Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider E'nael

Name: E'nael
Pronunciation: Ee-NAIL
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.17.2734
Craft: Beastcraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

E'nael has bright green eyes like a cat's and contrasting light brown hair. He has naturally dark skin, inherited from his father, although it dries out easily so he's applying lotion as often as his dragon requires oil. It's become something of a bonding ritual for them. E'nael isn't very tall, coming in at roughly five and a half feet, and he's got enough muscle and fat (he calls it insulation) that he can tolerate the mild winters better than some. He also has dimples, and he hates them. You'll never see them, but down his chest and thighs there are long, jagged scars received at his Jadrith's hatching. He's very self-conscious of them, so he's always covered if it's even remotely feasible. Sometimes if itís not.


E'nael is a thinker. He's always coming up with some future possibility and mentally preparing himself for it. With all that thinking, he's also very quiet and tends to do as he's told with little fuss. He acknowledges that he rides a blue dragon, and is actually relieved that he won't have to deal with any of the ambition and drama that comes with the other colors. Being weyrbred, he knows all about that fuss and won't have anything to do with it. He likes being useful, and is usually the one to volunteer. Nonconfrontational, he would much rather be friends, and has always regretted his and Jadrith's antagonistic relationship with Eden and Xyraeth.

This wanting to be useful and pensive personality has led him to an interest in search and rescue, something very hand for inclement geographies. A Weyr out bordered by jungles is almost as ideal as it gets.

E'nael believe sarcasm is the refuge of the weak and would much rather prefer to be tactfully honest, and if all else fails, quietly blend into the background. He's much more of a sulker than a shouter. He prefers dark colors over screaming lighter shades, quiet conversation with klah over exploring, and tidiness over chaos. He's *that* guy. The problem is that he can be so preoccupied with whatever he's thinking that he will completely miss the obvious. Somehow, though, he canít stand cats and loves roughhousing with the dogs.

He prefers females and is heterosexual, but he won't strike up a fuss should Jadrith go and catch a green ridden by a male. That would be needlessly melodramatic, seeing as he was to expect it and everyone else does, anyway. He will quietly go take a long bath, though.

Trait snapshot: Introverted, pensive, dutiful, hard worker, somehow a total dog person


Mother: Kaela, kitchens, Benden Weyr
Father: Ethani, herder, Benden Weyr
Siblings: Kaelni +4, Ethlan +2, Kaethan +1, Nikael -3
Given name: Ethanael

Ethanael was the fourth child of five. He has one older sister, two older brothers, and one younger sister. Both of his sisters followed their mother to the kitchens and both of his brothers followed their father to the fields. He grew up with dogs and even the occasional feline, and is no stranger to runners. They had a decent but appropriately distant family unit, and Ethanael was apprenticing as a herder when he was searched at sixteen by a dragon who had just finished feeding. This didn't go over well immediately, as he hated seeing and hearing the beasts getting eaten, but after a solid man-to-man chat with his father, he accepted it as his duty and went off to Candidacy. He was there for a long six years and in the meantime was promoted to journeyman status as a beastcrafter, specializing in herding. Upon his promotion--not long after his twentieth birthday--his father gave him two canines, Fral and Olyo. Ethani kept them primarily with him, but Ethanael had a large hand in their training.

Ethanael finally Impressed when he was 21, to blue Jadrith, and that Hatching had all of the drama his Candidacy had lacked. Jadrith, disoriented, could not find Ethanael at all. Jadrith got between green Xyraeth and her picked rider, Eden, as he finally found Ethanael. Ethanael, who had been staring at the huge shininess of the queen and marveling at her intricate biology, jumped and ended up knocking Eden into Jadrith. Jadrith was a little more than upset and took a swipe at Eden that cut open her stomach. Xyraeth retaliated and the shiny queen that Ethanael had been staring at had to come over the split them up. No one was critically injured, except for a few feelings that he's always regretted.

Since then, Jadrith has been suitably mortified at his behavior (when reminded) and E'nael, in the back of his mind, wishes he could make amends, even though it's not very likely.

Not long after they graduated weyrlinghood, E'nael made it a priority that Fral, Olyo, and Jadrith learn to get along. Fral was spooked for awhile but gradually got over it; Olyo was thrilled for a new friend. Jadrith thought they were both very cute and were much better at digging little holes than he was. Once the novelty of being a mature dragon and rider pair was over with, E'nael began looking at things he could be doing that would include both his dragon and his canines, and landed on search and rescue. Jadrith was a little too shy and E'nael a little too passive to serve as a proper Search team, but they could still find people, especially with the help of the canines' noses. Ethani was thrilled that his youngest son wasn't about to abandon his craft completely and was glad to help with the additional training, and E'nael struck out and had some healers teach him first aid. Once they were deemed competent, E'nael took Olyo and Fral with him and they moved out to Eastern, completely unaware that Eden and Xyraeth were already there.

Blue Jadrith

Name: Jadrith
Pronunciation: JAD-rith
Color: Blue
Size: 27
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Benden
Age: 6

Jadrith is a medium shade of blue and on the small size, and has spots much like a canineís. He's very quick, and very agile, but he's also not that bright. There are scars on his side and wings from the Hatching Incident, and his wings are rather long. He loves to glide on them for long periods of time.


Jadrith's main strength is that he can focus, and it almost compensates for his not being able to put two and two together very well. He saves that for his rider. Tell him to do something vague, and he'll be lost; give him detailed direction and he'll attack it with singleminded determination. He depends largely on E'nael to get things done and is extremely affectionate... with everyone. He is not stingy in the affection-dispersing, and he likes to snuggle.


Name: Fral
Species: Canine

Fral is a bred shepherd dog; he's got a good sized chest, sturdy fast legs, and a moderately long snout. The tip of his tail is flagged white, his body is mostly dark brown to black, and his legs and head are a lighter shade of brown. His nose has a little pink spot on it.

Fral is generally the more cautious of the two and the more likely to scare. Ironically, he's also bigger. He is exceedingly well trained and responds to both hand and verbal commands. His nose is slightly better than Olyo's, so he's usually in the lead. Fral is also the more aloof one, and he gives a halfhearted obligatory growl when someone hugs on him, but he doesn't mean it at all.

Name: Olyo
Species: Canine

Olyo's also a bred shepherd with the chest, legs, snout, and tail. He's a lighter shade of brown than Fral and his paws are white. His ears are relatively small and very fuzzy, but there's nothing small with how they work. He's got a solid black spot at the base of his tail.

Olyo is the more playful and friendly of the two, and the one more likely to get called out for getting distracted by a small furry woodland creature or random noise. But he can do his job. Olyo and Jadrith are good friends and can be caught napping together. Olyo also responds to both verbal and hand commands and the one E'nael will let children and strangers close to.