Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingrider Yo'ra

Name: Yo'ra
Pronunciation: YO-ruh
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 13.14.2736
Craft: Runner (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Yo'ra has medium brown hair that is a perfect blend of his alleged father’s black and his mother’s blonde. The sun has streaked it, tilting the balance more toward his mother’s hue. His skin is naturally a light tan that has darkened considerably from all of his time running, and doesn’t fade in the winter. Whether this is due to that much UV ray exposure or his alleged father’s darker skinned influence is currently undecided. His eyes are his mother’s hazel, right down to the flecks of color in the iris, and are one of his favorite physical traits.

While his mother was short and stocky, and his alleged father is of average height and build, Yo'ra is neither. He is tall, easily scraping six feet and apparently maxing out at 6’1.5”, and he is *lean.* Wiry is a better adjective. Running isn’t for those trying to bulk up, and he looks nothing like his stocky and bear-like older brother L’reh. In fact, he’s certain that two of him meshed together might equal L’reh’s bulk. Yo'ra easily has less than ten percent body fat, meaning that he is easily chilled in the winter and every sinew is on display. He actually wouldn’t mind putting on some weight, but every time he tries he just sweats it off again.

Given all the time spent outside running, he is usually found with as little clothing as possible, and has been chastised for coming to lessons shirtless. This, he insists, is all practicality; excess clothing provides drag, and is just more to wash. It has nothing to do with vanity. Nothing. He just forgot to put a shirt on before coming in. Promise.


He goes by Yo, and at his age, he’s getting kind of bitter about not Impressing. He is competitive with his siblings and sees his apparent inability to be palatable to dragons as a personal failure. High-strung, with lots of energy, he occasionally has trouble relaxing enough to sleep. On the brink of an identity crisis, since he’s nearing the end of his tenure as a Candidate, he thinks he’s spent too long in the program not to benefit somehow and he’s tired of seeing immature kids walk away with dragons. He’s tired of supplying all the answers on homework to kids who get to go play with the answers. It’s starting to drag him down, and after the last unsuccessful hatching he has thrown himself into his craft all the more. Fine. Be that way, baby dragons. Of course, when the next eggs are on the sand, that pique will be eaten by desperate optimism and hope.

Yo'ra cautiously doubts his paternity but doesn’t want to start anything by making a jerk of himself, especially after his mother’s death. Paternity is a sore spot, as *he* is convinced that he’s officially parentless in the world, but Yosayeh is convinced that he isn’t—and as time goes on, Yo'ra has the unsettling feeling that he’s carrying on a charade.

While it is important to him to be a good role model for his sibs and the rest of the younger world, and he values masculinity (another embarrassing point of contention with his alleged father), for some reason he has a hard time getting along with L’reh. Jealousy that L’reh impressed? Sibling rivalry? He doesn’t know, so he withdraws from his family emotionally. He says and does all the right things, but it’s with a sense of detached wariness. Especially after Loraelle’s death, he’s just not convinced that he belongs—and the kids all have L’reh and Yoselle, anyway. Sometimes, he just thinks about transferring, but that would just start a crapstorm.

Out of this familial insecurity, Yo'ra is determined to be the best at everything he does, and to do it completely on his own. Everything. Times in running are meant to be beaten. Homework is meant to be excelled in—meaning that he will do everything necessary to consistently turn in above-par work. This has actually yielded a love of words and alliteration. While no harper, discovering a new vocabulary word gives him a quiet thrill.

It’s a recognizably unreasonable ambition, yes, but it does infiltrate his worldview. When someone else accomplishes something, his first thought is to wonder why he couldn’t have done it first. Happiness and pride for others comes a few seconds later, usually after someone else jumps in with the congratulations. Asking for help is agonizing. He can do it, as long as it is in the context of asking for *advice,* not a bail-out. That’s what elders are for, anyway, for their experience to be exploited.

Oddly, to an extent he likes not quite being *the* best. Those who are better serve to continue raising the bar so he has something to chase. After all, being on the top is lonely, and furthermore, where do you go from there?

Yo'ra is hardly modest, or humble; he just doesn’t like to brag. He lets his achievements speak for him. If they’re not speaking, then clearly he needs to do more. Bragging is for the insecure, and he is *not* insecure. He has a high self-worth, thank you. Of course, in reality, he’s no prodigy. He’s above-average with a ridiculous work ethic. But he’d *like* to be a prodigy. (And to be honest, he’s very insecure—if he were really that good, he’d have a father, right? And a dragon? …Right?)

Goal-oriented, he is always working on something. His stride, his time, his vocabulary, his homework, sneaking out at night and brooding somewhere out of sight about what that elusive trait is that apparently reels dragons in… No philosopher, and hardly an intellectual, such sessions are by rule unproductive, and usually end up in him getting distracted by something or sneaking a swim instead. Brains and the abstract are hard. The concrete, like muscle conditioning, is easy.

As far as temper and social interactions go, Yo'ra doesn’t mind going first. He doesn’t mind going last. He’ll be fine, no matter what, and considers arbitrary rules of hierarchy to be beneath him. Something of an introvert, he loves the isolation of his runs. He internalizes everything, keeps an aloof façade, and then runs it out later. His best times have come on bad days.

It’s ultimately a lonely existence, and he’s aware of that, and it’s frustrating, so he’s going to go run or swim it out now.

