Player Information

Name: Jamie

Searchrider J'ran

Name: J'ran
Pronunciation: jah-ran
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 03.03
Craft: Minecraft (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Searchrider
Physical Description:

What to say about J'ran. He is one built rider. From being a miner for the start of his life, and then becoming a rider, he just added more and more muscle. He has medium brown hair that he doesnít let get too long. He stands at 6í2Ē. He is tan from his turns at Eastern. He has a great smile and strong jaw. He is often found with a shadow of a beard on his face. All in all he is a well built man. He does have a few small thread scores on his body but they have faded since they were not bad scores. He is often seen with a smile on his face.


Jíran is a smartass plain and true. He is best described as a joker, and well, he is good at it. He really needs to learn to shut his mouth, but he hasnít learned so his mouth gets him in trouble. He is nice though but it is covered up by is annoying jokes. He has never found one person he has stayed with for a long time, but he believes he will find someone for him. He loves searching for candidates and that is one of his favorite hobbies. He is helpful and offers his services for free to any who ask, be it a non-rider or a rider who doesnít want to do something themselves. He will give people lifts to places, taken messages to people, and other small things riders can do. He knows that his faults will get him no higher in rank, but what can he expect for a bluerider. When he was younger he didnít think he was handsome, but when he got to the Weyr he found that women liked his looks, and even men. At first the thought of men liking his looks scared him, but when he spent his first goldflight with another man who showed him the other side of love. The fact that he knows he his handsome makes his ego bigger, so when someone pops his ego he mopes around for a while until someone lifts it back up.


Father: Jilran/50/Miner
Mother: Mariya/47/Kitchen worker
Siblings: Milran/27/Miner

Janran was born in a small cot hold near Crom Hold. The hold he was in dealt with coal and he was born into a family who worked in the mines. He was the middle child of five. His mother worked in the kitchens at the cot hold and his father was a miner. He learned with his siblings the standard reading, writing, and numbers by the harper, but when he was old enough he joined his older brothers in the mines. He didnít complain about working in the mines but he didnít like it. But working in the mines hardened his young body.

One day he was getting ready to head to his shift in the mines when a blue dragon appeared over the cot hold. He saw the cot holder greet the rider and dragon. He was just about to walk into the mine when he heard a voice in his head. He jumped and looked around not knowing that it was the blue dragon who was asking him where he was going. He saw the holder walking with the rider over to him. He thought he had done something wrong. When they got to him he bowed to them. The rider smiled and said he was searched. He couldnít believe it but he wouldnít turn down the chance of becoming a rider. He packed his things and kissed his parents goodbye and left to High Reaches Weyr. When he got there he was sent into candidacy at the age of 17. He was big for 17 with a fair bit more muscle then most. He got along well and when he stood for his first clutch at 17 he impressed blue Rinth becoming Jíran.

His world was shifted upside down when he impressed but it was for the better. He went through Weyrlinghood with no problems. Soon he graduated and joined the wings at the age of 18. When he was 20 he applied for a transfer to Eastern Weyr because High Reaches was way too cold for him.

Blue Rinth

Name: Rinth
Color: Blue
Size: 32
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: High Reaches
Age: 7

Rinth is beauty in Jíranís eyes. He is a soft robin egg blue on his body that is interrupted by swirls of darker blues. His wings are midnight blue with light spots on them in odd places, just like stars. His belly is a royal blue that goes from his bottom jaw to the tip of his tail. His neck ridges are an ashy blue that really stand out next to his wings. His size is quiet impressive since he is the size of a small brown and almost has enough stamina to stay the whole fall. His wings are huge for his body, which makes carrying a load of candidates back to the Weyr to stand for a clutch easy.


Rinth is a helpful blue. He looks down on his riders jokes but he canít stop his rider from putting his foot in his mouth. He loves searching like his rider. He has found that he has a real talent for it. His life would be great though if his rider would just straighten up and stop being a fool, but he loves him with his life. When he fights thread his is all business and tries his hardest to get as much thread as he can and not get hurt. When he does get hurt, he nearly goes crazy from being inactive. It takes all that Jíran has to keep him from reinjuring himself, for trying to get back into the air sooner than his body can take it.