Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider Q'rin

Name: Q'rin
Pronunciation: Keh-RIN
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 05.05.2731
Craft: Beastcraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Q'rin has dark, almost black hair and startling blue-gray eyes, depending on what color he's wearing. He is a shade over six feet tall with an athletic musculature. Q'rin is good-looking and knows it, and to an extent it also amuses him for some reason. He’s never not been in excellent physical shape, and will be lean and wiry all of his life… if only because Naldath is just a big baby and still wants most things done for him. Herding in Keroon has tanned his skin heavily, and he’ll wrinkle prematurely. Fortunately, it hasn’t started yet. His skin is thick, especially around his ankles, elbows, and wrists, and it takes a lot to bruise or scratch him.


Q'rin has an ego and has secret dreams of becoming Weyrleader someday. The fact that Naldath is indeed brown, not bronze, is only a minor obstacle. He's big! Despite the attitude, Q'rin can be genuinely friendly and does have his own group of friends at the Weyr, aside from the girls he flirts with. He's just a tease though, with little to no actual interest in scoring anything, and while he has been known to form a few significant attachments, he also has the jealousy to disintegrate them.

He adores any sort of sports, even something made up. He can be something of an avid—or rabid, depending on the perspective—spectator.

He has no ambition whatsoever to move beyond journeyman his father’s craft, despite his previous passion for it. A perpetually hungry dragon and a bunch of herdbeasts not intended for eating is a bad combination. Furthermore, Naldath is the jealous type, so he has resigned himself to just daydreaming and watching the runners on occasion. But given the invitation… he’d be up bareback in seconds, and going as fast as he could.

Q’rin’s major flaw is that he’s a little too passive. Yes, he’d like to be Weyrleader. Or Wingleader. *Something.* Yes, he’d like to play around with herding and riding some more. Yes, he’d like to not be on screamingly hostile terms with Catlanna, because truth be told, she’s pretty awesome. But will he do anything about it? No. He waits for opportunities to come within reach rather than going out and getting them, and because of this, he’s still sitting and waiting. His moments of impulsiveness are rare and usually spurred by critical or unavoidable situations. It’s been awhile since the last major change in his life (i.e. Impression, graduation, an incredibly loud break up) and as a result he’s stagnating.

He really, really needs a good kick in the pants, and Naldath is too laidback by nature to supply it.

Trait snapshot: Proud, ambitious, confident, energetic, passive


Mother: Leran
Father: Dereq
Siblings: Dereleq (dead)
Reqel (f/-10)

His father is a herdsman in Keroon and his mother is a weaver. Since the totally pointless death of his brother Dereleq when Qirin was a child, his parents have doted on him and then his sister to the point of spoiling. After being Searched, he was determined to Impress a brown or bronze to ward off any stupid encounters similar to Dereleq’s. He adores his younger sister Reqel, even though he hasn't seen her in turns... and as with anything he feels strongly for, he won't jump to talk about it.

Since coming to the Weyr Qirin had definitely found his niche. Whether or not he ever Impressed, he definitely wanted to stay at the Weyr, and after the hassle of getting to Southern in the first place, he really didn’t have a choice.

Shortly after arriving at Southern he met a nice young lady, Missy. They were good buddies with benefits, and both Impressed at the same clutch. There was a snag in the plans though: years of remaining unattached to girls (emotionally, at least) were shot down the drain after Impression. There was Missy at first, and while he will always keep an eye on her, it was doomed from the start. Then came Catlanna, and his hugely conflicting feelings (with some guilt from the Missy thing) were just compounded more by Naldath's infatuation with Ricekith. Which was so very reciprocated. Stupid feelings.

Graduation came and went without any major mishaps, save for a small difficulty in geography and a mostly amicable 'break-up' with Missy.

That could have been a beautiful thing, full of warm fuzzy hearts and snuggles, except that Q’rin still had those dreams, and Ricekith was green, not gold. That had no bearing on how he felt about them, but it did bother them. Their perceived inadequacy drove a wedge between them until it wasn’t a wedge, it was a gaping chasm, bridged by screaming fights and crimson dragon eyes.

And so Q'rin put in a transfer request to Eastern. Because screw it.

Brown Naldath

Name: Naldath
Color: Brown
Size: 37
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Southern
Age: 11

Naldath could never have been a dignified dragon. He seems to be built wrong for it - feet which are slightly too big send him stumbling and tripping over himself. Perhaps if that had been different he *could* have been a more serious dragon. Perhaps a clownish body resulted in a clownish personality, or perhaps he would have been that way anyway - it's hard to tell.

Naldath is a medium brown all over, and through the mediocrity of his coloring he is unique. He has no stripes or patches coloring his hide, and the underside of his wings and belly are the exact same shade as his back and tail. Maybe later, after all the inevitable time sunning, his hide will develop, but so far… nope.

He’s almost always seen in a lounging position, a far cry from the feline hypertension some other dragons have going. But while his body almost never looks alert, his mind most definitely is. Naldath does not miss much.

Personality: Naldath enjoyed making people happy as a Weyrling and developed that as a peculiar personality trait - finding ways to cheer people up and making his rider do the same.

Naldath has a weakness for food. As a Weyrling he stole food from Q'rin and developed a taste for cooked meat that drives Q'rin crazy. Woe betide anyone trying to get away with his food. That is the one thing designed to make him very irritated.

Naldath, while clumsy and comical on the ground, was one of those dragons who took to betweening like magic. He doesn't seem to take it seriously, but that's because he was one of those dragons who genuinely finds the process of betweening as natural and easy as sleeping. He got it right first time, and enjoys popping out of nowhere and startling people. His timing and sense of location is impeccable, and he thoroughly enjoys the challenge of cutting as close a call as he can get away with.

He's extraordinary empathic, which is probably keyed to how determined he is to make everyone around him happy. His emotional bond with Q'rin is unusually strong, and when any wing-fellow of his is unhappy, Naldath feels it. Control over his rampant empathy is something he has to work extra hard on. And when both he and his rider aren’t in great moods, they just bounce off each other until some external force intervenes.

He’s a good natured, laidback brown, almost stereotypically so, laconic, and if he could lounge around by the lake with sunglasses, some smoked ribs and a lazy grin he’d be all set.

And by the way, he's hungry.