Player Information

Name: Killingly

Wingrider Sh'an

Name: Sh'an
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 06.06
Craft: Healer (Sr. Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Despite his Southern breeding, Shaant has both fair skin and hair. The former is always subject to burning (though he takes special precaution to prevent this) while the latter is a soft blonde in shade. For the most part, Shaant keeps his hair either slicked back or parted to the side, though it has enough length to drift over his eyes if it becomes mussed.

However, said “mussing” almost never happens. If there is one thing blatantly evident about Shaant, it’s how well put together he is. He is clean-shaven, well dressed, and prides himself on his appearance. His posture is innately impeccable, which further emphasizes his height; he’s nearly 6’1”.

He is leaner in build than is maybe healthier for a young man his age, but the square of his shoulders,  firmness to his jaw and the steady gaze of his eyes lend a masculine tone to a body and face that is otherwise delicately constructed. He is a good looking boy in his own right.


Nowadays, Shaant might be diagnosed as borderline obsessive-compulsive. He has an extreme yearning for physical neatness, and while he might not need to engage in a ritual to expel anxiety, anything that falls below his standards of orderliness certainly bothers him. It is almost instinctual for him to pause in a corridor to smooth a wrinkle from a floor mat or to rewrite an entire letter if the ink has smudged on the first copy. In fact, if it wasn’t for his intense disliking of physical contact, he would probably take it upon himself to brush off that bit of dirt you’ve got on your shirt.

Yes, he’d really rather not touch anyone; his need for neatness also encompasses a need for cleanliness. While he isn’t outwardly rude about any contact that might take place between him and another, but it’s definitely a huge source of discomfort for him. He will politely shake your hand in greeting, but there is a distant, creeping uncertainty about just where that hand has previously been that makes his skin crawl. In any case, this would seem to make his job as a Healer rather difficult. Fortunately, he has an even MORE intensive desire to perform a task well, which allows him to set his more rigid tendencies aside to give a patient the full care they deserve. On the bright side, there is plenty of redwort to run to for disinfecting once the job is complete.

His need for order also lends itself to a seasoned eye for detail. Shaant is graced with a near-photographic memory and will notice the slightest deviation in anything after seeing it once. This makes him especially protective of his possessions as a result, he WILL know if someone has moved, touched, or breathed upon his things.

Furthermore, Shaant strives upon a schedule. He is the master of mental lists and is, to no surprise to you by now, very organized. Any upset in a routine that he is accustomed to is not appreciated. He does not understand laziness, disobedience, or a lack of common sense. Anyone displaying these traits are not well-received by him and won’t earn his respect; his standards for himself, as well as for others, are remarkably high. Predictably, this doesn’t bode very well with those of his own age and rank. Many of his peers take him as TOO stoic and TOO wrapped up in his work to make much of an effort to get to know him, while others are further put off by the initial distance he creates.

Though he is quite serious, he does harbor a softer, more easy-going side to his temperament. He can be quite jovial and has a slightly dry wit, though it takes a great deal for him to feel comfortable enough to let this through. Shaant also has profound interest in poetry and sometimes indulges in writing a pretty line or two. He’s in no way a secret Harper prodigy, but it provides him with creative outlet, though an intensely personal one.


Shaant’s life has thus far been generally nondescript. He had a happy, comfortable childhood growing up in the thralls of Eastern Hold as the fifth child to a pair of warm, loving parents. Though at first it wasn’t clear exactly what career path young Shaant would follow, he eventually found himself drawn to the Healer craft after watching a local journeyman set his brother’s broken arm. The presumed power to mend and heal entranced the boy and he quickly took up studying the craft at twelve.

