Player Information

Name: Aaron

Wingrider C'pier

Name: C'pier
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 06.09
Craft: Trader
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Pierce is fit and wiry muscular after mile upon mile of walking on foot. While he often wears boots of necessity, he prefers to go barefoot, and he does so whenever possible. There is something gritty about him, and he seems rough in almost every way - unfinished, unrefined, raw, wild. He wears a hint of a beard at all times, only shaving every now and again, and even when clean, he has a certain masculine muskiness about him. His light brown hair naturally sun-lightened in places to sandy blond is cropped short, though it is naturally spikey - the primary reason for its shortness. When grown long, it is unruly and untamable. He has a fair amount of body hair, though not in excess. His eyes are somewhere between brown and green, an odd, almost golden combination. Perhaps his most outstanding, defining feature is his multitude of facial piercings. He has three rings in his right ear and two in his left, two rings in his left eyebrow, a stud in his tongue, and a ring on the right side of his lower lip. They are of various colors, designs and metals, and he frequently changes them such that they never seem to be the same from day to day. Pierce also has a scar on the right side of his nose were a piercing was ripped from his nostril. Rumors abound concerning piercings below the belt. He has a tattoo of a gold and bronze dragon twined in flight across his right shoulder blade. Pierce is left handed.


Pierce is and always has been a wanderer, and he endeavours to be the ruler of his own life in every way possible. He wants to go new places and see new things, and he is obsessed with the weird, the strange, and especially the taboo. He wants to do all the things few are able to do and all the things one is not supposed to do. He will break silly rules when it suits him and follow them when he sees it is to his advantage. He sees, of course, the utility of rules in place to protect people, but he finds many of the traditional rules governing personal behavior to be ridiculous. Pierce was the butt of jokes as a child as a result of his chubbiness and his atypical behavior, and it was this ridicule, culminating in a beating from his father and a newly obtained piercing being ripped from his nose that led him to eschew his given name and run away from the hold he once called home. Pierce makes no judgments and finds anything and everything to be permissible - so long as it harms no one.


Pierce was born and named Fettoni in Eastern Hold's protectorate to the Headman of a minor hold and his wife. Though he was groomed from an early age to be a proper gentleman and successor to his father, he wanted nothing to do with it. Even as a child, his parents had to hold him down to put socks and shoes on the boy, and in his earliest years, they even had trouble convincing him he needed to keep his clothing on while in public. He was a chubby boy, and this did not bode well for him when coupled with his denial of traditional behavior. Even despite his father's station, he found himself the constant butt of ridicule and the subject of practical jokes. The other children took to calling him Fat Tony. This infuriated him, and pushed him to break rules all the more. He once wore a dress, he learned to knit and sew - though he did not keep up with the hobbies, and he spent as much time as he could among the Trader caravans and Runners that passed through as possible. He knew he wanted to leave, he was just not sure how. His one true hobby was art. Fettoni could draw anything he could imagine, and he could make it look alive.

When Fettoni was fourteen, his father caught him in a compromising position with another male. Though he was not particularly attracted to males, he was attracted to breaking the taboo - a boy was not supposed to do these sorts of things with other boys, and that made it all worth it. Until his father found out. After the beating he received, he knew he had to find a way out, and he began to observe the Traders and Runners very closely, learning which caravans went where and when, and all the places he could hide. After only a month of 'perfect behavior' so far as his parents were concerned, his father allowed him to attend a Gather. While there, he convinced a body artist that he was sixteen and well old enough to have his nose pierced. The second his father saw him, without a single word, he ripped the piercing from his son's face and beat him again - in front of quite a large crowd of people. That was the last straw. Fettoni disappeared, and his family never saw him again.

