Player Information

Name: Rachel

Weyrling Yenna

Name: Yenna
Pronunciation: YEN-na
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 06.02.2742
Craft: Vintner (Apprentice)
Rank: Weyrling
Physical Description:

Yenna is something of an arrogant underachiever when it comes to her looks. She could be beautiful, could have a model frame, but doesn’t. She’s not perfectly symmetrical enough—one eyebrow arches a little higher than the other, and there’s that thing with the giant freckle triangle on her right cheek—and she isn’t toned enough in the right places to pull it off. While she can’t help the symmetry, she could do something about the toning and refuses. Her hair is a wavy blonde that goes a bit past her shoulders; it tints honey in the summer but goes almost ashy gray in the winter. This is fine with her. She doesn’t even dress up, or fiddle with cosmetics. Oh, she knows what to do with them… and doesn’t. She takes the “natural” approach, boldly, and is proud that she can skate by on minimum effort. It’s a lazy sort of vanity.

Her eyes are olive green. She stands about 5’8” and is finished growing vertically (horizontally remains to be seen). Her skin is tan, but duskier rather than redder, as if the mining dust pervading her home has permanently set in. She is also incredibly inflexible and hates it.


Yenna is never going to be fully civilized. She is going to continue to come to lessons and meetings with twigs or leaves in her hair, let her clothes wrinkle, and occasionally zone out or doze off at the wrong moment. She will never really value academia, never truly grasp social graces, and will forever struggle with tact and discretion. She is a bit… rough. She will try, as long as she feels sufficient incentive, but only occasionally succeed. Blame her upbringing.

There is no shame in this one. Life is hard: live fast and die young. There’s no time for shame or regret. After her oldest brother died in a careless mining accident, she has internalized these concepts and run with them. She has two gears: zero and sixty. Her default is zero, but she occasionally shoots to sixty and bounces back again fast enough to give herself and anyone else in the vicinity whiplash. This applies to any sort of passion, from fist fights to sex. She is feisty, of course, but it manifests as a frustrated, restless undercurrent that causes her to act out and hit sixty when she reaches a particular and as-of-yet unidentified threshold. This makes her very difficult for others to figure out (herself included) since she gives no warning signs. This also leaves her with less friends rather than more. She is easily goaded through her pride or her temper and is susceptible to peer pressure, but more from an existentialist angle than any desire for social acceptance.

Yenna does not consider pride to be a fault. Pride is a good thing. Pride makes the world better. No one would do anything without pride. She takes pride and identity in her backwater hold, even as she’s prouder for getting out of it and determined to be “better.” Out of this pride, she will not ask for help. She refuses to rely on others, independent to a fault. She WILL accomplish it on her own, or it just won’t get done. It almost physically pains her to ask someone to help her, and the nagging sense that she later “owes” that person kills her. Related, she is contrary and defiant (as seen in her appearance) and refuses to be one of another girl cramming herself into the same mold. She can probably subsist on spite and water.

However, she can put that fierce determination to good use and accomplish just about anything she actually tries to (short of asking for help)… she just doesn’t deem it worth trying half the time. She considers getting Searched to be one of these triumphs. In this case, she’s just another generically lazy teenager who also stays up all night and considers sleeping to be a hobby. This she will more than likely grow out of, once the incentives (and punishments) get steeper.

Other than reliance on others, the other thing Yenna cannot handle is uncertainty. This comes up in her major claustrophobia, which was one reason she was so eager to get out of her mining environment. She is terrified of being buried alive, and that it actually happened to her brother still occasionally haunts her dreams. She can’t handle never knowing which of her family won’t ever come home again, and is much closer to her mother and sister than her father and brothers for that reason. Their chances of leaving her out of the blue are much less.

Yenna has had all of one ride on a dragon and couldn’t get enough. Between didn’t even bother her, not having received proper warning. The open sky is a far cry from a suffocating hole in the ground. Privately, she doesn’t care where her dragon comes from. As long as she gets one, she is just fine.

