Player Information

Name: Geo

Wingrider G'ste

Name: G'ste
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 09.15
Craft: Seacraft (Journeyman)
Rank: Wingrider
Physical Description:

Standing a modest five foot five inches Guste is all but finished growing, at most he could gain another inch, if he stretches just a bit. light brown hair covers his head, but it is cut very short, for when one is climbing the rigging in twenty foot seas long hair can do only bad things. His skin color is a rich tan due to the many days at sea when the blazing hot sun beat down upon himself and his fellow crew members.

His eyes are a light blue, and almost will sparkle brightly when the sun is right. Guste has a thin red scar on his face, running from just below his eye diagonally to halfway down his cheek.

His hands are calloused from the rough work he does, as are the soles of his feet. Whenever he can get away with it, he will not wear shoes, as he hates the conformity and discomforted of them, being used to the deck of the his ship where shoes were impractical.

Guste has a nice muscled form, not too noticeable, but in a friendly sparring contest, he could give any opponent a run for their money. Due to his muscle, he comes is at 160 pounds in the old Earth system. His body is somewhere in-between stocky, and lengthy.

As for clothing, well as long as it fits to an extent and it keeps him covered, he's fine with it.


Being raised at sea has had it's various effects of Guste. The first of which is that he is very good at taking orders from his superiors. Along that same line, he is a mate on the ship and is able to give orders nearly as well as he can take them.

As a sailor, Guste's language, is rather rough, and though he does not mean to cause offense, well he can't help it if he lets something slip. Guste is blessed with a very even keel, or temper, and will not get mad often, but when he does, look out, as he'll simmer for a good sevenday before calming back down.

Their is another side to Guste, a different side, and that is the one of a protector, and even though he hates to admit it, a teacher. He has a black and white sense of what is wrong and right, and if someone crosses his line, they'll here about it.

Friends that he find will find that he is solid as a rock, and ready to stand up for them, if they need it.

One Final part of Guste lurks in the background, rarely seen, but noticed by all when it does come to the surface. Somewhere, on the inside, Guste lacks faith in himself. Sure he knows how to do it, but, what if when the time comes and he fails? This is his biggest worry, failing his friends and those who rely on him.

When he feels like this, all his defenses are down, and he'll wear his heart on his sleeve.
It just won't be pretty, as all those who experience it will find out. Negativity will reign, and it will take a very strong argument to snap him out of it. Anyone who walks by will take notice, unless they are blind, deaf, and mute.


Born to Master Arten of the Seacraft and Journeywoman Mellie, a Harper, Guste has always lived a very, energetic life style. At Seven Turns he first sailed with his Father's crew on a long trading journey and fell in love with the sea. And so the arrangement was made that for half the Turn, Guste was to learn the Seacraft with his Father. The other half Turn was to be spent on shore, being educated by his Mother is the usual teaching songs and rudimentary reading, writing and 'arithmetic.

Guste enjoyed his time at sea much more than being land locked at an outlying Istan Hold, forced to learn things he never though he would use at sea. But when he reached twelve and officially became an apprentice, that changed, as he found that math helped navigate a ship, as did reading and writing. So, thus motivated he worked hard and rose to Senior Apprentice, and then just recently, Journeyman.

Luck seemed to come in pairs for him though, as the day after he received his journeyman rank, a hook used to lift cargo came loose as a heavy piece of freight was being loaded. Guste, who had been directing the operation, was almost directly under it, and when diving to get out of the way, scraped his cheek against a nail that had not been hammered flat. The resulting scar he received was painful, but did not limit his ability to work, so he covered it, and went on his way. It has since become a favorite tale of his toughness.

Appointed Third Mate on the Sea Skimmer, Guste was prepared to enjoy a long and happy life at sea when one day, the ship docked at Eastern Bay Hold for supplies. A Searchrider happened to be there, and he was invited to accept the Search.

It was a decision that he did not anticipate, one he did not want to make. He loved the sea, but had a portion of his heart set aside for dragons. So after a hard hour of thought he accepted, and came to the Weyr, wondering if he had done the right thing.

Bronze Sohruth

Name: Sohruth
Color: Bronze
Size: 38.5
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 3

What an...oddly-colored bronze. His base color is a bright golden bronze while his markings are almost reminiscent of the herd beasts that will be the staple of his diet for his entire life. He's actually piebald, that is, over his light gold-bronze base color his hide has large splotches of a dark brownish bronze along his entire body.

