Player Information


Wingrider C'jai

Name: C'jai
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 02.26.2743
Craft: Beastcraft (Apprentice) - herder
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

At 5'11", Ceejai leans a bit towards the heaver side than many Pernese do; which led some to wonder why he might have been searched. But this isn't his fault due to eating habits but the fact that his whole family comes from broad-chested and stocky herders. There's also the fact the lad hasn't lost any of his boyish baby face fat... So he appears much younger than he is and people sometimes assume he is mentally deficient. But with blond hair and blue eyes, he's certainly going to be a striking adult when he gets there!

The young man has a tendency towards wearing tunics that are cut off at the sleeves, and short trews that expose his legs. His whole body is tan from spending days outdoors working with herdbeasts and runners. Ceejai also is a very quiet young man. He rarely speaks up and can blend into the background of a crowd without trying. He hates having too much attention drawn to himself, and with his habit of staying with animals more than people has made this easy.

Oh; and don't be surprised if he's got dirt under his fingernails. He does love being outdoors, after all!


One thing defines poor Ceejai; and that's his overall shyness to the world. His family lived far out in the plains of the southern continent so he rarely saw anyone other than his family, and given that he is the eldest he was often sent out to do things on his own. He prefers to relate to to animals if he can. But Ceejai does envy the lucky people who have flits.

At least when it comes to animals he can be drawn out of his shell. He loves helping them where he can, and if anyone wants his advice he will quietly but eagerly give it. He hopes to at least find a few others at the weyr who share his enjoyment of working with any creature. And the dragonhealers should keep there eyes open, he might poke his nose around there! The lad has found his status as candidate a bit shocking, but so far he's considering dragons as like big animals. He'll be in for a surprise.


Ceejai was born to a pair of young herders on the plains of the Southern Continent; who had set out with their own pack to stake a claim for relatives that would follow. They spent the first several years of his life living in glorified tents, hiding out in caves during inclement weather with their beasts until when Ceejai was 7 the extended family he had heard so much about arrived.

The young lad hadn't been ready for the four families, totaling nearly 3 dozen individuals, to arrive and start building permanent housing. Having spent his whole life only seeing a few traders at a time, and then his parents, the arrival of people shocked him. He began to try to spend more time with the herds than with this new 'family' that all seemed eager to spend time with him. If anything Ceejai feared this more than their mere presence, the fact that they all wanted to keep talking to him, involve him. The boy longed for a return to the time when it had been just himself and his parents, and the animals they tended.

This trend continued as his own family began to expand - siblings his parents spawned out for him, and those the relatives had both brought with them and giving birth to. Ceejai kept to himself, for the next several years, spending time out with the animals and away from people -- until in his 16th year when a blue dragon settled before him, and he was told he had been Searched. He was taken home, he gathered his things, and left.

Now he's in a weyr, surrounded by people with little chance for escape -- but what does this mean now to the lad? Only time will tell.

Green Hadetzith

Name: Hadetzith
Color: Green
Size: 26
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Although Hadetzith is technically on the large side in terms of her nose to tail length, she is nonetheless not a powerfully built green. She is instead quite slender, and, while perhaps not precisely dainty, far more delicate of build than sturdy. There is a lightness to Hadetzith that makes her seem as though she could not ever be grounded, and broad, impressive, easily maneuverable wings do nothing to dispel that fancy.

In her coloring, Hadetzith is quite remarkable, her hide a definite and unmistakable green the length of her narrow-chested, slim-hipped body. Her wings are the show-stealers, however: the sails sport an incredible pattern of vivid blue-green "eyes" set among overlapping feather-like slashes of other shades of green ranging from a deep, dark evergreen to a nearly iridescent lime green. With wings like those, Hadetzith will be hard to forget from a distance. Hadetzith will, perhaps, be even harder to forget up close. In contrast to the audacious beauty of her wings, the green's hide is painted in spots with a grim memento mori: pale smudges, shaped as echoes of the bones below, decorate Hadetzith's head, neck, and tail, suggesting a translucence of hide that isn't there, and a proximity to death that always is.


Hadetzith tends to focus on the idea of people (and dragons) coming together. Without question, she loves love and meaningful connections, and she wants to help her friends and those around her find those things. The green is certainly eager to forge new relationships, but she tends to focus more on the relationships of others than on her own; although she is very sensitive to the psychological states and potential motives of those around her, Hadetzith is simply not tuned to herself in the same way. In truth, even finding her lifemate—discovering that she not only requires but wants a strong connection to another herself—will be a revelation to her. Forging strong bonds is something that she is suited to, but out of a lack of attention to herself in that regard, she does it all but never.

Puzzling situations out logically is not Hadetzith’s style. Instead, she relies on an intuitive sense of personality and behavior. She may not always be right, but she is, at least, able to ask the right questions. This modus operandi describes both her approach to her not-exactly-matchmaking and to . . . well . . . pretty much anything else she runs into. Precisely the opposite of her dam and Xyxith’s orderly manner of thought, Hadetzith practically sniffs her way through the ideas in her lessons, and she does it without a shred of drama. Unflappable serenity defines her almost as much as trust in her feelings and an outward focus. In fact, Hadetzith’s calm is so profound, it is not difficult to imagine it driving someone a little crazy.

However useful or beneficial such tranquility might be, it may only read as intensely annoying in light of how aware the green is of the transience of relationships, feelings, and pretty much everything else in life. Hadetzith’s desire to bring people together is really only one facet of an overarching compulsion to help those around her realize where they are headed without stepping in so far as to become a creator of destiny: it is all about acceptance of the inevitable. Everything in life is bound to change, which is, she grants you, sad, but one must acknowledge that sadness and carry on to one’s fate, whatever that may be, all the same. Hadetzith frankly revels in her limited memory: she can’t dwell on anything, which makes it ever so much easier to simply accept things as they are and continue without brooding. She enjoys being caught in the ebb and flow of time.