Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider J'dan

Name: J'dan
Pronunciation: Juh-DAN
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 08.12.2736
Craft: None
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

With bright red (of the orange variant) hair and sharp gray eyes, J’dan's looks tend to reflect his personality. Stray locks of hair tend to try to stick him in the eye at every turn, and it grows so fast that he's on a first name basis with anyone with any skill at cutting hair. Pale freckles are scattered lightly over his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, and turn an olive green when he's sunburned. His forearms, shoulders, and neck also have a solid dusting.

J’dan is about 6’1” and about done growing by now. The best adjective for him is "long." Even with the muscle put on solely due to Bennyth, it was all lean muscle, and he still just looks tall and skinny. It’s not uncommon for whomever’s serving dinner to encourage him to get another helping; he needs it.


If J’dan had to pick a political affiliation, or really, any sort of affiliation, he'd go with apathetic. He sees himself lowly and insignificant enough not to be touched by most of anything, and even then, it's usually a good idea to just lay low. To be honest, he’s also kind of lazy.

And so he sticks to the cautious, almost bland middle. He's not a bouncy, sunny person, but he's not flat and sullen, either. He likes people, but only so much, and then he has to go off by himself for awhile... usually to snicker because inevitably, someone did something stupid. In fact, he really likes friends. He likes partners in crime. He just doesn't have the burning drive for more of them. Okay, maybe he does. But he's not going to admit it anytime soon. To him, what's inside stays inside, or at least in the inner circle. And such a lonely inner circle it is, he bemoans, but only late at night when he has nothing to do, sleep ain't coming, and he's feeling introspective. Too bad the process of acquiring partners in crime isn’t easier.

In a nutshell, J’dan is self contained, but not excessively so, and friendly, but you have to wait for it. Except when he's drunk. Then he's veeery friendly. J’dan has no alcohol tolerance. It’s something of an embarrassment.

Sense of humor? Sure. In fact, it's the epitome of sarcastic. Also, schadenfreude. He kind of has an authority problem, and enjoys finding loopholes. And just generally being a chronic underachiever. His ceiling is so high, and yet… so unnecessary. He truly aspires to just be... average. For this reason, being in the Weyrleader’s wing gives him fits. He figures it’s karma.

Jair’s not a wild child himself, but he definitely likes to be on the sidelines, cheering them on. He’s something of an enabler. Given someone that can handle a potentially volatile personality, he might even start to develop more, but so far, he's too uncertain and afraid of offending the wrong person. Getting kicked out would be such a hassle.

Although he probably *could* weasel his way back over to Southern... and just instruct Bennyth or Keir to eat any stalkers.

Trait snapshot: Sarcastic, holds back a little, mostly friendly, hates excessive emotion, chronic underachiever, lazy


Mother: Elladan
Father: Jairres
Siblings: Ellres (+3), Raden (+2), Jaiel (+1), Resdan (-1), Larres (-2), Resella (-10)

Jairdan was the fourth child and second boy out of seven kids and four boys. Contrary to the middle child stereotype, he wasn't the ignored one, as all seven kids got equal amounts of attention. He had the average, happy childhood with his siblings and had no gripes for a long time. His parents were in an arranged marriage with a happy ending and Jairdan was about to be stuck with his mother's best friend's oldest daughter Serant. *Then* he had gripes. Happily, he was Searched, and the rider was almost regretting the Searching when Jairdan couldn't get away soon enough--he knew Serant, and if anyone needed to get eaten by Thread… it’d be for the good of mankind. Really.

Jair and Lei met at Southern, clicked instantly, and promptly went on a mission to break Southern Weyr, and to their credit, they came close. Don’t ask about the lap dance, and he’s still a little annoyed that they made him stop laughing at the rejected Candidates post-Hatching. Lei gave him one of Jezza's eggs, which hatched the blue Keir, shortly after the first Hatching he stood for.

After awhile he heard very substantiated rumblings from people who would know that Serant was coming to Southern. He thought Serant was dragondeaf, but he heard the rumors and decided to be proactive for once in his life and try moving somewhere where she'd never think to look for him. He figured that when—not if, when—she heard that he moved, she’d automatically look at some Northern Weyr. Meanwhile, he would continue to bask and burn in the glorious Southern sun over at Eastern Weyr.

Where he promptly Impressed an *overachiever* brown.


Brown Bennyth

Name: Bennyth
Color: Brown
Size: 35
Wing: Mistral Tempest
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 5

This will be one dragonet that any ambitious rider would be proud to call his own. Something about Bennyth's appearance seems to simply glow with both good health and good breeding, his color an expanse of a rich, stately chocolate brown that covers him in a single, uniform stretch from nose to tailtip. His form is also a compliment to the lineage that has obviously produced a 'superior' specimen of draconic strength and agility, the stance of his posture and the manner of his build falling into a happy medium between the feline dexterity of his lither brethren and the bulky stamina of his larger brothers, and he will grow to a solid final size of thirty-five feet. The lines of his face also convey a somehow stately demeanor - he possesses a wide, rounded muzzle that gives him a rather mature, gentle look, though the answer to how accurate that first impression may be to the truth is something that will vary with the person asked. His voice is a rich, powerful tenor, ringing and true, but always with a subtle edge of provocation to the sound.


