Player Information


Sr. Journeyman Linassen

Name: Linassen
Pronunciation: Lin-AH-sen
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 10.10.2727
Craft: Harper - luthier
Rank: Sr. Journeyman
Physical Description:

The man is tall, broad, and quite muscular -- That is the first impression people usually give of Linassen. He has a habit of making other men look a bit small around him. For all that however he is nothing but a gentle giant. His mouth is often split in a wide grin, and his blonde hair is often pulled back into a fashionable ponytail. He takes the time to make sure his appearance is at least not tarnished by things like dirt or grime, that he might pick up in his work.

His hands are remarkably large and callused from working with the instruments. His fingers are delicate and nimble, but adorned with nicks and marks of instruments from years of crafting. The palms as well show the effects from all his work with instruments, and his arms themselves are strong and muscular from the heavier tasks of woodwork and other activities. His stomach is flat, and his strong legs help him move quickly. He is often spotted wearing some simple clothes; such as a pair of pants and a short sleeved shirt; or sometimes a long tunic like shirt over a pair of shorts. When he can get away with it, Linassen wears sandals.


Linassen loves nothing more than to laugh. He will tell jokes, make faces, and listen raptly to anyone telling the same. He prefers joviality to anything, and makes no bones about being a bit of a flirt with the boys -or- the girls. In fact, he delights in it. The pleasure he gets personally out of seeing other people happy makes it more than worth it to him. Ironically the flirting has rarely led to others in his bed, but this doesn't seem to bother the instrument maker.

Given that bit however he also has a very intense concentration. His work as an instrument maker requires delicate hands and a great sense of timing, and is not kind to foul-ups. So when something truly garners his attention, he will give it his all and do his best. This is especially true when he is crafting his beloved violins and cellos, trying to find the right blend of body shape, wood, thinness, and design that results in the most purest of tones. His dedication to this has led him sometimes to lock himself in his chambers for days on end, barely eating or sleeping as he labors to complete his next great creation. And woe betide those who interrupt him: that's one of the few triggers Linassen has.

Aside from this, he loves to eat; and try out new foods. It is not uncommon for him to poke his nose into the kitchens and see if the cooks there have anything they would like to 'try out' on him. He'll even sneak an instrument in to play for them, in the hopes it will get him more food!


Born to a family of instrument makers, Linassen knew nothing but the art of music from a young age. His father and mother, both harpers who crafted instruments, had him helping in the workshop by the time he was 5 turns old and the boy was a natural. It took longer than expected for him to make his first self made instrument, a little reed flute, which was done by the age of 7, and when he was 12 he was apprenticed directly to the instrument makers at the crafthall in the hopes he would show the skill of his mother and father.

Linassen bloomed under this tutelage of his parents and other instrument makers. He spent day and night in the focus of crafting. In particular he showed an aptitude towards stringed instruments like gitars and and harps. But when he was 18 he came across a record of a different type of stringed instrument: One that instead of being plucked was played with a bow of other strings. Intrigued, the young instrument maker began to quickly cobble together a prototype and then took it to his parents to play.

It was a sound the harpers didn't hear very often; for violins were not the easiest of instruments to make even for them. Soulful and mellow, they quickly found scales for him and began to learn music that came with it. Shortly after this Linassen gave a small performance of it to the other harpers and asked for permission to continue.

His performance hadn't been the greatest; even what they might expect from another similarly aged harper on a gitar might be, but it was still good enough to intrigue them. They gave him the permission; as long as he continued to craft the other instruments harpers played. To aid him they ransacked the deep stores of the Harper Hall and found other, much older violins that had been infrequently made by harpers in eras gone by. Linassen took them all in, learning to tune them and seeing what others had done, adding it to his own ideas for tinkering and plans for playing. This was good as his voice after puberty was less than stellar. More like croaking. But at least he could -play- his favored instrument!

His work helped him advance quickly through the ranks, and when he became a journeyman, he took on a new focus. He had found that changing the size of the violin body created a change in pitch and he began to wonder: Could it be deepened to a different sound with a larger body? After petitioning the Harper Hall he was given permission, and began work on new larger violins. Each new one he made became progressively larger and larger, soon requiring to be stood on the floor instead of held under the chin. His investigations with violins supported his experimentations, with notes of this 'cello' as the one document mentioning the large instrument called it, said it had been sat on the floor and was much deeper in sound than the accompanying violin. He felt lucky to have those notes which had some rudimentary dimensions that he based his own experimentations off of.

Linassen used his time to journey, continuing his travels to find different woods for his cellos. Finally this wandering led him to the southern continent and Eastern Weyr, where he hopes to finally be able to build the cello that will impress the Harper Hall and be used to attain his mastery.


Name: Ash
Species: Flit (Bronze)

This little fellow will be hard to miss – he's both big and bright, sizing nearly as large as the smallest golds and possessing a powerful, eye-catching sheen to his hide. He is a deep coppery hue, the rich color gleaming along the length of his muscular form in a wash of glinting, well-toasted pumpkin-bronze. But over his belly and the broad (well, speaking relative to normal flit proportions) girth of his chest, he is a paler, creamy shade that forms a distinct contrast to the burnt orange of the rest of him. Well, the rest of him excepting his slightly undersized wings, for his wingsails form another contrast, the thin but study membrane displaying a gleaming expanse of burnished, green-toned bronze. Despite his small wings and large body size, this bronze will be quick and maneuverable in the air, a natural affinity for and love of flight unexpectedly overcoming the normal result of his physical traits.

This flit is a BRONZE, and he certainly knows it. Friendly by nature but usually largely indifferent to humans other than his pet, this little fellow will be most keen to interact with other flits, especially bronzes and browns – hey, there's one over there! Hey, you! Wanna race? Wanna have a flaming contest? Come on, don’t be a wuss! Oh yes, this bronze is definitely competitive – there's nothing he loves more than a good challenge, and his pride dictates that he will push himself hard in these efforts, though somewhat surprisingly he takes losing in stride, directing his disappointment inward as self-discipline rather than outward as anger. Flaming contests will be his favorite, for he does have a rather remarkable flame for a flit, and he will be inordinately proud of that miniature fiery spurt. But he isn't really the boastful type despite this private pride, and when dealing with blue, green, and beta flits he will be sociable, kind, and also a bit protective. After all, he's big and strong, and not everyone is – so shouldn't he watch over those that aren't? Yes, of course he should. It's only right. And he'll be quite popular with the greens, over the Turns – for the inherently competitive nature of a flight, whether green or gold, appeals to him with a call that's almost irresistible. Oh, and one last thing… here's hoping that Linassen didn't get a flit because he doesn't like puppies. Specifically, their tendency to lick… because this flit has that tendency. Who knows where or why he picked up this bizarre behavior, but from the first time he sits on Linassen's shoulder, his way of showing affection will be clear – and hey, at least he doesn't slobber while he's enthusiastically licking your cheek! Which is good, because he's not going to stop anytime soon.