Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider K'ran

Name: K'ran
Pronunciation: Keh-RAN
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 11.15.2730
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

K'ran comes in at about 5'10" with a good, solid, utterly average build, if not a little lanky when he's been working too hard and eating too little. Auburn hair and hazel to green eyes give him a younger appearance, and that probably isn't helped by the sheepish smile he's usually found wearing. He can blend in with a crowd with no problems whatsoever. He has a tendency to slouch and look all relaxed-like, evidencing his good nature and just how *hard* it is to get him riled up. He only has one real wish... and that's that someday, maybe, he'll look older than 18.


K'ran's kind of a loner, but amiable enough. Even though is first love is Icith (for some reason), he'll always be a family guy, and has yet to quit being baby-crazy. Eris is a good five turns now, and he still lights up at the idea. Loyal and stubborn, K'ran has the silly idea that he's not yet done grieving for his dead weyrmate. Currently, his idea of loyalty and his body's idea are not getting along.

This confusion is only compounded by the appearance of, gasp, females! in his life. Icith's inherent charm (again, K'ran doesn't quite understand this) tends to bring them flocking. First there was Amerath and Gwendyn, who seemed to be his other half... then there was Lirelanth and Bianja, who seemed to be *Icith's* other half... and the on the nonrider side there was Sabriel, who he was irrevocably tied to through Icith's infatuation. He really likes her, but is in terrific denial over the age discrepancy, and is deadset against ever admitting anything. For anyone. Ever. So he'll continue to bumble through his dragon's acerbic commentary until he wakes up with enough spine to wrench control back from the loudmouthed and very extroverted Icith.

There was a wrench in the works though--Sabriel's adopted brother, El. Icith and El are not friends. Icith and El should be separated by at least a hemisphere, as they currently are. K'ran takes great glee in torturing El, and that right there is why Icith Impressed to him in the first place. That certain, hidden sadistic streak that gets so little action it's depressing.

Then Sabriel got pregnant and disappeared, and K'ran figured that maybe it's just him. Something about him makes women fall off the edge of Pern. Or, you know, die.

A friend considered them "pleasantly dysfunctional," a phrase that suits them well. He couldn't tell you why he decided to move to Eastern. Call it a whim. They strike him infrequently enough that he wouldn't really recognize it, anyway.

Trait snapshot: Indecisive, mostly introverted, a follower, entertainingly self-deprecating.


Given name: Kerran
family: weyrmate Silandra (dead), daughter Eris (7)

K'ran had an utterly boring childhood with no living relatives that he knows of, followed by a boring few turns of Candidacy, which was chased by a notedly more exciting but still relatively uneventful weyrlinghood. Right out of weyrlinghood, he met a rider not much older than he in his wing, and Icith and Kisith were from there on out inseparable. Of course, that leaked over to the riders and all was happy fuzzy for a time. Then came Kisith's mating flight, and Silandra's pregnancy... and the flu. It wasn't pretty. Though the nightmares have tapered off, his baby-loving ways are hindered by the personal angst that from his daughter and his mate. On a very shaken up whim, they moved to Eastern. And with Icith's mouth gone, there was much rejoicing up at Bendan.

Blue Icith

Name: Icith
Pronunciation: EYE-sith
Color: Blue
Size: 31.4
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Benden
Age: 11

Icith is big and blue and dark and quite likes it like that. He stands out in a crowd just because of that oversized cobaltness of his. He tends to move with his head ducked down and on first glance appears to be very skittish. Actually, it's not so much him being skittish as it is him being very careful as to talon placement. K'ran was never big on those huge gouges in the floor.


Icith is sexually inhibited by his rider, and utterly fascinated by other humans K'ran has seen fit to like a lot. Icith likes to be the voice of very blunt common sense and his mouth gets him in trouble. He's as confident as a bronze and has no compunctions over letting them know it... they may be bigger, but he's faster, right? He loves talking to anyone, and could be a great searchdragon, he just don't want to. Now that K'ran is getting more attention (due to Icith, no less), the big baby is getting jealous. Once he latches on to somebody, regardless of species, they are HIS and any who interfere may be subject to verbal smiting.

Basically, he's a sarcastic brat who talks too much. But a lovable mouthy, sarcastic brat.