnel for over a day. This has left her both fearful for being alone, and an irrational fear of the dark.

Probably the two busiest parts of Mirene are her hands and her mouth. Her hands have to be doing something. Gesturing to accent her speech, arranging things, even just twiddling her thumbs, she can't keep them still. And her mouth... well, she loves to talk. And by talk, she really means gossip. Especially about boys. Boys that she can't get enough of! However her track record is lousy; as her forwardness and attitude seems to scare boys off. That and her ability to rant at the drop of a hat on any of a number of hot button issues.

Aside from her vanity, Mirene suffers the sin of pride. Her siblings served the Holder, which to her makes her practically royalty. And now she's a candidate too! Well, Mirene always knew she was destined for greatness.


Mirene was born the third child of Rithkat and Heria; and their second daughter. Mirene was born several years after her sister Tetrin. Her father works as a forester on the borders of Southern Weyr's protectorate where it butts up to Eastern's, whom has been in a tussle with nearby miners over the rights to a mighty fine vein of firestone that runs underneath the lands. The dispute is that the miners have rights on the vein, but since it'd affect a significant portion of his hold Rithkat wants to charge the miners for the rights to mess up his lands.

Naturally this has caused conflict between the two. She grew up hearing how nasty the miners were, and unfair, and that they wanted to cheat them out of what was rightfully theirs. Her mother espoused her father's views so when Mirene was helping cook meals for the other menfolk she would get both sides of the hatred.

Her siblings were rarely around. Given the age differences both of them were out of the hold and in service of the Holder in various capacities. This in fact led to her parents worrying about Mirene. By the time they had reached the age of 12 they'd had goals in mind and were working towards them. While Mirene was bright she wasn't on the same level as her older sibs.

Fortunately being Searched changed their minds. It was also a bit of a relief as she'd had many of the men on tenterhooks because of how much she'd flirt with them and there had been a clandestine pool as to which of the foresters would get her pregnant first. Not that she'd shown preference for any of them.

Mirene's Searching finally in her mind earned her the recognition she felt she needed. Her sibs had made themselves useful to the Holder, and if she tried either of their paths it'd mean nothing because they'd done it before! This is where she'd be different. She'd be a rider, for the Weyrs. It was an honor and definitely something to be proud of.

At least her sibs recognized it; as her sister sent her a beautiful gather dress she'd sewn herself and she had a new-hatched blue flit from her brother, whom had purchased it from a trader and had specially delivered to Southern Weyr.

The life of a 16 year old was so full!

Green Ixith (deceased)

Name: Ixith (deceased)
Color: Green
Size: 19.375
Wing: None
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 0

At first glance, Ixith is a pretty, cool shade of spring green, unmarked or marred by any other colors. At least, thatís how she seems if you arenít paying attention. Around her front right ankle is a single marking, like an irregular, jagged-edged bracelet wrapped around the ankle in a deep forest green. Beyond that single circlet of forest green, her hide is flawlessly uniform.

Lithely built, she's a green meant for agility more than anything else. She's long, too, a bit over average in size. It will let her move fast and in surprising ways, able to perform maneuvers even others of her green sisters may find issue with. Just because she's slender, however, doesn't mean she doesn't have her own strength. Her musculature is subtle, but it's there, toned and powerful under her slim, streamlined curves. Most of her build is distinctly feminine, the type most males will find appealing once she reaches maturity.


Compared to some others of her color, Ixith is smart. She's logical and intelligent, and will love learning. Not just formations and those things that most greens need to know, but everything. She'll want to learn politics, history, you name it. She'll press her rider to be smarter, work harder. To study more. She's driven, and she won't accept less from her rider. She'll also sometimes just seem to know things. Things that others may insist that she shouldn't, or couldn't. But it's not any special power. Instead, Ixith is just keenly observant. Particularly while young and small yet, she may well hide in places and just watch others. Even when she's older, she'll watch goings on more carefully than the average green, and may seem more tapped into political upheavals of a weyr than even some browns and bronzes.

As she grows, she'll show a decidedly seductive edge. This is a green that knows how pretty she is, and will know exactly how to wrap males around her little claws. She'll know how to use and manipulate them. It's a rare thing that Ixith wants to see done that doesn't get done. She'll have a particular love of doing this to 'projects' - those who are wrapped around her claws but maybe stubborn. Stupid dragons, however, will be utterly dismissed. They'll be seen below her, and if you can't at least hope to come close to matching wits with the green, if you aren't at least as intelligent, you won't stand a chance with her.

Ixith will love to have goals and beliefs, ideals. And when she finds these ideals, she'll latch on. She'll be unwavering in her beliefs, and there will be no convincing her that her beliefs are silly. They aren't silly, not to Ixith. The problem will never be with her. It will be with you. Your lack of faith, lack of belief. There will be a zealous edge to this girl from the start that may well scare others. Her rider had best share her beliefs too, else she'll just have a new project and she'll work for as long as it takes to convert them.

She'll have a tendency towards ruthless behavior, more than willing to use and manipulate people, not tending to care about the mental issues they may well end up with after she's finished. Her manner, once she knows that she has someone wrapped around her claw, will get a little harsher, blunter as she doesn't get her way, a constant mix of threat and sensuality.


Name: Olanic
Species: Flit (Blue)

Olanic takes after his Mirene, in a lot of ways. A dark royal blue, with hintings of lighter shades around his wings and head and tailtip, make him stand out no matter what the time of day. At night he blends in well to any shadow, and he can do that very well thanks to the fact he is one skinny flit. While he has the appetite of his species, none of it seems to stick to his bones because he's always flying, chittering, and in general showing off for any green he spots simply because he can. He's a clown and absolutely loves getting and giving attention.