'Pragmatic' will likely be one of the kinder words used to describe this brown, with 'sell-out' among the harsher descriptors. As one with a rather distant and slightly critical view of those curious and messy things called 'feelings' and 'friendship,' Bennyth will be one who will have trouble keeping steady companions for himself, as he will inevitably find himself either betraying or abandoning his compatriots at some point down the road. Well, it's not his *fault*, really. Of course he had to badmouth his friend a little bit to the senior queen - and he himself was now in her good graces, so it had worked, hadn't it? Possessing a rather startlingly objective view, he will have difficulty understanding hurt feelings and injured pride in others, seeing his actions as completely logical and justified from his own removed and unemotional standpoint. What's all the fuss about? They're all just sore losers, or so he tells himself to stave off the guilt.

It isn't that he's a bad guy, really, he's just starkly realistic, or perhaps just a bit too resourceful for his own good. Friendship and loyalty are all very well and good for hanging around or when you've got the day off, but when it comes down to the wire, how many good buddies you've got won't come into play in whether or not you win the senior gold's flight ... and this brown has ambitions, calculating and high-set goals that he quite intends to meet, and by almost any means necessary. Bennyth is no brute or degenerate who truly lacks moral direction ... but sometimes the line between right and wrong can be blurred or gently nudged a little in whatever direction is most convenient at the time, and be assured that he is quite good at finding very inventive ways to subtly tip the scales. His determination, born of a sheer industrious nature partnered with ambition, makes him stubborn about his causes, hating to admit defeat. With the sole exception of violence - this brown is a peaceful and an intellectual creature, much preferring to air and talk out disputes rather than letting anything come to the point of physical danger - Bennyth is willing to do almost anything to accomplish his desires ... though that doesn't necessarily mean it's an easy choice for him. Betraying a friend to attain a new rank? Speaking behind someone's back to get them out of favor with one of the golds? In the end, he'll do it ... but he knows its wrong, and a part of him will be cringing guiltily inside, though he will always present a self-righteous, collected, and confident exterior. After all, winning is all about attitude, and he has made the choice to be a winner.

But there is something under the surface of this brown, something very well hidden and something he really wishes would go away and stop tugging at the back of his mind, making him feel guilty about his own ambitions and the methods he utilizes to reach his goals. Something in him wishes that he could have the best of both worlds, wishes that he had the natural charisma and strength of character to get ahead by merit alone, wishes that he had the patience and the faith to give that route a fair shot and stop abandoning his friends at the first whiff of a chance at success about to pass him by. Maybe, someday, he'll be coaxed into a fairer and more stable middle road, but it's unlikely. The scent of victory will forever be just too tempting.


Name: Keir
Species: Flit (Blue)

The first impressions this blue makes will be tiny, and dark. He is indeed almost oddly small, lucky to not be too far outstripped by the larger greens. And yet despite his small size he had an oddly solid, almost slightly squat form, as though a much larger blue had been compacted down. In color he is a dark, deep blue, clearly a creature made to blend into the shadows. Well, if it wasn't for the two very odd markings he has. The color on his right foreleg brightens rapidly until his forepaw itself is pale enough to be almost white, while his left foreleg is colored a duller, metallic gray-blue.

In terms of movement he will appear to be lazy, but really he is just patient – his steps will always be very small and measured, and on the wing he is almost impressively slow, though he will pick up the somewhat disconcerting habit of *betweening* to put himself startlingly close to whoever he was approaching, something made doubly unsettling by the fact that he will never make a sound to signal his presence or approach.

This little blue clearly isn't one for the spotlight. Unlike the majority of his species, he will have a love of shadows, and when he does sun himself, it will likely be in a place hidden from the rest of the world, where a single shaft of sunlight cuts into one or another of his otherwise dark hideaways. Even in his best moods he will never be a social creature, quite preferring solitude or the company of his pet and the very few he may find agreeable. The thought of meeting new people is never a welcome one, and when put into a situation with crowds or too much stimulation his demeanor will take a decided turn for the sullen – a bit of a problem when he's asked to do tasks that involve people he hasn't met and approved of. For all his slightly sulky tendencies, though, with time and patience he will reveal himself to be a true sweetheart once his various rocky walls have been breached, quite capable of affection, though perhaps a little awkward at it. And to those people who have managed that feat, his rather interesting sense of humor will be revealed. An odd way of being playful, he will have a habit of creeping up on someone, whether by slow, measured steps or appearing out of *between* to startle them, and then gently poking them with his metallic-hued forepaw. Tag, you're it.

When he isn’t scaring the shite out of the people he loves, he’s being intrigued by something. Walls, hair, ceilings, writing utensils. The thing is, he wants to observe from a distance only. Things jumping out at him and talking made him scold irritably and disappear for a lengthy sulking session.