Trait snapshot: Independent, introverted, insecure, impelled, immodest, impervious, irresolute
[independent, introverted, insecure, driven/competitive, proud, aloof, uncertain as to how to proceed]


Father: Yosayeh - M - 58 – crecheworker
Mother: Loraëlle - F - 50 (deceased) – bluerider (Hoeverth)
Yoselle (+7, bluerider, Rossheth), L'reh (+5, brownrider, Ryoth), Ayelah (-5, bluerider), Ella (-7), Rayos (-8), Yoroa (-11)

Of the clan, Yosora was born third, and the second son. While they are a close-knit group, Yosora has always been one of the more withdrawn ones, and one of the ones more inclined to sibling rivalry. An utter mama’s boy, he was inseparable from her for a long time and took the birth of his younger sister hard. Loraelle sent him running chores while she was bedridden, and the love of running was born. Ayelah led to another run of children, with Ella two turns later and Rayos on her heels, and the affectionate child Yosora pulled away a little more. He didn’t know what to do with the kids, especially girls. And since he wasn’t the oldest, he wasn’t necessarily expected to. Furthermore, Loraelle had kept him doing all of her back-and-forth errands, which kept him out of the line of duty. When the love for running never stopped, and making him come inside and stop racing everything with a pulse got progressively harder, his future craft was obvious. As soon as he was old enough (coincidentally, around the time that Yoroa was born) he apprenticed as a runner.

As he aged and learned about such nuances (and heard more than one rumor, and received more than one direct question), he began to question his actual parentage. Obviously, dragons ran on his mother’s side, and there was no debating who his mother was. That was fine. But finding something in common with his father got harder and harder. Lorayeh seemed to have the ‘big brother’ role filled, so cautiously, Yosora pulled away to find himself. Besides, there was that whole Candidacy thing to work on. The whole lot of them was there, anyway, so it wasn’t like he was rocking the boat too hard.

In time, Yoselle Impressed blue. Fine.

And Lorayeh—L’reh—Impressed brown. He *would.*

His turn, right? Yosora waited patiently.

Then *Ayelah* Impressed blue?! Would Ella be next? *Rayos?* Was he going to get skipped over entirely? He was going to end up dragonless like his alleged father, wasn’t he? Living vicariously through some mate with kids who might not even be his? Worse, his sisters were all going to get blue, and his brothers would all get brown, and… he’d end up the only one with a green, wouldn’t he? Never mind that his personality was largely incompatible with green dragons. The Serenity Seekers’ hatching left him with a very bitter taste in his mouth. Fine then, he was just going to be one of the best runners Eastern had ever seen. Whatever.

It also left him with a private goal, the real thing keeping his motor going during the day and his tired self in the Candidate program: bronze or bust.

Bronze Husketh

Name: Husketh
Color: Bronze
Size: 39.5
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 1

Even fresh out of the egg, there will always be something almost grizzled looking about Husketh. He’ll look old, with a his base shade being a darker and duller shade than the average, lacking the shine and gleam of some of his bronze brothers. Oh, he shines still, of that there can be no doubt, but it’s subtler. Duller. Not quite so blinding. He’s covered in a darker, almost tarnished rust-bronze color in places, particularly over his wingsails but also at the tips and creases of his body, from elbows to headknobs to tailspade to toes.

In build, he’ll be a particularly bulky bronze, above average in size with a destined grown of thirty-nine-and-a-half feet. He’ll be well muscled, and have a great deal of stamina. At times it will allow him to even outlast other bronzes. He’ll always lack speed, but Husketh won’t ever see this as a detriment to his fighting skills - let the hotshots zip around the sky. Instead, he’s steady and consistent.

His mindvoice is deeply baritone, with a natural gruffness that matches his hide to make him sound as well as look far older than he really is. Despite this naturally husky pitch, the tones of his telepathy are surprising flexible, usually warmed with the humor of a half-chuckle but capable of firming instantly to a harsh, uncompromising bark of command.


This is a dragon who was born to lead - and he has the confidence to tell you that, if you’d like to listen, but he’d prefer to just go about proving it rather than simply declaring it. Words can be cheap, and it can be hard to tell the difference, but deeds show who you really are, and this dragon is determined to prove himself by both means. Driven and unafraid to dream big and to sacrifice for the sake of those who need his help, this is a bronze who will push his rider to be not only Wingleader, but Weyrleader someday - because he knows that they can do it, and he’s not scared to demonstrate that to anyone. Still, Husketh’s strictness tends to extend only to himself - while he has trouble overcoming his own mistakes and absolving his conscience, he is far more lenient with his friends and his wingmates. Good intentions do count for something with this bronze, and he understands very well that mercy is in no way a sign of weakness. His familiarity, honesty, fairness, and dry sense of humor will endear him to many he meets, and while he enjoys getting to know other people and dragons and strives never to be impatient or take his frustrations out on others, he does prefer a bit of quiet alone time to decompress once in a while, especially after the fast-paced action of Threadfall.

Husketh regards his personal life as inextricably intertwined with his professional life. He WILL lead a Wing someday, and that means that he’ll be in charge of the lives of his fellow dragons, a relationship that he will experience and view as vital, intimate, almost familial. And perhaps it is that perspective which will is the foundation for his effective leadership style - because Husketh knows that dragons need to be able to trust those leading them into Fall, need to be able to trust them not just as leaders, but as friends. Caring about each and every dragon that he works with, and encouraging that same attitude, is Husketh’s way of keeping everyone as safe as possible. When you care about someone, you want them to be safe for your own sake as well as theirs, and so keeping them safe becomes a matter of self-interest, not just obligation. When it’s a matter of life or death, Husketh wants to make sure that everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to let anyone else down. He certainly does.

At the core of this philosophy is a simple truth that Husketh happens to not only intuitively gasp, but subtly preach (mostly by example) to those around him: we’re all in this together, and we need to work together, trust each other, count on each other, care about each other, if we’re going to survive. And don’t worry. We ARE going to survive.