Player Information

Name: Kaitlyn

Wingrider R'don

Name: R'don
Pronunciation: Reh-don
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 06.15
Craft: Guard (Apprentice)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

At 15, Raeldon has hardly reached the peak of his height, but already he's proving that he'll eventually be quite tall once he's finished growing. Already he stands at 5'10" with an athletic build that keeps him from looking too awkward or gangly.

His eyes are a sharp steely blue-grey in color, and while they're rarely too harsh, it's very rare to see them really soften, either. His skin has a slight tan to it, as he was born and raised in Eastern Weyr. His hair is kept to where it's just toeing the line of what would get him in trouble. It's kept short, but shaggy, a number of the brown strands even falling into his eyes.

But like it or not, it is short enough, and it suits his facial structure, which is strong.


Raeldon, more often called Rael or Rae, is not exactly like most Pernese children his age. He's rebellious - with a Weyrleader as a father, others usually wonder *what* he is rebelling against. But rebel he does. The creche women couldn't stand him as he grew up - he quickly grew past the cute 'boys will be boys' stage to them going to G'ral and telling him, in no uncertain terms, to get control of his boy. Because in truth it really is G'ral alone who can gain any sort of control over Raeldon. And even that is tumultuous.

But it is clear that he is his father's son - Raeldon is, more than anything, driven. He takes his punishments with little complaint, and has been known to shoulder the responsibility should he get anyone else in trouble. Like his father, he gives everything he does his all.

He's hard to rile, but he places a high value on honor and courage. Implying he's a coward or honorless is a very good way to get on his bad side, and quickly. With his training as a guard...well, he's not exactly someone you *want* to get on the bad side of.

Guarded with his emotions and his past, few that weren't raised with Raeldon know much about him. A typical teenage boy, it's particularly rare for his father to get through his shell, though he does hold his father closer than any others. He does have a playful side - it just isn't shown that often, nor to that many people.


It's a fairly well known fact in the Weyr: Raeldon was born in Eastern, to a bronzerider and a greenrider. Of course, at the time his father was just a bronzerider, but his father is the actual weyrleader. Which of course means many candidates and other members of the weyr try and endear themselves to him, and have since the first time his father won a flight.

Of course, Raeldon couldn't care less. He doesn't want to hear about how great his father is, or how isn't the current weyrwoman wonderful or WHATEVER they want to talk about. Perhaps a bit childish, but he always kept his distance from Setyne. She isn't - wasn't - his mother. He feels a little bad for his attitude towards the woman now, but what's done is done. His mother, actually, was a greenrider. He was close to both his parents, both of them having a surprising amount to do with his childhood. Until he was around six turns.

He doesn't remember exactly how it happened, but he does remember his mother getting very ill, and weak. And then, one day when he was sitting beside her bed, she passed away. Her green immediately betweened, and Raeldon was devastated. Clinging to the corpse of his mother, he had to be pulled off of her, and even then only truly let go when G'ral stepped in.

But the damage done by her death was permanent. Raeldon, not liking the women of the creche trying to "replace" his mother, immediately started to resist and rebel against them. What started as 'boys will be boys' and 'he's just grieving' turned into 'G'ral, get your wretched brat under control'.

When he apprenticed to the guards, it was hoped that the guards would control his temper, or at least teach him discipline. It succeeded...somewhat. He's still as rebellious as ever, but he does have a bit more discipline. And now, when he gets really angry...he has the strength and training to back it up.

Now, having just turned fifteen turns, he has entered the candidate program for the first time.

Bronze Roalth

Name: Roalth
Color: Bronze
Size: 40
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 4

This dragon is, without a doubt, one of the most physically imposing dragons you'll ever meet. Literally, he will grow to be as big as any bronze can get, and he'll fill it out rather nicely with muscle. Broad in the shoulders, barrel-chested, yet rather slender in the stomach and hips. His neck will be long, with his tail extending the same length. His hide is the color of a vigorously burnished penny, a coppery bronze more than anything else. Even when he's not been oiled his hide will shine, and when he's been in the water or been oiled it'll gleam brightly. No, it's not blinding (unless you're in the right light) but it is highly noticeable. This is one bronze who won't be able to hide himself, no matter what he does.

Creeping up his two front legs are thick lines of a darker, less metallic bronze color. They curve sinuously, and are as eye-catching as the rest of his shiny hide. Something else odd about this dragon; when you look at the bottom of his forepaws, there are also lines of darker and less metallic bronze outlining the same design on each forepaw. Roalth actually doesn't like his special markings much; he tries to do everything to hide them. He'll sink his forelegs in mud to cover them up, he'll make sure that he covers them with his head when he's laying down, etc.


Roalth is stubborn. He's stubborn, prideful, and most of all, he's relentless. Once he sinks his teeth into a cause or a purpose is given to him, he'll take it on. Oh sure, he might balk for a while if he doesn't like the task, but in the end he'll settle into it and see it through to the end, no matter how distasteful it is to him. He hates bending his neck to anyone, and he'll put up a fight for what he thinks is right no matter what it costs him. He relents in this manner most unwillingly, though it's actually rather touching because when he does apologize, he does it with the utmost honesty and his whole heart backing it up. When he's apologizing, he'll most likely apologize for being difficult or any of that as well, just to get it all covered.

This is a dragon who does not like being led by the nose. He'll do what he wants, when he wants, and if you don't like it then oh well. As he gets older he'll slowly begin to get a bit more paranoid of what people or other dragons are doing. He'll find himself getting into the habit of doing things to surprise them. "They won't expect THIS" will be a favorite phrase of his. His circle of trusted friends will dwindle as he finds reasons to distrust others, and he'll actually begin to push people away from him. Roalth will develop the reasoning that others are safer the farther they are away from him, and he'll do whatever he can to make sure that they get away. The only person he won't be able to do this to is his rider, for obvious reasons. This is a dragon who will like to spend time on his own, pondering his next move, and yet at the same time he won't be able to refuse the company of those he truly cares for. Roalth will, as time wears on, become harder and harder. He will not express any sadness, except for when it is instinctual (such as another dragon's death), and he will not show that he is in pain. This is definitely the type of bronze who, seconds after having a horrid Thread burn treated, would insist he was ready to fly again. He'll have to be watched carefully in this respect so that he doesn't overexert himself.

Basically, what Roalth needs is a caretaker, someone who will make sure that all his faith in, well, everything does not wither and turn into some cynical thing bent on strangling every thought he has. Of course, he'd never ADMIT that he needed someone to watch out for him-that would be weak-but he does.