Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider Arly

Name: Arly
Pronunciation: ARE-lee
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 02.04.2762
Craft: Harper (Apprentice) - archivist
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description: Arly is short, dark, and curly. Her height will max out at around 5'3" and she's built like a twig. There are a few knobs that other, more generous girls would call curves, but Arly likes to tell it like it is. She has dark brown curly hair that refuses to be tamed to any degree and contrasting light brown eyes. She keeps her hair around shoulder length: long enough to have weight and not fly everywhere, but short enough to manage. She spends most of her free time outside so her skin has a solid tan to it, dark enough that even in the winter when it fades she's still relatively brown and the tanlines from her shirts and shorts are painfully obvious.

Personality: Arly's still in the awkward stage of figuring out who she is. She wants friends, and manages to keep a couple, but social graces tend to escape her and she's never been good at discretion. She has mood swings like any other girl, and when she has a more hostile swing, the guilt flies in from all directions, so she could likely be apologizing tearfully ten seconds after trying to bite someone's head off. Being told she ought to be growing out of such unpleasant stages has only made her more insecure. Bubbly, buxom, and blonde girls make her want to disappear into the shadows--she'll never be like that, and she knows it. The "three B's" are the bane of her existence.

Despite the insecurity and uncertainty, she does try hard and she is eager to please. She loves seeing other people smile, especially if she could help somehow. She loves to be useful. She blushes easily, particularly when complimented, and hates to make eye contact. When she's really nervous, she starts to stammer, which makes her more nervous, so she stammers more... ad nauseum.

Rather than join a bunch of peers laughing and joking and flirting, she would much rather go sit outside somewhere quiet and climb a tree or something, or find someone she can help. Socializing is not her scene. However, if there was a way she could fit in and just be "one of the girls," she'd take it in a heartbeat.

Arly loves her little brother, despite how exasperated she acts, and she thinks the world of her older sister, despite how she claims she'll never be like her. Now that they’re gone, she tries to put them out of memory rather than distract herself missing them. It’s just time to move on and become her own independent person, right? It’s not like there are that many intact families on Pern, especially in Weyrs. Right?

Impressing Eilowynth has certainly fused her spine together a little more. While she’s still shy and tries to avoid the spotlight whenever she can, she doesn’t shrink away when it finds her anymore. She’s still proud of herself for actually going up and asking Halai if she could be of assistance on her own initiative, and for following through. In a way, while Eilowynth has given her more confidence, she’s also alleviated the desire to be accepted by her peers. Arly is all the more content to spend a restday finding an empty beach to swim in or explore with Eilo and her flits rather than socialize.

Trait snapshot: Insecure, shy, optimistic, introverted, eager to please and fit in, the quintessential wallflower

Mother: Eoly, Eastern lower caverns worker
Father: Arno, JM smithcrafter
Siblings: Elanne, f/+3
Harreo, m/-2

Arly grew up in the Eastern creche with an older half-sister, Elanne, that she's always adored and a younger brother, Harreo, that she's always tried to mother. As a child she emulated Elanne; as Arly got older, she began taking on more individual characteristics. Trying to be Elanne was kind of... overwhelming. She saw herself as having to take care of her younger brother Harreo just because it would be the right big-sister thing to do... even if he had another big sister, older than her. But Elanne wasn't exactly the mothering type, so it really was up to her, wasn't it? Especially since Elanne went away to expand her education, whatever that meant, technically. Really, it meant it's just her and Harreo. Yep.

And it's not like she has many friends to take up her time, anyway.

When it was time to pick a craft, Arly immediately chose the harpers. It didn't look too arduous, or boring, and there were lots of different things she could do that didn't always require excellent people skills. And what better place to learn those people skills? She took to archiving immediately. She liked to read, had a neat hand, and was terrible at math. While her voice isn't bad, and she has enough hand-eye coordination to play instruments at the fundamental level, she's absolutely terrible at math. Long notes she was alright with, and quarter notes, but once sub-dividing became a necessity she fell impossibly behind in her classes. While doing all that practicing to try and catch up, she realized that transcribing the notes she was very good at. In fact, she liked writing them (they were pretty) more than she liked playing them. Underneath, though, she’d be forever in love if someone took the time to teach her more complicated syncopation. A journeyman once took her aside for private drumming lessons, and they helped a lot.

Candidacy was something she was less sure about. But it was expected of her, and she hated to disappoint everyone, so she went. She'd go back to archiving shortly, as soon as it was evident that no dragon could be interested in her. Besides, heights freaked her out. What if she fell, and didn't die on impact? That would be awful. She just had to wait it out, and make sure no one caught on to her apathy.

Along the way, she picked up Shiny, a bratty green firelizard who in her own way has helped Arly to grow up. Stammering shrimps can’t clean up after and train stubborn firelizards, after all.

Unfortunately, while no one caught on to the apathy or the fear of heights, Eilowynth hatched and made it all a moot point.

Weyrlinghood had its ups and downs. Shiny was sent to fellow harpers, namely Meychan and Rai… who only spoiled her more. That was a pleasant surprise when Arly finally reunited with her, and Shiny demanded meat in recompense for the exile. Math is always a struggle, but surprisingly, Eilowynth helped in making the logical connections that Arly’s mind couldn’t, and they’re squeaking by.