Underneath, though, Yenna just wants to experience life and have fun. She wants to fly, she wants to be so far out at sea she can’t see land, she wants to laugh until she cries and cry until she laughs. She wants to climb high and cliff dive, and she wants to be free to do these things until her body collapses out from under her. She resents limitations and won’t rest until she’s gotten around them.

She’s not mean-spirited, or truly snide, or even really in possession of a smart-mouth. She’s not a fighter or a whiner. She’ll work hard and pull her share for the betterment of the collective, but there’s a part of her that will always be thinking about sunshine and the wind in her hair and how to make it happen as soon as possible. Don’t get in the way.

Trait snapshot: extremist, proud, shameless, stubborn, liberated, only partially domesticated


Father: Jobb
Mother: Yelinna
Siblings: Jobin (m / +5), Jebo (m / +4), Jinbo (m / +2), Jinna (f / -1)

Yenna comes from a small hold of predominantly minors at the southwestern edge of Eastern’s protectorate. The hold is squished up against a mountain face and borders a rival hold; her home culture, therefore, is extremely independent, rough around the edges, stubborn, possessive, and just a little into morbid humor. And she is a product of her environment.

Her father and brothers are all miners, even after Jobin’s accidental and entirely preventable death when she was thirteen. (To their credit, they did change a few things after that.) Her mother stays home, minds the kids, cooks, and runs the crude neighborhood distillery in her spare time. Due to the hazardous nature of the craft, the kids were kept some distance away. Yenna was only just starting her introduction to backyard alcohol making when she was Searched at sixteen. With both parents and older siblings busy, she was stuck with a firelizard babysitter as soon as she was old enough not to require constant supervision and released from her rudimentary education. Kedesh is bonded, not Impressed, and as Yenna sees it, a lousy substitute and tease for a real dragon. (This does not endear her to Kedesh.)

Yenna herself cannot handle mining culture and the small dark spaces, let alone everyone she loves being involved to some degree and full of disaster stories. It’s one reason she’s so bent on Impressing. With her father a miner, she hears a lot about those [redacted] folks next door who want to steal the firestone vein, and it has infiltrated her worldviews as expected. No reason to trust outsiders, definitely. They only want to take your stuff.

While not ready to settle down and getting nervous about the pressure that’s about to set in to do so at home, she’s also not really sure what to do or how to handle the culture shock, so she’s sticking to what she knows (her independent and proud guns) until further notice. Quietly, she’s looking into the vintner craft at Eastern, Just In Case. It’s not moonshine, but it’s close enough to what she knows to be somewhat comfortable. Better than, say, boats.

Given her rural upbringing, she only has a minimal education. She’s just barely functional at reading/numbers—it’s not a priority at home, and the new focus on education takes a lot of effort from her that she’s not used to giving. It’s a learning curve just to learn, and frustrates her out of her mind some days because she just doesn’t see the point and hates feeling inferior or inadequate. That said, she is making steady progress. She just hates it. You don’t need to know advanced math to jump off a sand dune.

Green Chelth

Name: Chelth
Pronunciation: CHEHLTH
Color: Green
Size: 23.625
Wing: None (Weyrling)
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Well, this certainly isn't a one-toned green. There at least four distinct hues that stain Chelth's hide, their edges blurring along the lines of her joints and angles to section off her form as this color or that. Her main hue, if she has one, is a pale, creamy mint green that coats her back, belly, ribs, shoulders, tail, wingbones, forearms, and rings around each hind leg joint. A dusky sage green dominates from the base of her neck and all the way up to the tip of her muzzle, as well as coloring each forelimb from elbow to shoulder and each hind foot. Across her eyes and on each upper forearm is a stain of darker forest green, the same hue also drenching her tailspade and each hind leg from ankle to hip.

Oh, and by the way, she's HUGE. Well, as huge as a green can be, but she will indeed measure to a full 27 feet at her final growth, and it does make it harder to ignore her, which she finds convenient. But if you look past her size and her markings, you'll find something else interesting – this green is almost perfectly proportioned, powerful and streamlined in form and with a natural sense of balanced, athletic grace which softens the technical aspect of her deliberate movements. Her mindvoice is strangely high and monotone, adopting only the most subtle of tones to add emotion to her often mocking speech.


