Player Information


Wingleader J'lail

Name: J'lail
Pronunciation: Juh-LAYUHL
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 13.27.2703
Craft: None
Rank: Wingleader
Physical Description:

There's no denying it, J'lail is diminutive. He's short, skinny, and looks a bit too frail to be allowed on the back of a dragon. Standing at most 4'9" he's towered over by pretty much all other riders, including most young weyrlings. And his light build has often made people mistake him for a child. Even with the gray-white hair he has, which for all its color is still thick atop his head. His face doesn't show many wrinkles either. In fact his friends sometimes like to call him 'sonny' for being small and boyish!

Don't mistake him for a boy however. That light frame hides wiry muscles that can quickly spring into action, be it to help someone or punish a troublemaker. Being such a small rider means more work required, especially on a big brown dragon like Moradinth, and it's work that J'lail takes to with a vengeance. This has toned his body down like a whipcord, from neck to toes.

For all his small size he has a very active face and manner. Always moving, always mobile, and always talking. His green eyes have squintmarks around them from constantly grinning at a joke someone's told, or from telling one himself. He's missing two front teeth on the upper right side from where an early riding accident knocked them out, and he decided to not have healers make fake teeth for him. This gives his speech a slight whistling quality that he does his best to emphasize as one of his unique traits.


J'lail is a born storyteller and teacher. He loves to gather around with a group of friends, spending time doing nothing but telling tales of travels as a young rider, amusing troubles he'd get into with friends at other weyrs, and spinning made up yarns to delight and amuse anyone within hearing distance. Usually as well there's some sort of lesson in the story, depending on his mood: It may be humorous ("... And that's why you always look make sure the water is at least knee deep before attempting a dive!") or informative ("... and after that he never neglected to scrub his dragon, even the hard to reach or embarrassing spots.") or downright macabre ("... the healer sure would miss his fingers in the future. His inattentiveness cost him more than he'd imagined."). But no story is told without a purpose, have no doubt.

For all his enjoyment of laughing and telling tales, J'lail is not a man to suffer idiots or inattentiveness. Particularly in his wing he will make no bones about admonishing and punishing riders to keep them in line. He expects a strict wing, and he'll maintain it. Every time this happens however there is a noticeable period where his face will fall into a flat line, tight lipped glare before he speaks. He'll hear out what caused the problems, but from subordinates he will tolerate nothing less than excellence. He will reward those who maintain the standards he expects of himself and his wing, however. It's not that he enjoys having to enforce the discipline! He'd far rather be happy and jovial with others than the mean disciplinarian. So for most, there is a warning before he disciplines.

Outside of his wing and time with friends J'lail doesn't do much of note. He's not one to notice ladies (or lads, for that matter), much preferring to focus on his life as a rider than anything that might sidetrack from it. It's an attitude that has gotten him far and he does make sure to keep both Weyrleader and Weyrwoman apprised of anything he hears or sees that might affect the overall attitudes of the weyr as a whole.

Most of all, born and raised in Eastern, J'lail is fiercely faithful of Eastern. He will unabashedly and loudly (especially when drunk, making excessive toasts) commend the benefits of Eastern Weyr, the amazing riders it possesses, the Weyrleaders, and anything peripherally attached.


He's from Eastern and proud of it. J'lail was born to a drudge mother and a bluerider father. While they had an unusual relationship growing up he knew he was loved and quickly came to always want to spend time with Harinsuth, his father's blue. His dragon love was pretty normal, and he could also be found talking to and watching the other dragonriders and dragons at their duties.

It was therefore no surprise that he was searched right off the bat. The young lad had already listened to all the talk about candidate training and breezed through. Moradinth hatched and impressed in his very first Impression, which excited his parents no end that their son had impressed a brown.

It didn't take long for Moradinth and J'lail to bond tightly to each other, quickly applying themselves to drills and mastering them. The two continued drilling and practicing, and stepping up to help others who might need a little more assistance when it cropped up from time to time. After graduation they spent time helping others do the same, which earned him the attention of their wingleader. Eventually they were promoted to first wingthird and then finally wingsecond position.

J'lail and Moradinth enjoyed this tenure for over two decades before finally, with the wingleader stepping down, being promoted to the place of Boundless Horizon. He has dedicated himself to make it the wing that other riders strive to be in and one that is noted for its exceptional performance and skills of its dragons and riders. It will be up to them to make that wish a reality.

Brown Moradinth

Name: Moradinth
Color: Brown
Size: 36.5
Wing: None
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 43

Moradinth is a big brown, and there's just no way around it! Barely shy of a bronze's size at 36.5 feet in length, a girth to match, and a shoulder height that puts J'lail up on high around all that can be seen, it's obvious he's a major contender in any physical activity from flying and endurance races on down. And that size isn't fat either; oh no, this is muscle, lean and strong from years of hard training and working out with J'lail. Moradinth feels the need to push himself just as hard as his rider, and with Thread falling he sees an even greater need to be kept in the best physical shape he can. This is not a brown to mess with!

For all his size however his coloring tends to make one's eyes slide over him. He's a very light brown - so light that he's been once or twice called a tan dragon (though never in his hearing) for he's like the color of dried mud. There are darker splotches here and there on his body, most notably his legs. A few more run down his tail in a trio of darker brown rings, and his knobs are a much darker brown, closer to black than the rest of him is to tan. J'lail has joked more than once it's camouflage for when they're out in mountainous or dirt-barren areas, to keep his giant bulk disguised. Moradinth just claims it's his unique way to catch attention.


This is a dragon whose personality matches his rider, where the hatching decision seems well made. Like J'lail, he enjoys telling stories to those around him. Like J'lail, he's quick to punish and give admonishment when it is due, though he focuses more on the dragons than on the riders. He is a dragon who has few friends, but is not reclusive. It's just hard to get to know him, and it doesn't bother Moradinth much. He prefers his solitude, and his time with his rider.

Unlike J'lail however Moradinth is much more stern. His stories are more likely to be about failure and the costs of not obeying your instincts and training. He's a dragon who rarely will laugh or waste time on anything unnecessary. Even as a hatchling this tendency abounded, and only grew more and more pronounced as he aged. The brown will give respect where it's due, and underlings he will be polite, but don't expect much else. He's there for his rider, and he may be a dragon, but you're not the one he cares for and that is plainly obvious. It's been offputting to others as well in the past, both human and dragon, when they try to befriend this big brown and he simply shrugs off their attempts. It's not rudeness, or going out of his way to avoid them! Hardly. It's just his personality of indifference towards them makes a huge wall that few are able to surmount.

Like J'lail, Moradinth isn't interested in the fancies and flights of greens or golds. Having chased a grand total of five times over his life, and only for a green his rider felt strongly about, this brown would much prefer spending his time in other pursuits, such as training drills, sunning, and telling youngsters about what they should be doing as dragons. Any green with her eyes after this brown is going to get stonewalled. Only for his rider will Moradinth even take notice of a green (or should it dare happen, a gold's) advances. And he likes it that way.