Player Information


Assistant Weyrlingmaster Lesli

Name: Lesli
Pronunciation: Lezz-LEE
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 13.14.2725
Craft: None
Rank: Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Physical Description:

Lesli isn't one to give much attention to her appearance, and it shows. While she has longer blonde hair that she likes to keep at shoulder length she rarely styles it, often showing split ends. Her face is average at best, with her eyes being slightly too wide in her forehead and the left eyebrow slightly lower over her green eyes than the right one. Her lips rarely have any color and she'll quickly laugh and complain about how they're the best of her minimal features, because at least they don't stand out.

Body wise she is barely over five and a half feet, and slender. She's anything but weak however. She keeps herself in shape as a rider and prefers to eat mostly green things, which don't add a lot of fat to her physique. Part of this is also her love of dance. She'll quickly get up and dance to just about anything, and therefore is very flexible, nimble, and light on her feet. With her almost white complexion too she stands out, especially when dancing at night.


Hey? Wanna be friends? This isn't just something that's likely to come out of the blue rider's mouth, but is in fact Lesli's outlook on life. Everyone is a potential friend. She'll walk right up to strangers and insert herself into a conversation, introduce herself, and chat up a storm. Because if there's one thing this bluerider can't do it's keep her mouth shut. She just loves to talk and know others!

Due to this ability to jump around so quickly she's been labelled flippant and flighty by some. They take from her attitude that she's rather laze-faire towards relationships, duties, and responsibilities. They couldn't be farther than the truth. Lesli loves making friends and while she has few that are true close friends, she does remember all of them and take the time to catch up. No matter whether it's been a few hours or a few Turns, she will make a point to stop in and say "Hi! So what's new?" In particular she loves hanging out with other girls, for although she's not much for fixing up her looks, she does like discussing outfits and other things usually relegated to the feminine sphere of concern. Youngsters too; she loves to hang out with them, hear about their antics, and share stories from when she was young(er) and wild. Wait, was wild? That's what she'd like you think, that she's not wild anymore, but no one buys it. Mostly.

However for all her bounciness she does have a hard time dealing with disappointment. Temper tantrums are not unheard of for Lesli, even at her age, though they are thankfully never very loud or drastic. But there will be foot stamping and grumbling abounding until whatever the problem is sorted, and woe betide anyone she feels wronged by! That attitude has gotten her in trouble once or twice, and will undoubtedly do so again.


Lesli was born as the daughter of two weyr drudges, whom spent their entire lives helping in the kitchens and firestone pits of the weyr. Her mother and father cared a lot about her, but as she was the fourth child of theirs (and third girl) she quickly found herself in the care of the weyr as a whole, and liked it that way. There were so many to play with, so many fun holes to explore, and so many games! She loved the dragons even as a child, and could often be found watching them as she played outside.

As she got older she began to help out in the weyr. Her natural aptitude to help play with other children led her to helping out in the creche, tending to all the other kids and sometimes with the weyr harper. Mostly though she preferred to help organize their play, and kept it going and made sure the youngsters all were having fun and as little bullying as possible was going on.

It had barely been past her 15th birthday when the dragons finally took a notice to her. She suddenly found herself Searched and sitting in candidate classes. She thought she was the luckiest girl alive.

So much for that plan. She spent the next few years, going through hatching after hatching and not impressing. She started to feel a little worried until finally at 19 she stood there on the sands and managed to impress Kirith, the odd blue-white with swirls dragon! Her parents were ecstatic for her, as no one in their family had been a dragonrider in memory (save one extremely distant elderly cousin at Ista, but he didn't count because he ran away) and spent the time she was a weyrling telling everyone how proud they were.

For her part Lesli loved her new life, loved Kirith, and the two became as close as anyone could have wished. Well, aside from Kirith's prankish nature and Lesli's overtalkative one. But she maintained her friendship to the weyrlingmaster I'zaj, and several others she met as a weyrling, and likes to pop over and assist whenever a random dragon is needed for a lesson. Maybe that will change to be more permanent, given time and a chance.

Blue Kirith

Name: Kirith
Color: Blue
Size: 27
Wing: Weyrling
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 17

Blue dragon? Where? Can you see him? Oh… there he is, hidden behind those greens! Kirith is not even close to a large blue. He's exceptionally small for a blue, just about the same size as a large green. As such, when he's around other dragons that aren't weyrlings he tends to blend in. His coloration doesn't help at all. A pale robin's egg blue that has tiny swirls of royal blue along his wings gives some definition to this blue. But that's only on the ground. When he's in the air, flying for anything he blends quickly into the sky and particularly into clouds when viewed from below. But that's okay, he's fine with that. He's just wants to made sure he's not left behind.


Like rider, like dragon, at least in some regards. This is a bouncy, bubbly blue. He loves to be around others, be they dragon or human. Flits as well, because their silly little antics keep him on his feet and his eyes whirling with mirth. But unlike his rider this blue prefers both to be stationary to her mobility, and to listen instead of talk. It's not that he won't talk, hardly! But he likes to hear what you have to say instead and then draw some parallel to his own life. Or Lesli's. He's also a prankster, he's not a dragon to turn your back on! When you least expect it he'll extend a wing to tap on your other side, and act confused when the other dragon asks what's up. Or playfully tug a tail. Or 'pretend' to not notice he's in a human's way, then act clueless. But it's all in harmless mirth, as his happily whirling eyes will attest to.

His pranks are at least mostly harmless. Again like his rider he's prone to be upset when he feels wronged, but his pranks will instead turn a bit darker. He'll be more prone to find something less amusing and more humiliating, as if to teach a lesson. It's all minimal… A pail of mud on the head, sand in the wallow. But still something that Lesli has had to steer him off of in the past. He certainly keeps her on her toes.