Player Information


Candidate Fillipan

Name: Fillipan
Pronunciation: Phil-HIP-ahn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 04.28.2745
Craft: Harper (Apprentice)
Rank: Candidate
Physical Description:

He's not short, and he's not exceptionally thin, but Fillipan gives the impression of being both. Of average height and only slightly thinner than the average rider, Fillipan quickly can blend into a crowd. He keeps his black haired head down, out of shyness and deference. Even when he looks up his green eyes are unlikely to meet those he's talking to. He still has all of his boyish pudge on his body but that's slowly starting to change with puberty pushing him taker, and helping fill him out a bit more. He's not terribly strong though and likely to leave tasks that require strength to others, preferring things with finesse. Fillipan is also a pale boy. He never seems to tan, instead more likely to burn and require ointment from a healer, so even in the height of summer he'll often wear a long sleeve tunic although it will likely be of a light fabric. But for all that he likes his white skin, accenting his palor with white and gray tunics and light colored trousers to go with it.

There is one other major thing about Fillipan that draws attention. He has a high, sweet soprano voice that is natural but something that even the onset of puberty will be unable to change. Due to an unfortunate runner accident he lacks testicles, and will forever be a high voiced singer.


Fillipan is shy. Not so shy as to not speak, but he prefers to be quiet until there is a time he knows he can say something without any offense being given. Additionally growing up under holder parents has left him with a profound respect for those of higher rank. Around anyone of higher rank he will be instantly attentive and do as they ask, often using honorifics, and not speaking to them unless they speak to him first. To those of his own rank or lower he can and sometimes will be overly formal, but once in a while he can be drawn out of his shell.

He does have a distinct passion for singing, which made his accident a blessing and a curse. Singing is the one place he has no shyness because it is his place to shine. His family and friends know that by far the best way to get Fillipan to open up is by starting a talk about voice music and offering to listen to him sing songs. That will be the most surefire way to get him fired up about something.

Fillipan still isn't quite sure of why he was chosen, but he does feel a bit out of ease with so many around the weyr. His home hold wasn't small but it wasn't terribly oversized either. He also has an inexplicable fear of both any female older than him, and healers, due to his accident. If he ever has a run in with a female healer, he is likely to try and squirm away and hide in a corner. As such, even though he likes girls and finds them pretty, he's too afraid to approach them for fear of being mocked or hurt, and instead turns to other males more often for emotional and intimate comfort.


It was an unexpected pregnancy for Fillipan's parents but one that was appreciated. Both were relatively busy holders and had thought that their times working had prevented them from having children (though there was much trying). So when his mother found she was pregnant and gave birth it was to much applause and love. His parents had luck once more two years after Fillipan was born, giving them a little girl as well to raise. They spent time when they could making sure their children knew they were loved and when possible, started training them to be holders someday themselves.

Fillipan worked with his father all the time for the hold's main Holder, and was taught to respect that and the other holders at all times. Since it was pounded into his head even from a young age of a few turns it has become an ingrained part of his personality, to respect his superiors fully and with the utmost attention. He also started learning the holder craft until his extended lessons with the hold harper revealed just what kind of singing voice he had.

Shortly after that he was apprenticed off to a local harper hall and began the art of honing and creating greater control over his boyish soprano. From the age of 8 he drew attention for that ability, earning accolades and praise, which he lapped up with all the modesty anyone could have wished. However it was when he was 11 that his unfortunate accident happened. He had been returning to his home hold for a visit, and was brushing down his runner after getting her in to her stall when something spooked her and she kicked him. The kick landed directly on his groin, injuring him desperately and knocking him out.

Fillipan was rushed to the healer, who examined the damage and was forced to excise his testicles, for both had been ruptured in the kick and would likely become infected and dangerous. When the lad came to the healer was there to explain it to him. Unfortunately he didn't take it well. The lad completely lost control, throwing things, freaking out and trying to hide from her. His loss became associated in his mind with the healer after she said the words "I decided to" instead of "I had to", and nothing anyone has said or done so far has allowed him to accept that. It began his fear of women and especially of healers.

As a side effect he found his voice will never change, and while he will grow in puberty he will be unlikely to mature in the way of other boys. He doesn't mind keeping his singing voice and rather enjoys it but does worry what the rest will mean when he gets older. It's a thought that has come with more and more frequency since he was searched, knowing how riders can be and wondering if he'll be able to fit in.

Family for Hatching: Soren (Father), Resana (Mother)

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Blue,Green