Player Information

Name: Kayleigh

Wingrider Saidey

Name: Saidey
Pronunciation: Say-dee
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 11.01
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Saidey is said to be beautiful by some, pretty by others. She has dark brown, nearly black hair that ends just above her shoulders. Her eyes are a rich brown in color, and very expressive of her emotions. Her nose is not to long or short, just right as she likes to say. And she has a full, firm mouth. She has a way of twisting her features to mirror every emotion that she's feeling at one particular time, which makes her pretty much an open book to anyone who cares to take a glance. Her skin is pale, and her complexion is smooth.

She is curvy in all the right places, with a bosom that is quite large. She stands about 5'9, and is slender. Most of her height comes from her legs, which can seem to go on forever at times. She never hesitates to flaunt her assests, being what some would term a most definate flirt.


Being of a mild temperment, she tends to be a little harder to make angry. Once she is angry it is hard to calm her down, though, and she has been known to throw things. Generally she feels contrite after one of her rare outbursts, and tries to make up for it in any way she can, so long as the way the person wants isn't too extreme. She's one to stick to her principles, and won't violate them unless there's a very very good reason for it. Saidey tends to find amusement in a lot of things, and is easily pleased and amused. She's a people person, and doesn't like to keep herself to herself much. She makes friends rather easily, and would do anything for one of her friends, no matter what it is (to her they're one of the very very good reasons she'd violate her principles).

Though easy going she can be serious at times *gasp*, though she likes to cover this up with an expression of humor if the occasion will allow it. She has a habit of making waves, though, and likes her life to be a constant whirlpool of events.


Saidey was born at High Reaches Weyr, to her green rider father and her crecheworker mother. This worked out rather good as she spent most of her time with her mother. She never saw her father, as he never really came around much since her mother was not a rider. Saidey never minded not having a father or brothers and sisters. The creche kids were, in a way, her brothers and sisters and she was never alone.

When she Turned twelve she officially was out of the creche, yet chose to follow her mother and become a crecheworker. She was quite happy working in the creche, but when she was thirteen she was Searched to stand for an upcoming hatching.

She did not Impress that time around, nor at the next hatching. Slightly down-hearted but not depressed, she returned to working in the creche in between clutches. Finally, at her third Standing, she Impressed. A fine blue by the name of Ornith.

Determined to be the best rider she could possibly be, Saidey went through the most serious point in her life. She tried her hardest in her weyrling class, and did very well. After she graduated, she was still the best rider she could be, just in a more relaxed and ultimately more Saidey-like way.

When she was nineteen, things got a little rocky for a time. She had problems with her current weyrmate that caused them to split up. However, this did not stop the man from following her around, or warning off the riders of the other greens Ornith caught. Finally unable to take it anymore, Saidey requested a transfer. Instead of moving to a Weyr that was closer to High Reaches, she opted to go to a Weyr that was a bit further South. So she went as far as she could go; it was to Eastern that Saidey went, and she went with joy in her heart.

Blue Ornith

Name: Ornith
Color: Blue
Size: 32
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: High Reaches
Age: 13

Ornith is huge. When the word 'huge' is used, it's not used lightly. This blue is as big as a blue can get, and proud of it. His hide is ocean blue in color, no swirls of dots of darker or lighter, except on his wing tips, which are a slightly darker shade. His tail is whip-like, yet on the shorter side. He looks slightly bulky, yet most of it is muscle. Ornith's neck is a little on the long side, finished in a perfectly wedge-shaped head. He takes pride in his wings, which are larger to befit his size and bulk.


Ornith is more of a serious dragon. He likes to look at everything from a serious point of view, and often counter-balances his rider's laid-back view on things. He can be fun, however, and loves the water as much as the next dragon. He also loves to chase the fish around. Why, the world may never know.

This blue is a blue that will do anything, yes *anything* for his rider. He won't question her, which is sometimes a bit of a bad thing. He'll merely do as she asks, no second questions, because he trusts her orders explicitly.


Name: Shiva
Species: Flit (Green)

Just like the egg she hatched from, this green draws attention, and you can be quite sure that she knows it. Her hide is a deep, cool green, but with an odd frost-like quality that makes it appear almost metallic. At several places her shade merges into teal, most specifically along her headknobs, tail, and wingbones. Her wingsails are adorned with swirling, intricate patterns of the same blue-tinted hue. In terms of physique she is almost flawless, with a beautifully sculpted wedge-shaped head, long neck, slender wings and body, and very thin, almost decorative tail. Poised and refined, despite her smaller size she can manage to look down her nose at almost anyone, and without ever resorting to such silly things as angry cries or foolish happy squawks. No, this is a silent one, and the occasional low, approving croon or challenging cry should be taken quite seriously.

'Ice queen' will likely be the most immediate verdict after meeting this haughty, cold green. She is a creature of supreme and utter confidence, secure in herself and her superiority. She is not vocal about this – after all, her beauty and grace is so painfully self-evident, why should she possibly lower herself to parading it around? She is much more likely to simply disregard someone than to display her irritation or get into a fight – that really would be just beneath her. If she is engaged in her own business, she is unlikely to interrupt it for anyone, though she is not quite icy enough to completely disregard all company – there will be those she finds tolerable, though they may be few and far between. To those few males she permits to court her she will be a bit warmer, though by any other measure she would still be quite reserved, and any favor – even her continued attention or recognition may be is included in this category– must be well and truly merited. It is only to her pet that she will be truly affectionate, and then only in the most private of situations. Dropping one's guard in a public place with something so weakening and demeaning as emotion? Never.