Player Information


Wingsecond D'karon

Name: D'karon
Pronunciation: D-CAR-on
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 12.27.2728
Craft: None
Rank: Wingsecond
Physical Description:

D'karon is not the biggest of men out there. In fact as most men go, he is rather short. Barely scraping in at 5'6", most others tend to be well over his height. However many do not mistake him for being a weakling because he is anything but; muscles are visible easily across his arms, legs, chest, and stomach. All of which are usually visible, because of the man's habit of wearing simply a short shift around his hips when weather allows. This also shows the fact he has almost no body hair at all. Whether itís from grooming or a natural lack however he will never tell.

His hands are something else people tend to notice. They are always on the move, fingers twisting and twining, in motions that some might connect to being similar to the way Avareth flicks his tail about. They are also smooth, soft, from the constant oilings the rider gives his dragon. His lower forearms are about the same; soft and supple to the touch.

None of this compares to the man's face. His hair is jet black, and somewhat longer than average for a rider; often looking ragged in appearance and curling out from the base of his neck. He has fairly thick eyebrows to go along with it and always looks as though he shaved the day before; with dark scruff on his chin and mustache and cheeks. It accents his dark toned skin from being outside so much rather well. He has expressive lips and eyes as well, a fact that often draws people in to him and something he has used to his advantage many times to swoon women and men into his bed.


It's hard to find someone more laid back (or as others call it, purely lazy) than D'karon. Unless it comes to Avareth, he takes an extremely relaxed attitude towards everything about him, and even with her he encourages relaxation to others when in reality they should probably be working on other things. This has gotten him into trouble on numerous ocassions in the past. His favorite past time is to find some body of water to just lay out on the shore beside, tanning or eating some fruit. The only area he isn't completely lazy about is the care of dragons: If it comes to Avareth or any other dragon that needs attention, he will make sure it gets done. The dragons are what matters to him, and about what only matters to him.

He will also periodically stir himself if he sees someone in need emotionally; such as someone who is afraid or has some sort of trauma. He will take the time to talk with them and try to help them out. This usually includes taking them with him to wherever he is going to relax first! D'karon sees no reason not to help others in comfortable settings! The flip side of this however is that the source of the troubles of many of the people he talks to is himself and his habit of not always spending time with someone after they spend the night with him. This had led to more than once histerical night in the dining caverns in his past where a jilted lover has confronted him publicly. At least once this happens, D'karon takes the situation in hand and tries to rectify it.

D'karon is creature of pleasure when it comes to relaxing, but also in the bedroom. Nothing does he enjoy more than a good romp with a woman. Or a man, for that matter! In his own words, intimacy is as great as a fine wine; it time to mature, should be savored slowly, and enjoyed from first sip to last gulp. This has led other riders however to make him the butt of jokes, calling him "little sip" and "last gulp". In retrospect, making such a statement during a drinking contest probably was not the wisest choice he's ever made. It's too bad that wine makes his tongue loosen more than it should. This fact has gotten him into trouble more than once.

With all of this he has found himself in trouble before and surely will again. But after the last straw that resulted in his transfer, he's now trying to keep a closer eye on his own behavior to not cause as much trouble for the weyr he finds himself home in. Time will tell if it's working or not.


D'karon was a weyrborn lad. His father was a brownrider and his mother was a kitchen drudge whom his father had spent a week wooing. As a result he grew up fully knowing what life was like to the children of riders; and that they can rarely spend as much time with their kids as normal.

However this was no problem for little Dalkaron, as he was known then. He ran around and was often in the kitchens with his mother, where the headwoman of the lower caverns took an interest in helping him out since his own mother was a bit young still. She had him help with small errands, and kept him out of trouble as best she could. In fact it was not uncommon to hear the headwoman, Dalkaron, and his mother joke that he had two mothers.

As he grew older he naturally expressed interest in his dragonrider heritage, something his oft-absent father would say. His father's father, father's father's father, and so on for three more generations had all been riders and it was something to look forward to someday, to continue the family line. The fact that he wound up impressing little brown Talon when he was 13 certainly didn't hurt.

Two years after that and the inevitable happened, to the happiness of his mother and father: Dalkaron was selected on search to stand for a clutch. His father was exceptionally proud and made a point the night of his search to drag Dalkaron out of the candidate barracks and have him sit with him and his buddies that night for a drinking celebration. This continued on average once a sevenday until Dalkaron finally stood on the sands.

Dalkaron was the third to impress from the clutch. He had been stuck in the middle of the candidates, and he admittedly was nervous. But when Avareth shoved his way through and stood before him it was as if everything had finally fallen into place. His parents were ecstatic, his father went through the roof in joy and drank four full wineskins that night in happiness, his mother hugged nearly everyone, and D'karon was congratulated by everyone as Avareth was only one of two bronzes that hatched from that clutch.

From that moment on, Avareth became the center of D'karon's world. He spent every waking minute he could with his new bronze, and the two grew close, very quickly. After they graduated out of weyrling status they climbed to the rank of Wingsecond for a short time, but due to D'karon's lackluster attitude towards any duties of being Wingsecond other than commanding riders he was demoted to Wingthird and then finally just to a Wingrider. Unfortunately it didn't seem to teach D'karon the lesson, and after a few more turns of his behavior, the Weyrleader at Ista decided to ship D'karon out to another weyr. That just happened to be Eastern.

Bronze Avareth

Name: Avareth
Color: Bronze
Size: 38.2
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Ista
Age: 18

Avareth is no other word for it; he's a dull colored bronze. Like a pot that's been left to tarnish, like a mural that has long since faded, his hide has more than once been confused for brown because of its lack of luster. This is isn't helped by the fact he is rather thin for a bronze, which has led to Avareth to comment he's like a brown that had its head and tail stretched out to be bronze sized. He will quite readily remind others though that he is, in fact, a bronze dragon!


Avareth, or Avy as he is sometimes called, is a bit jumpy about unusual sounds, noises, or other stimuli. This includes other dragons. As a result he's often trying to pay too much attention to everything around him to prevent being surprised. Ironically this causes him to miss things fairly often and surprise him, which can lead him into a snappy mood if it was a person or dragon that caused the surprise. He'll often give lectures about not sneaking up on someone, and on politeness, and the 'proper manners' for how to get someone's attention. And no one is excluded in this! Even D'karon is on the end of it, because (often) D'karon likes to sneak up on his bronze and give him a smack on the thigh of greeting.

When Avareth isn't being jumpy and high strung however he enjoys flirting and joking with other dragons. He'll sometimes invite himself into a conversation, but at least it will be with something amusing to say to cover the rudeness. As he has the conversation with other dragons or specific riders however he will always be moving. Tail swaying, head bobbing, wings rustling -- its almost as if he has too much energy just waiting to burst its way out. Too bad he hasn't been able to share that with D'karon.


Name: Talon
Species: Flit (Brown)

Talon is lean and short; a little brown compared to others like him. He is also very varigated; and when first hatched was thought to almost be a cup of klah with milk in it because of the colorations. His main body is a very pale brown. But on his headknobs he is a darker brown, like a dark klah or chocolate, with the same color that appear like 'stockings' on his feet.

For all his fierce name, Talon is a bubbly little flit. He loves attention and has a habit of doing all sorts of silly little backrolls and falls just to get reactions out of people, and hopefully headscratches. He is also a big sleeper, loving to curl up on a shoulder or a dragon or pillow somewhere and nap in the sun. Nothing pleases this guy more than to get napping and attention at the same time as well.