This green’s worldview is drenched in a wry and somewhat - occasionally very - twisted sense of humor. Sarcasm, drollery, and morbid wit are the dialects of her language, and she does rather love to talk; be prepared to regularly bear witness to her odd (Bizarre? Snarky? Cynical? Hilarious? …Disturbing?) and effusive commentary on many a situation. Oddly enough, despite the fact that the jokes tucked within her words are ALWAYS at the expense of someone else, this universally sardonic perspective that she takes on life will keep her in a surprisingly good mood the vast majority of the time. After all, life is HILARIOUS. Fun fact: if you can’t see that, you may be what is technically termed a - *deadpan mindvoice change* “FECKING IDIOT”. Enjoy your new knowledge, and have a nice day!

With a highly analytical mind to pair with her wicked sense of humor, this green will apply her intelligence not only to experimentally prodding others' psyches, but also to examining their motives. After all, SHE's always trying to get the best of others, so this green has trust issues… to put it kindly. To put it not so kindly, she is EXTREMELY PARANOID. The only person who she will trust is her rider, whose mind she knows, and she will find friendship with others in shared wit rather than shared compassion.

Underneath the driving force of her snark, this green is built of a surprisingly simple core structure. Despite what her vernacular might lead one to believe, she DOES understand right from wrong, and like any dragon will thankfully not step over that line. She just toes it. All the time. A powerful sense of curiosity – about the world, about others, about limits – is her second major impulse, manifesting far more often than the third instinct, a truly vicious anger, which is luckily reserved for Threadfall. And, of course, there is her seemingly endless stores of knowledge – because while this green does indeed have a dragon's memory, eluded by specifics, a more general and instinctive sense of what she has gleaned about a person or topic remains to be utilized… for SCIENCE.

Wiley and resourceful during Fall, this green will be an exceptional fighter, performing with neat efficiency and control paired with a sort of merciless glee in flaming down Thread. Her excellent, almost uncanny sense of spatial awareness and her large size will make her capable of stunts that will want to make other rider pairs stop and applaud - and while Chelth congratulates you on your commitment to right-fully earned praise, such action remains not officially advised. While she may sometimes appear to court danger with her behavior, in reality she is hyper-aware of the risk contained in each and every wingbeat, and she’ll freely let a clump fall through to a lower Wing if she detects unnecessary peril to either herself or her rider. She’ll fight, and she’ll fight well, but she WILL be coming home still alive.


Name: Kedesh
Species: Flit (Green)

Kedesh is built like a tank. She's stocky, strong, and looks like she shouldn't be able to get off the ground. She doesn't have the aerodynamic shape most flying beasts have; she looks more like she should be shot out of a catapult. And she can't fly very well, having short wings as well. She compensates with her between skills, popping in and out and dive bombing. She can fly just well enough to manage, but her frustration with her gracelessness keeps her betweening. Sometimes at night you can catch her practicing her flight skills, but she'll scold you if she finds you spying, and you’ll be taking your life into your hands. Her color is an unattractive shade of light green, almost an anemic olive. She kind of matches Yenna’s eyes.

Kedesh is a warrior flit. She was raised by Yelinna as a guardian, and she takes to that role with unadulterated glee. She was given to Yenna several years ago and surprised everyone when she decided to stick with Yenna rather than return to Yelinna. (Apparently, hounding the younger one is more fun.) When she's mad, everyone in the room hears it in a loud, hoarse series of squawks and hisses, and an awful lot has the potential to anger her. However, she is not defensive. If Yenna wants to get into trouble, Kedesh will watch and let her know how stupid she just was. She henpecks, she criticizes, and every now and then she comforts. Generally speaking, her softer feelings are reserved for Yelinna, whom she disappears every so often to go visit. After Yenna Impressed, Kedesh considered her job complete, and went home for good.