Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider K'rix

Name: K'rix
Pronunciation: Keh-RIX
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 10.18.2729
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

A little tall, K'rix stands at roughly 6'2", although he tends to slouch a bit to minimize his height. His metabolism is slowing down and working very hard to keep any fat on him, and he works himself and his dragon too hard to let it stay. He's got his fair share of muscle, although he'll never be a Pernese bodybuilder. He's not one to flaunt his physique, either, so most of those muscles you'll never see. He has smiling hazel eyes and messy brown hair that even if he fixed it up, Netinth would breathe in, just to spite him. He likes to smile and it's his default expression, so no, he's not up to something.

He's also that guy whose jittery foot keeps making the table shake, and he's sorry.


That jittery foot and slightly mussed appearance is a good indication of his general personality. He's a mover. He likes to move around. When he's bored, he'll swim, or run, or twitch, or *something*, as long as he's moving somehow. He isn't shy, but he's a long way from being classified as extroverted. K'rix does not take his rank as a bronze rider for granted, and while never really given the opportunity, he is capable of taking the reins when the situation calls for it, and he'd like to try at some point. He won't let himself or his dragon be called out for slacking off, so he pushes them both as hard as he can in everything they do, especially repetitious drills. They will do it, and they will do it flawlessly. Or so he aims. He takes dragonriding seriously, and despite the warm personality, has been known to shoot off icy glares at more negligent riders in his wing. Perhaps make a snide remark or two.

This perfectionist-tendencies extend to his love life, along with being notably commitment-phobic. Any woman that pursues him he is instantly wary of. He doesn't want to get tied down, and if he's going to give himself to someone, he'll give himself all the way, and expect the same in return. He especially doesn't want to be wooed just so some harpy can dance around saying she had sex with a bronze rider. When/if he finally gets in a relationship, he'll have a possessive and jealous streak a dragonlength long--and while you wouldn't know it by looking at him, if you looked over Netinth it'd begin to make sense.

K'rix, on women in general: "I have Netinth and Spie. *Netinth and Spie.* And you want to give me a *woman?*"

As Netinth's rider, K'rix has no choice but to be just plain durable and resilient, and by now is decently hard to traumatize or shock. He tends to just take things as they come, his goal being to get through it, see another day with minimal scarring, and, if possible, emerge with no mistakes as well. While Netinth is admittedly flighty, he is good at judgment calls when he's being serious. K'rix has a hesitant trust that Netinth won't chase a green with whose rider K'rix is completely incompatible with... and so far, he hasn't been let down. Too terribly bad.

Mildly surprisingly, twitchy and paranoid greenriders call to him somehow. He likes to be the one to turn their world on its axis and shake it with common courtesy and by being 'above' the stereotypical egocentrism of his rank. That liking to watch their eyes go big and round is probably either a genuinely altruistic trait warped by Netinth, or one of the things that drew Netinth to him to begin with.

Somehow, he's amazingly non-confrontational.

Trait snapshot: Non-confrontational, perfectionist, all-or-nothing.


Kitrix had a typical childhood, in which his biggest trauma was a broken leg that still aches a bit when the weather's about to change. He was born in the Weyr (Ista) to a creche mother and a lower caverns-dwelling father, and therefore was mostly raised by his mother. Bred among a constantly increasing mob of creche kids, he learned quickly how to fend for himself and cause the least amount of havoc while doing so--talking his way out of an argument was much easier than fighting his way out. Also, hopefully, much quicker and less noticeable.

He was formally admitted to the Candidacy at 15, and Impressed the only bronze out of the clutch, Netinth, at 16. If passive, almost shy K'rix nabbing the sole bronze trod on some egos' toes, he never really noticed it, although it did cause a few social difficulties in weyrlinghood that ended up maturing him greatly. When graduation came and went, with no recognition from either parent (father didn't surprise him; mother did, as she'd been greatly involved in his life up until Candidacy), he decided to hunt them down. What he found he wasn't sure he liked--his father had never cared and had no reason to now (also, was a devoted alcoholic), and his mother was preoccupied with her new brood of kids. Any interest either of them showed was due solely to Netinth's hide and the possible bragging rights of their offspring Impressing bronze. He wasn't too pleased with that, and backed off. His worth as a person was *not* determined by Netinth's hide, damn it, especially when he was kind of an off-color bronze as it was. It was when he found himself wondering how not to pass by the creche everyday, or how to get his meals without risking running into an alternately beaming/plotty-eyed/wasted father that he realized that it was getting pathetic. He put in for a transfer to Eastern, citing that his leg ached whenever the weather changed. It was kind of an exaggeration, but it worked.

Less weather changes (heat, heat, and more heatólooked pretty consistent to him) meant a happier leg, and a smaller Weyr meant more opportunities for advancement. Waiting for the elderly to die off wasn't quite his cup of klah. K'rix acquired Spie soon after transferring, after finding the little thing squealing away as a feline batted it around. K'rix rescued him and got him fixed up, and Spie has been bonded to him ever since. Even despite Netinthís constant teasing.

Bronze Netinth

Name: Netinth
Pronunciation: NET-inth
Color: Bronze
Size: 37
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Ista
Age: 16

Netinth is a small bronze, there's no way around it. If it weren't for his size, his hide is so pale he might even be mistaken for a gold... until he opens his mouth. He's small and slender, which, stamina aside, is perfect for any sort of aerial work. K'rix likes to compare him to cheese because of both his appearance and his attitude towards the ladies, and that drives him crazy.


Net can work out work and play easily enough, but definitely prefers to play and laze around. He loves to be the center of attention and will flirt or act up in order to keep that attention that he got used to as a weyrling, and now he has a certain sense of entitlement. He *deserves* that attention. He has a penchant for really awful pick-up lines that are more humorous than flirtatious, and has a bigger penchant for watching the shy greens perk up when he targets them. Sometimes, when K'rix is distracted, he tries to coerce his rider into using the same terrible lines.

Heís sensitive about his small size and color, and will go into a terrific sulk if someone besides Kírix brings it up. Negatively or positively, itís all the same. And it really is a terrific sulk. Kírix is always tempted to giggle a little, despite how unmanly giggling is.

Netís other major trait is that he adores flaming a little too much. If it involves immolation, heís all for it. For this reason, heís always the happiest dragon in the air during a Fall. If you hear squeeing, itís probably from Net.


Name: Spie
Species: Flit (Blue)

Spie is dark, dark blue, and likes shadows a lot. Probably because he blends in so well. He's long and skinny, so he's agile enough. He's actually been mistaken as a tunnelsnake. Spie's got a lot of scars from his near-death experience as an infant, but his hide color masks them well.

Spie in a word: Neurotic. He dislikes people, noise, and light. He has a terrible phobia of felines that Netinth occasionally exploits. He pretty much only comes out when K'rix asks him nicely. He's convinced that big nasty furry killing things are hiding, just waiting for him to come out again. He tends to twitch a lot and scold all the scary things. Because theyíre evil. And need scolding.