Player Information

Name: Rachel

Journeyman Rai

Name: Rai
Pronunciation: Rye
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 13.01.2737
Craft: Harper
Rank: Journeyman
Physical Description:

Rai is a skinny twig with pale skin that is the type to consistently burn, not tan. And freckle. Lots of freckles. Everywhere. She has brown eyes, keeps her straight, dark-auburn hair long (something about her has to be attractive, right?) and when it’s sopping wet and stretched out, it reaches her backside. Rai is about 5’8”, but she has the body type of a gangly teenager. She’s hoping she can put some weight on soon, as she does not like being entirely bone with some obligatory skin thrown on. She’ll wear just about anything, as long as everything’s covered up. Her face is narrow and thin, including her nose and lips, and her eyelashes aren’t quite full enough to be considered conventionally attractive.

No matter what’s she’s wearing, she’s probably got a conductor’s baton stuck somewhere.


Rai is still trying to find herself, both emotionally and professionally, but so far, so good, right? She’s only twenty. She’s got plenty of time. She’s an eternal and blind optimist who tends to laugh at everything… even if laughter is not considered to be the proper reaction. Laughter is better than crying, right? She’s still seeking validation in what she does and who she is, so her personality does have a tendency to reflect, to some degree, whomever she’s out and about with. Sunny people bring out her cheery side; dour people bring out her moderately-exercised cynic. But underneath it all is an encouraging, sympathetic cheerleader (minus the excess pep associated with the word) that is sometimes taken advantage of. She knows this, and her bleeding heart tolerates it. Someone has to reach out to those down and out souls, right?

She changes entirely when she’s working, whether that work be performing, teaching, or conducting. Sure in her element, she does not tolerate anything less than the best from anyone, including herself. She can be firm to the point of harsh if she feels that those supposed to be working with her aren’t trying enough and are consequently bringing down the value of the group as a whole. She can practice for hours and will beat herself up if she can’t master something. Her current crisis is that she can’t figure out what she wants to specialize in, and if she can’t figure that out, she can’t progress towards mastery. And that’s just terrible.

Trait snapshot: friendly, enthusiastic, ambitious, a little bit unsure about herself, asks ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’


Mother: Raiala
Father: Kadell
Siblings: Raidell (m/+2); Kala (f/-1)

Rai’s given name is Raika but she refuses to respond to it. She thinks it sounds insipid and ridiculous and a little too much like her sister’s name. Rai and Kala have something of a sibling rivalry that once resulted in a bruised fist and a broken nose. Their relationship is somewhat better now that they’re separated, but tensions are still high when they’re together for any length of time.

Rai grew up in Vaerne Hold. Raidell helped Kadell with the crops and the girls helped their mother with the weaving. Kala took to it readily; Rai’s attention couldn’t stay focused on the small threads. She did, however, take immediately to the hold’s harper, and when it was time for him to move on, he asked her parents if they would consider letting her go with him to the Hall for more specialized training. As this was maybe a month after the girls’ latest infamous skirmish, her parents were more than willing.

Rai’s talents lay primarily in directing and teaching, but she does love to perform, so she is acceptably proficient in voice and the major instruments. Gaining that proficiency on such a variety delayed her promotion, but she feels the wait was well worth it. After walking the tables, she put in to go to the Weyr. It sounded more fun than Eastern Hold.


Name: Jarow
Species: Flit (Bronze)

This boy is a pompous drama king who wants to be entertained and get his way, who struts and flies around like he owns the place. He is possessed of a mellifluous voice and a tendency to be bossy; these combined traits lead to him spontaneously bursting into song and demanding that others join him. Frustrations will see him kicking random things, skulking about, and muttering until he comes up with something else to do. If his person asks something of him, they best be patient and strong-willed in order to make sure it gets done. And preferably, pretty. Jarow can be a shallow, shallow creature.

Jarow is sort of golden bronze, with dark brown-bronze “gloves” on his forepaws and matching “boots” reaching over his hocks. Coppery-bronze marks surround his eyes and sweep back to his headknobs, and a “necklace” reaches the middle of his chest. He is as dramatically beautiful as he could ever wish to be.