Player Information


Wingrider H'brin

Name: H'brin
Pronunciation: Hub-RIN (sounds like hoverin)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Homosexual
Birthing Date: 03.07.2742
Craft: Tanner (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Halubrin is someone easily lost in a crowd. Shorter by half a head than most of the lads his own age and far skinnier, he tends to fade into the background. Not all of this is the fault of his looks, but also his demeanor. People are more likely to see the sandy shaded hair on his head facing them than his hazel toned eyes, and rarely does he smile at people. He's more apt to look at them with an expression of concern or worry that he might have done something wrong. When he speaks, he has a tendency to slur and when really nervous, stutter on bigger words. Halubrin's hands are also a source of embarassment because he has long, delicate fingers. While this did help his work during his short stint as a tanner apprentice under his father, he still feels he should not be stuck with 'girl' hands. Having gone through a significant portion of his puberty, its even odds if he will ever grow taller and gain a more filled out appearance. Its his fear he will be stuck in that awkward, unbalanced, incomplete looking body forever.


Its hard to pin down any positive adjectives to how Halubrin acts and behaves. Modest he certainly is, rarely speaking up and putting forth his accomplishments, never making a fuss of himself. Polite, he never forgets the ranks of those around him and proper deference to those higher than him and respect for those lower than him. Quiet most certainly, as he doesn't speak up louder than a quiet voice.

But that's about where it ends. People are more apt to notice his shyness than anything, darting away from groups of people that number more than three or maybe four. His lack of eye contact to others has irritated many, because Halubrin feels it's better to stare at his feet in deference than risk anger at meeting someone's gaze. The lad also rarely laughs at jokes. While he certainly gets them, his intelligence not being in question, he is far more likely to blush and turn away in embarrassment at hearing the joke than chuckle or grin. In his own life too, he finds far more to be embarrassed about at the pointed questions his father, mother, and older sister gave him about finding a nice girl, and even in the weyr Halubrin will always skip away from topics that might touch on the ever scary, ever intimidating aspect of 'dating', be it boy or girl. Good luck getting Halubrin to any sort of party or gathering, because it's assured he most likely will not be going to one willingly.


Halubrin was born to Balest and Jira, both tanner journeymen situated at Eastern's Vaerne Hold. He was their second child of four; and he has three sisters. His older sister being three years older and the younger two sisters are actually twins, born about a year after he was. His parents were delighted at having a son, but as he developed first into a toddler and then into a preadolescent they noticed how shy and quiet he was. This was a turn from his father, whom was always laughing, talking loud, and getting on into displays with the other men. It was also different from his mother whom had a tendency to gossip with the hold women, and enjoyed spending time with them in discussion of raising children and the tendancies of men. Halubrin's older sister was the boy he should have been: Always getting dirty, boistrous, and finding all sorts of trouble. Maybe part of his shyness is that she tried dragging him along on her adventures one too many times.

When Halubrin turned the meek age of 12 his father enlisted him to become a tanner. This was in line with his father before him and his father before that going back for several generations. In this occupation Halubrin did decently at the stitching and creating designs part, but always had less than clean cuts when working with tougher and larger hide. He had been doing fairly well until early in his 15th year when he was searched out for a dragon on Eastern's sands. His mother and sisters were ecstatic, hoping that this might be the turning point to bring their brother out of his shell. His father was happy and disappointed, because while having a dragonrider for a child was prestigious, losing his only son to the weyr was a trouble to him for all the sons in his line had been tanners, and he felt the tradition should not stop with him. He made no contention however when Halubrin went off on search. Halubrin's father was also heard murmuring to his wife they should try for a son.

Halubrin had been at the weyr over a year, learning the life of a candidate and what weyr life was like. He also managed to impress the blue flit Powder one day when he was outside the weyr whom became his constant companion. But in his 16th year the night of change finally hit him: He stood on the stands and impressed green Lanith. Now H'brin, he has started his training as a rider, but only time will tell if she can help him be less shy.