Green Eilowynth

Name: Eilowynth
Pronunciation: EE-low-winth
Color: Green
Size: 24
Wing: Diamond Sea
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4
Description: Eilowynth is without a doubt a rather lovely green, with a pleasant, striking coloring and a slender, feminine form. She is a vibrant and healthy grass green, though her hue is anything but constant, awash with cascades of shadows and highlights that accidentally come rather close to mimicking dappled sunlight, an effect that both rare and elegant. Across her chest, just below the base of her throat, is a pale, silver-green crescent, its narrow tips set close to the start of her shoulders and its arc dipping slightly down toward her belly. Her structure is slim and dainty, and she will be quick and agile in the air, growing to measure in at a full twenty-four feet - just under the average for her color - at her final growth.

Personality: This is one green who will never let the technical rank of her color get in her way or get her down. She has no qualms about being a leader or saying her piece - headstrong and insistently stubborn about getting her own way, she doesn't see why anyone's else way of doing something could *possibly* be better than hers. But at least this is founded in more or less good intentions, her self-confidence making her simply assume, with a nearly petulant self-assurance, that her way of doing things is simply best for everyone. Obviously. In fact, this green will have a surprisingly persistent helpful streak - it's just that in her efforts to be of assistance she tends to get a little pushy and a little impatient. Alright, a lot pushy, and a lot impatient … which tends to make her audience a bit less than receptive.

Eilowynth is also a bit of a chatterbox - she has absolutely no hesitations about making her opinions heard, simply assuming that others will be interested. Whyever wouldn't they be? After all, if someone's not talking, there's just silence, and everyone just standing around not saying anything rather makes her feel like her tongue is a dead fish, and she doesn't think that would be pleasant at all! It probably bears mentioning at this point that Eilowynth also has a tendency to speak in colorful similes, scattering them through her speech. Why? Well, she's just trying to explain! She wouldn't want to talk without people knowing what she was talking about - that would be just like writing letters to someone in a code that only you could read!

She also suffers a bit from a green's classic emotionality - her reactions are extreme and honest, whether positive or negative, and she is both extremely affectionate and extremely huffy and immature, depending on her mood. She is a bit high-maintenance in this regard, most certainly the kind of green who needs to be catered to in order to make sure she isn't accidentally offended or upset. She is prone to be easily insulted, especially when she feels she is not being treated with respect, and she has a tendency to lecture rather fiercely at times. She possesses quite a temper, but though it is furious, it lacks any truly vicious edge and is ultimately ineffectual.

Eilowynth will be forever speaking before she thinks, giving her opinion so automatically that she never really thinks about whether or not it's warranted or wanted. Or kind, for this green is rather fond of pointing out truths that more tactful individuals might have agreed would be better left unsaid. What do you mean, it hurt someone's feelings? Well now, that's just silly - everyone should be grown up enough to handle the truth! If you can't, why, you may as well just stick your fingers in your ears and jump down a well to hide from the real world

And yet, despite her petulance, despite her emotional, insistent, and headstrong ways, there is a persistent sense of innocence about this green that makes it difficult to get angry with her, though it does nothing to prevent annoyance. It is something in the tone of her mindvoice, something perhaps best identified by its absence, because what *isn't* there is malice. No matter how frustrated she may get or how hard she may stomp her feet and throw a fit, she never *really* means badly. In fact, she really is just trying her best to be helpful … the road to lecturing is paved with good intentions.


Name: Shiny
Species: Flit (Green)
Description: She is a green and there is NO WAY she could ever be anything else. At end of the spectrum on the “wrong” side for her color, her limbs and tail and wings are beautifully proportioned and sculpted. With a hide the vibrant shade of new growth, she is just about impossible to miss. Despite being very small, she is lovely, with an exquisitely crafted form and features. Her voice is just as lovely as the rest of her. Graceful and quick like others of her color, she also has a surprising amount of stamina.

Unfortunately, her appearance is rather deceiving. There is nothing sweet about this girl! Impatient and demanding, she will be high-maintenance. Everything has to be the best because that what she deserves! Easily angered and annoyed, the only person she will ever tolerate is her pet. She doesn’t like large crowds or being handled. As for children… She can’t stand them, not even her own. Messy, noisy things that take up time and energy. Flirtatious, she uses her beauty and intelligence to get her way. Who cares about anyone else when SHE is around?

Name: Glitter
Species: Flit (Green)
Description: A beautiful, light shade of blue-green, Glitter is a dainty thing, her pretty hide speckled with darker flecks of green and a few occasional flecks of pale, nearly white, green. She is a bit round around the edges, but not in a way that is overweight, merely incredibly feminine. Like a beautiful Hold maiden, Glitter has a thin layer of body fat over her muscles and bone, rounding out her edges into an almost ethereal daintiness when combined with her generally petite build. In terms of motion, this green holds true to the first impression that she is like a Holder girl. Every movement appears carefully thought out and graceful, a statement of her intentions.

As for her behavior, Glitter is also much like a Holder girl. She can be a tad fussy and very particular if she doesn't feel like something is going the way she wants it to, or in a way that she thinks it ought. She is confident and likes structure, making schedule and routines for herself if one is not given to her in the first place. This green is also very creative and if not given an outlet for her creativity, can land in loads of unintended mischief. She deeply desires to help others, believing good of everyone. Glitter doesn't believe unless shown in immutable facts that anyone or anything could purposefully do harm to another. Kind-hearted, she will go out of her way to help others, though should she be rebuffed in her efforts to help another she will be very hurt. Sensitive and shy, this firelizard must learn to protect herself against taking negativity too seriously.