Player Information

Name: Rachel

Journeyman Meria

Name: Meria
Pronunciation: MARE-ee-ah
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.28.2736
Craft: Healer
Rank: Journeyman
Physical Description:

Meria has always been considered beautiful, to be honest. She has a soft, well defined face with light blue-gray eyes, a straight nose, and full lips. About 5’7”, she has an hourglass shape that, when dressing formally, she’ll squeeze into an even more dramatic shape. Her skin is on the pale side, as she spends most of her time indoors. She’s very aware of her looks and dresses as flamboyantly as she can get away with. Her hair is light brown with blonde highlights that are left over from her blonde childhood. Naturally wavy, curly when exposed to extreme humidity, she usually keeps it back out of her face, but she can’t control the flyaways around her face, much to her chagrin. Down, her hair reaches just past her shoulders, thick and almost fluffy.


“Forceful” is a good word to describe her. No one and nothing controls her; she is very much a free spirit. She does bow to authority because they are authority—and when she gains that authority, she wants others to bow to her. And she will get it. Someday. Eventually. Hopefully. That said, Meria is friendly and warm and truly wants to serve others (to her, leadership is the ultimate service). She will sacrifice her health and her peace of mind to help someone though a hard time without thinking anything of it. Loyal to a fault, once she picks a side she will throw every bit of that forceful personality behind her chosen cause, whether it be advancing a certain ideology or pushing for better medical facilities. However, that loyalty doesn’t always extend to her relationships. While a select few are treated with that same devotion she gives the immaterial, most others could be kept strung along in order to avoid unnecessary drama while she’s really involved with someone else. Needless to say, her romantic relationships don’t always last long.

Sometimes even militant in her devotions, she needs to be talked down to a calmer position. Healing truly is her passion, and she will see to it that everyone gets the treatment they need and deserve, even at risk to herself. Fears of contagion have never bothered her. She prefers brave and selfless; other more rational minds call her reckless and impulsive.

In her personal life, when she’s not bravely running off to fight some injustice, Meria is a charming, fun individual to be around. She likes to flirt for flirting’s sake, although she is very conscious of her reputation and holds back enough to avoid earning any nicknames alluding to looser morals. See, Meria has very strong morals and ethics, which goes along with her bullheadedness. As a child and preteen, she was nearly unbearable; as she grows older, she is tempering her extremist personality and actually trying hard to settle into someone most people can enjoy socializing with. Because socializing is so very important.

Family means the world to her, both biological and adopted. Once she truly takes someone in, they’re there forever, and she’ll defend them with the same passion that she’ll defend anything else she feels strongly about, even if she doesn’t agree with their actions. She’ll also take perceived betrayals to very personally.

But most of the time, she just needs someone to tell her to sit down, breathe, it’s not that serious.

Trait snapshot: passionate, stubborn, intelligent, social butterfly


Mother: Merlie
Father: Fadrel
Siblings: A’fed (m/+1); Melidra (f/-1)

Meria’s family hails from High Reaches and is very proud of their long family history there (in fact, some others have been known to describe them as a bit uppity). Males go on to *some* leadership role or another; females become harpers, healers, weavers, or other ‘feminine’ occupations. Fadral is a master smith and Merlie is a journeyman harper. They raised their three children to be ambitious as well, and to go as far as their ability will take them. For Meria’s older brother, that meant becoming the rider of brown Russoth; for her sister Melidra, it meant studying half-heartedly to be a healer as well, but most of her energies are spent on finding a high-ranking boy to marry and have children with.

The middle child, Meria always had the impression she was greater than her siblings. True, A’fed had mostly drifted through his life until being nearly pounced on by Russoth, and Melidra could well be described as shy, but Meria always fought for the spotlight, even when it didn’t exactly pay off. She refused being Searched as a teenager because she was set on being a healer, and that did cause some strife in the family (although after A’fed’s impression, all was forgiven). Meria became a journeyman at nineteen and spent a turn journeying around the northern continent, and then she began to get bored. Not long after her last assignment, she requested ‘somewhere south’ and was rewarded with Eastern Weyr. With thread falling, she sees only opportunities for high-paced learning environments and beyond that, advancement. If only she could decide on a specialty…


Name: Sho
Species: Flit (Brown)

Sho is a solid chocolate brown all over. The only deviances from his uniform coloring are his feet and his head knobs. His feet are a darker brown, almost like hooves, and his head knobs are a paler, almost creamy shade. He will grow to be slightly above average in length and stocky in size, much heavier than he looks.

In time, Sho will be patient, reliable, friendly, mellow and loyal, somewhat possessive of objects and hedonistic, and appreciative of the security of a routine. He will be the epitome of well-adjusted and balanced; the stereotype of the brown draconic; amusingly quirky but not overly so.

However, until then, until he matures into his adult personality, Sho will be a little hellion. He will be picky, bullheaded, and of a quick temper. He will chase down all female flits, even if only for a curious sniff; when he decides he likes one, she is HIS until he’s ready to relinquish ownership. He will be snappish at other males infringing on his space. He will guard Meria tenaciously. Really, he will just be a *joy* to train and manage until he matures.