Player Information

Name: Rachel

Weyrlingmaster I'zaj

Name: I'zaj
Pronunciation: EE-zaj
Age: 51
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 04.18.2710
Craft: Dragonhealer (Journeyman)
Rank: Weyrlingmaster
Physical Description:

I'zaj is an extremely severe looking man in almost every visual respect - form, face, stance, and expression. He is tall and thin, standing a lanky 6'5" and possessing a lean, wiry frame that makes him look just underfed enough that one might imagine he hasn't been treating himself very well. This is a man who shows the stress of his rank keenly - every lost weyrling has added another wrinkle to the harsh, angular features of his face, had tightened the seemingly-eternal furrow that tenses his brow into something resembling a scowl. Once, as a weyrling himself, he shaved his head just to keep those sharding dark locks out of the way ... and he hasn't allowed it to grow back in all the Turns since, lending him a slightly militant visage. His shoulders are often slightly hunched, a simple habit now from the many Turns of looking down at the weyrlings under his charge. His eyes are small and beady, though it you manage to get a look at them up close, they are a surprisingly warm shade of sea blue.


Alright, weyrlings, up and at 'em! No time to just be lazing about - we've got work to do, and I'm not letting any of you lot off easy today! Come on, out of your cots before I come over there and drag your arse out myself!

Some paraphrased version of the above litany will be what I'zaj's weyrlings have to look forward to almost every morning ... but what the words along don't tell you is that I'zaj always speaks them with a wide, ready grin on his face. Because despite appearances, despite the fact that the candidates tend to not REALLY believe the weyrlings when they're told that the harsh-looking man really isn't so bad, I'zaj really isn't a bad guy (he just likes to pretend to be sometimes). Oh, he's serious about his work, to be sure, but he's of the opinion that the most efficient way to teach someone something is not to drill it into their heads against their will, but to maintain a much more moderate approach, to stress safety as well as letting the weyrlings enjoy the newfound bond with their lifemate, which results in a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere in the weyrling barracks - as long as everyone's pulling their weight. I'zaj may be deliberately a bit lax about stuffiness and seriousness - they're just kids, you gotta let 'em laugh *sometime* - but anyone who is genuinely slacking off will find themselves called on it and quickly saddled with a punishment that fits the crime. But even when they're scrubbing latrines, I'zaj is likely to wander by a joke to cheer them up a little bit. After all, as I'zaj would say, someone who's enjoying themselves has a lot more incentive to work hard and train to make sure they're not horrifically eaten alive by thread, eh?

I'zaj has a slightly morbid sense of humor.


Bronze Subalth

Name: Subalth
Pronunciation: SUE-ballth
Color: Bronze
Size: 38.75
Wing: Weyrling
Weyr of Impression: Igen
Age: 29

Subalth is a fine and striking specimen of a bronze, a creature of slim, lithe build and well-developed muscle. The streamlined slenderness of his form is elegant, but he is far from skinny, an obvious strength lying ready and waiting under the surface of his gleaming, green-bronze hide. That coloring is constant over the length of his just-larger-than-average form, except for a single spot - his right foreleg is marked about the elbow with light scar tissue from a flaming lessons mishap a few Turns back.


Subalth's psyche is an interesting and unusual mix of the typical attributes of both brown and bronze dragons. He has an ego, to be sure, and a pride to match the rich glint of his hide, but his drive it not to lead - it is to nurture. Paternal in ways that are alternately strict, advising, and comforting, depending on the situation, Subalth finds a real joy in interacting with and helping to raise young dragons. He does possess a slightly snarky side to match his rider's dark humor, but what he finds funny is only a tertiary concern to Subalth. He has a job to do. This is a bronze who does not fight for his own glory - he fights to protect the next generation, and he takes that job very seriously. The young are Pern's future, after all ... and he will train them up big and strong.