Player Information


Wingrider F'rin

Name: F'rin
Pronunciation: Feh-RIHN
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 13.12
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

"What the. . ." While some people are short, most people are not as short as F'rin, who stands at four feet five inches tall. Always "Sickly" and small, the man grew up to be healthy as a herdbeast as if to spite the people who thought he wouldn't survive his first Turn. Built well, with toned muscles from his life as a dragonrider, he moves with grace in spite of his differences to taller folk. His face is worn, with a pronounced nose, but his grey eyes are warm and full of emotion and intellect and the mop of dark, unruly hair gives humor to his looks as well. He's quite attractive, in a rugged sort of way, once a person gets past the stigma of his height.


F'rin is a warm man. Slow to anger and quick to forgive, one might almost call him gullible, though he is nothing of the sort. He's got a whip quick intelligence and can often be found with his nose in hides, even old record hides give the man something interesting to absorb, and anything to help in his job as Dragonrider is a double bonus.

A scholar warrior by day, the man is a party animal by night. Wine, women, and song. . . And men. Mostly men. Primarily men. . . Though women are nice too! A belly full of wine, a head full of song, and a bed full of warm, willing bodies will how this Rider will normally end his long, hard days.

And hard they are. He is just as strong as the other riders, but his size makes for not only a slightly more difficult time a'dragon back, but also he finds that jokes are still made behind his back, though he has proved himself a thousand times over. Some people never change. One just has to get on with life and not let it get to them.


Fendrin was born to High Reaches Weyr. His mother a disgraced candidate and his father unknown, or at least not wishing to come forward and claim the malformed child. His early life was hard in spite of his mother's attempts to make it easier for him. He was constantly teased about his size and the way he grew. He was the butt of many jokes, as he still is, but they were far more cruel due to his developing personality. That personality could have gone wrong, all wrong, and it did, during his adolescence.

He was a teenage terror. No one wanted to deal with him and his outbursts. As much as he was teased, he became a bully himself, taking out his frustrations on people younger or weaker than himself. When he demanded his right as Weyrborn to Stand for the Eggs of High Reaches, he was laughed at as if it were some great joke. Him? On a dragon? Who did he think he was!?

That all changed, every bit of it, when young Taeuth stepped onto the scene. Sullen and angry, Feldrin was made to wait in the Stands with the other spectators while other boys his age were standing on the hot sands waiting for their life mates. The large blue, however, would have none of that. He walked right over to a low railing separating him from his chosen and ripped it away, proving his virile strength and claiming F'rin for himself, it didn't matter that the railing was rusty and needed replacing anyway.

The change in F'rin was almost instantaneous. Gone was the belligerent and angry youth, and in his place was a boy who knew he'd never have to face that ridicule alone again. He'd always be loved, and that freed him up to love in return. It was a good feeling, and the pair thrived.

The teasing and joking, however, never stopped, even when the boy became a man, and the man became so self assured that he could even laugh at his own . . . Short comings. It was hard on the man, he was sure the shortest of dragonriders, to live in the most stringently traditional of places. He would never fit in, never find acceptance with his peers. It wore on a man, even one as strong emotionally as F'rin had become.

High Reaches leadership was glad to be rid of him when he asked to transfer to Eastern Weyr.

Blue Taeuth

Name: Taeuth
Color: Blue
Size: 32
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: High Reaches
Age: 20

Taeuth is big. As if in making up for his rider's small stature, this blue strove to grow as large as he possibly could, and succeeded. He gives the odd brown a good run for their marks in strength and endurance, at least when he's on the ground. His barrel chest and thickly muscled limbs seem to try to draw the eye away from the fact that his wings are dangerously underdeveloped. No one's really sure what caused this abnormality but while it doesn't stop him from flying Threadfall, it cuts his endurance and strength to the power of a blue of only medium length, much to his shame.

And his coloration. . . How oddly striking! A cobbled, bumpy design of midnight on creamy pale blue covers his body from nose tip to tail tip and everything in between, other than his wingsails. As if to emphasize his lack of flying prowess, there are swirling zephyr like designs in grey-blue on the undersides of his wings, taunting him to fly higher and faster and longer to no avail.


Taeuth is a fiercely loyal dragon, honoring his dam and sire, so long as he remembers who they are, as well as his rider and Weyr. He will often use his physicality as a show of strength to that end, or to wow the young ones. He's a good sort, if excitable and hard to contain because there's so much life packed into his bulky frame. He throws his whole heart into whatever he is doing at the time, be that eating, sleeping, or making friends.