Green Lanith

Name: Lanith
Color: Green
Size: 23
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Lanith is a slightly queer-looking dragonet, her posture and hide patterns lending her an off-key bearing which is certainly unusual, and sometimes a bit eerie. Though her primary shade is a rather unremarkable pale tea green, thick ropes of darker pine spill from behind her headknobs and the ridge of her skull to tumble down the back and sides of her neck in a twisted, gnarled flow. These markings split at the base of her neck, just behind her last neckridge, creeping back to wrap over her shoulders before disappearing behind the crook of each foreleg. The effect seems almost constricting, and the portion of the marking that frames her face from a frontal view is a bit unsettling, especially when Lanith fixes you with her gaze, whether her broad-boned, soft-sculpted face is complimented by a blue or a red hue to her large, shimmering eyes. In a similar display, tangled cords of darker color slither over her wingsails but refuse to touch bone, the five-fingered structures of her wings still clearly visible in their delicate pallor. In terms of size Lanith is quite small, destined to grow to no more than twenty-three feet at her maturity, and though she will be speedy and surprisingly capable in the air, stamina will always be an issue. She's just *skinny* - not dainty, not slender, but simply small and thin. Not that Lanith really seems to care.


It's sometimes difficult to determine just what Lanith *does* care about. Lanith is most definitely a quiet creature in almost all situations, a green who blends easily into the background of any social setting - not necessarily a place that she consciously prefers, but she doesn't mind it at all, and so sees no reason to go about changing things. Besides, being in the background provides an ideal vantage point for her to learn about those around her; Lanith is a dragon who is distinctly interested in others, whether they be dragon, human, or even flit. But what would normally have manifested as a chipper, outgoing instinct in another green seems almost reversed in this particular dragon. Because Lanith will hardly ever approach someone else for conversation, nor will she be particularly forthcoming about herself even when someone has gotten her talking. This green is a watcher - she doesn't particularly care what others have to say to her, and she finds little fundamental reward in casual or conventionally pleasant conversation, lending her a reticence likely to quickly get her labeled as weird by her peers. But *she* knows why she is the way she is, and it's because she's after the truth. She wants to know what people are *really* like ... and she's got streak of private wisdom that knows that people aren't ever really what they portray themselves to be. The easiest way to get to know someone is to watch them when they've forgotten you're even there, or at least when they think you're not looking ... suffice to say, when someone *does* happen to catch Lanith watching them, it's a bit of an odd feeling. There is something disarmingly expectant about the steadiness of this green's gaze, and on the rare occasion that she does ask a question of someone else, it will be probing, perceptive, and personal ... just usually not quite so personal as to drive the person off. She'll never understand them if they're always acting oddly around her. And while she will grow to become surprisingly close to a few friends other than her rider, usually those who are the most persistent in their overtures of companionship, she will remain uncommunicative and distant to almost everyone else. Distant ... but definitely interested.

But there is another side to this green, one which is definitely unexpected from so quiet a dragonet. Though an extremely rare occurrence, every now and again Lanith decides that the situation warrants her letting a bit of *herself* show through, rather than her just observing everyone else. And the inner Lanith is apparently bold to the point of bullying and brazen to the point of rude, but no one could call her ineffective. Though most who know Lanith will probably go many Turns (or maybe their entire lives) without ever seeing this side of her, this green isn't afraid to make sure that things go *her* way when she feels that she has the correct solution to a genuinely important problem - and she has a good grasp of what's "genuinely important", usually reserving these outbursts for only life-threatening circumstances. But when such a crisis does arise ... well, Lanith's got your back, and that's certainly something to be glad of. Just do what she says, and no one will get hurt.


Name: Powder
Species: Flit (Blue)

Powder gets his name from his hide: This blue has a royal blue tone over most of his body but his wings and his back look like someone took the powder jar from the kitchen and shook it over him. Its a much lighter blue on these spots, and contrasts with the dark blue tips on his nose and tail. He's about average sized in length for a blue, but when it comes to his width he tends towards the pudgy. Nothing H'brin has done has staunched the little fella's appetite, and he often can be found with a snack of some sort.

When it comes to what Powder does there is only two words to describe it: be lazy. He rarely would sleep, but the flit would often be curled up on H'brin's shoulder or sometimes head, just simply watching. Too lazy to even fly and follow. Even after impressing Lanith he still was just as lazy, but preferring her head as somewhat bigger than the lad's at that point. Only two things tend to attract Powder's attention away from his self imposed lassitude. One is food, and the other is greens. The first he will go after the second he smells it, often stealing from H'brin's plate even before the lad himself has taken a bite. And as to the other, he loves to puff and strut about, forgetting his rather less than slim belly. A fact which sometimes makes it seem as though the greens (and even other colors) of flits are giggling at him. If he notices this he doesn't register it, still posing until either he is carried away, or the greens fly off.