While apprenticed in the Healer Hall, he grew from a shy, quiet boy to a composed and independent young man who was passionate about his work. Still, when was he surprised with an invitation to join the candidacy program at the nearby Weyr, Shaant opted to expand his horizons and give it a try. If nothing else, it would be the prime place to practice dealing with thread-score and burn injuries…

Blue Ijith

Name: Ijith
Color: Blue
Size: 27
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

Ijith is a downright pretty little blue, and there’s really no way around it. He’s short at the shoulder and in length, and generally small besides. His tail is proportionately long, slender even in comparison to his otherwise slender body, and highly mobile. Ijith constantly moves his tail, flicks and flexes it to reflect his mood and opinions. All dragons use their tails for balance, but with little Ijith, he uses that long, slender tail with a fluid grace that flows out of every dainty step he takes. He walks with feline sure-footedness and balance, and is, in general, a delicate mover, placing his feet carefully no matter what he is doing. His eyes are larger than average, giving him an alert appearance, particularly with the contrast of the luminescence of bright, jeweled draconic eyes to the deep, almost black blue of Ijith’s hide; long headknobs on a head and neck often held low in part of Ijith’s smooth slink, make him look as though he anticipates a stroke down the length of his body. The whole is a fine-boned little dragon, capable of sneaking around the edges of any situation or group, but positively striking when he does not.


Ever wanted a spare conscience? Ijith’s the blue for you!

Dainty Ijith is a cautious, practical dragon, unwilling to leap into a new or potentially risky situation or experience without carefully examining and measuring it first . . . or at least giving it a thorough tongue-lashing. He takes his self-appointed responsibility as his rider’s voice of reason very seriously, and makes free to comment on just about everything. He is sarcastic, especially when going along with an impractical request from his rider, the Weyrlingmaster, and, later, his Wingleader. He will, however, go along with that request; he’ll just complain. The whole time.

With regard to his lifemate, Ijith has the behavioral logic of an older sibling: he will be hard on his rider, but should someone else attempt the same, the little blue’s position is that only *he* has that privilege. He is absolutely protective, but he chooses, not surprisingly, words as his defensive weapon rather than physical strength.

Ijith is terminally unimpressed. Nothing he encounters (except his rider) is ever up to snuff, certainly not without unshakable proof of its worth. Even then, he is likelier to grudgingly accept the value of whatever-it-is than ever embrace it completely. He tends to wonder, in any given activity in lessons, drills, or even words from the mouth of his own rider, why he and His are doing something interesting and exciting when they could simply anticipate the inevitable lack of satisfaction and sit where they are and be ordinary, quiet, and comfortable. Assured comfort is no small thing in Ijith’s mind.

When he senses that his rider is feeling blue, Ijith will try (perhaps a little awkwardly) to be positive and lift his lifemate’s spirits with uncertain compliments. His heart is in the right place when it comes to being supportive, but his mind can’t quite get him there. Much of the problem is Ijith’s smart mouth, which, for better or for worse, he mostly limits to his rider. Even though he is nothing if not willing to share his opinions with his lifemate, he is extremely shy of others . . . but perfectly willing to talk about them. Ijith almost has to be forced to give others, dragon or human, a chance, and even then he rarely makes a deep connection. When he finally does make a friend, however, it is a whole-hearted friendship, warm (if snarky) and forever.


Name: Bead
Species: Flit (Green)

Bead is aptly named, for her coloring is a deep bottle-green which continues in a handsome, even tone across her entire form. Her hide has an odd, reflective quality to it, making the coloring seem almost translucent (especially noticeable in the wing sails), and certainly lends to the idea that she might almost be constructed of glass rather than flesh. As if to compliment the glass-like quality of her hide, her delicate build gives Bead an air of fragility. Fine-boned and altogether noticeably smaller than average, she is well-deserving of the description of “tiny.”

But for what Bead lacks in size, she makes up for in personality – though it is, admittedly , not a personality that many would find agreeable. Bead is actually quite disagreeable, a term which is awfully euphemistic in her case, but nevertheless sums her up quite nicely. She is highly territorial of Sh’an; she clings to him and seeks to monopolize his time and attention. Thwarted in this by any means and she will dissolve into a fit of protests. She then seeks to punish Sh’an by disappearing for prolonged periods of time, mute to his calls, until finally soothed by either his efforts or a short memory. Anti-social to a fault, she does not tolerate anyone (except Sh’an) or anything being close to her; it is not uncommon for her to hiss, growl, dart at, or attempt to bite any being who unknowingly penetrates her sphere of personal space. Her short temper and irritability make her almost impossible to train – despite her preoccupation with Sh’an, he finds that she is not in any way eager to please. He controls her only through spoiling her, and is otherwise intimidated of her wrath.