Over the next six Turns, Fettoni traveled with various Trader caravans, working odd jobs for his supper, never admitting where he was from and never telling them his real name. At first, the Traders called him No Name, but he soon earned the name Pierce as he replaced the missing piercing his father tore from his face with many others. He learned the art of tattoo, how to make his own inks, and how to transfer the images he had once learned to create on paper to skin. He began to work from Gather to Gather, becoming something of a phenomenon among those who desired to acquire the kind of body art he could supply. One one trip, toward Eastern Weyr, Pierce learned of a certain woman among the caravan who had a reputation of sleeping with the beasts she cared for. She was being moved from the Southern beastcraft hall to Eastern as some sort of exile, as the rumors went, and this intrigued him. He insinuated himself into a conversation with the girl and began to get to know her.

Though it was a surprise when a searchdragon at Eastern Weyr offered him a Search token - he had never thought of becoming a dragonrider before - a combination of his desire to pursue the beastgirl and to do something new and rare led him to accept the token and join the Candidacy at Eastern Weyr.

Brown Nixilith

Name: Nixilith
Color: Brown
Size: 33
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 2

Nixilith is a midsize brown as a general statement, though owing to an overall lankiness of build, he stands a bit taller at the shoulder than most other dragons of his length. As an adult, the extra height will be measurable in handspans. His tail, a long, lean whip of an appendage, accounts for more than half his length, and his wingspan is likewise a bit longer than one might ordinarily expect. Narrow of chest and slim of hip, words like "brawny" and "tough" are not among the brown's self-descriptors. Strictly speaking in terms of his build, Nixilith will look relatively unattractive and unfinished—always too thin and underdeveloped—until nearly fully mature, at which point he will look like a proper (if extremely lean) dragon and not like a bag of bones.

As Nixilith himself would cheerfully point out, however, we were only speaking in terms of his build. In terms of his markings, Nixilith is a bit of a show-stopper. Much of his body, including tail and fingerbones, is ocher, the color almost buttery with enough oiling. In dramatic contrast, the brown's wingsails and patch of hide between his eye and throat are shades of a more rufous, sinopia-like tint, the pattern strongly suggestive of large feathers. It seems as though Nixilith is born for fast flight—and to be looked at.


Nixilith is a bit of a rogue. Some will love him, some will like him in spite of themselves, and some will find him detestable. You can’t always help what some folks think of you, though, can you? C’est la vie.

If a bronze’s ego were mired in the extreme of brownish steadiness (or pokiness, depending on who one asks), Nixilith might be what you would get. Hopelessly lazy, the brown can’t or won’t do an honest day’s work to save his hide. He is very charming about it all, of course, and will very charmingly sort out the most creative, easily-written-off-as-the-lark-of-a-rambunctious-dragon method by which to . . . well . . . cheat. And he won’t contrive to simply get out of work—oh no. What’s the fun in that? If he can, he must also get what he wants, which is the absolute best of everything, absolutely as soon as possible, even if he has no right to it. And yes, you are understanding this correctly: Nixilith will cheerfully stoop to stealing if that’s what he thinks he needs to do.

This slick little brown is very sure of how likeable he is. He is a good talker—an excellent storyteller, memory permitting, and most expansive of manner. He happily chats with just about anyone, even people he doesn’t particularly care for; the "sound" of his own mindvoice pleases him, and one can never tell how maintaining even the least thrilling relationships will pay off in future. What Nixilith doesn’t care for is, no surprise, dullness, and a lack of sense of humor is death itself. Why, even the most uptight, rigid person (or dragon) can be saved so long as they find Nixilith’s jokes funny! And yes, Nixilith’s jokes in particular. In case you were wondering, it is all about him. This dragon is focused almost entirely on himself, and, with such an object for his attention, how could life be anything but a joy? (His sense of irony being what it is, he will practically insist on the use of "Nix" as a nickname; the idea of being called "nothing" is just too delicious.)

One area in which Nix—there, see how utterly ridiculous that is?—will always be motivated is with regard to his libido. He will chase often, will, in fact, almost certainly be the first from his clutch to chase, and may even chase early. He will be after his rider about sex from a young (probably too young) age, long before restrictions are lifted, and will want his rider also actively engaged in (and hopefully exploring!) the fine world of sensuality early and as often as possible, the dirty little hedonist. Carnal pleasure is the apex for Nixilith, and can always be used to curb or modify his other behavior.