Sohruth is set nicely in between largely built and slender. He's fairly well muscled, giving him all the stamina and strength expected of a bronze. His legs are long and when he's still fresh from the egg his feet may seem a little overly large at first, as will his wings, but he'll grow into them to make a very proportionate figure.

Personality: For the most part, Sohruth is a very calm dragon. He's quiet and withdrawn and when he does speak it will be very little, and his voice will remain soft. Even to his rider, he'll rarely speak for no reason. He seems to prefer to listen and remain mostly uninvolved. He won't argue and may even mediate disputes from time to time amongst his siblings. Over all, he's an incredibly kind, even gentle bronze. Those he gets close to he'll be incredibly caring towards, as well as protective. He is capable of joking and teasing, but when this happens it will be incredibly deadpan.

Unfortunately Sohruth has a terrible sense of direction, something incredibly rare in dragons. If left to his own devices, he'll get lost everywhere. For the first few days he may even get lost on the way to the latrine and bathing pools if his rider isn't constantly beside him. Unfortunately this means his rider will have to hold onto the mental image even firmer when they go Between.

Of his siblings, those he grows closest to will be Jiath, Tosoth, and in particular Nohruth.

Unfortunately for those who deal with him fairly often, there is another side to Sohruth, beyond shyness and quietness. He can be goaded into anger, and when this happens it's like a totally different dragon. This side of Sohruth is edgy and mean. He's also lewd, crude, and prone to sudden outbursts of surprising anger and even violence, though never against people. This side of his persona is a bit crueler, and more apt to make biting remarks. It's this side that will play dirty in mating flights, particularly those of his sister, Nohruth. Towards her, this side of his persona will be incredibly possessive while his other side is merely protective.


Name: Tempest
Species: Flit (Bronze)

This bronze is a pretty and dashingly striking creature, his appearance seemingly ideal for calmly stepping into and accepting the spotlight rather than demanding that it be put on him by virtue of some brand of garish coloring. However, just because his hide is not so garish as to attract all eyes immediately does not mean that his coloring is not both unusual and distinct, setting him apart in any faire. He is hued a particularly rich and vibrant shade of red-bronze, and his hide is quite reflective in its metallicity - when he is freshly oiled and in direct sunlight it may seem as though the angles of his body are infused with the cherry glow of hot metal as he catches the light. Provided one had a little imagination and a poetic streak, of course. He doesn't *really* look like he's formed of some molten alloy, but he *is* pretty, and if the roguish and slightly cocky angles of his posture an bearing are any indication, he knows it. He is just slightly on the small side for a bronze, but that lends him the speed and agility to pull off some impressive aerial maneuvers with his fit, slender form … all the better to impress the lady-flits, so he's not complaining.

Prankster, joker, partier, actor, friend … roguish, charismatic, friendly, gregarious, dramatic, lively … there are a lot of words that could be used to describe this bronze, and he warrants every one. This is a flit who simply loves life, who seems bound and determined to fill as much of his moments with fun and indulgence as he possibly can. A hedonist he most certainly is - while he couldn't be called lazy due to the inspiring amount of energy with which he approaches the majority of his life, he tends to be a creature ruled primarily by his id, which means that lounging freshly-oiled in the sun while gorging at his leisure on a fish is something he considers a lovely way to spend an afternoon - provided he has company, of course. Preferably female company; this bronze is a terrible flirt, but will make friends readily with either gender. He simply cannot stand to be alone, and will make sure that he is always in the company of someone or other, be they dragon, flit, or human. What's the point of lounging if you can't share the love, anyway? But such indulgent relaxation, though he will never go long without a bout of it, is something that can't keep his attention for long - but then again, very little can. This bronze will seem to flit (pun intended) from one topic to the next rather quickly, though that casual habit doesn’t mean that he's incapable of paying attention. When he feels that something does warrant his continual focus, he tends to be rather passionate about his duties, whether it's the simple matter of delivering a message or trying to cheer up a friend. Why? Because it's important! Of course, to this bronze, nearly everything's important, almost every event in his life drawn into his dramatic charisma until it becomes something just a little bit grander than it was before. And while that does tend to make life more exciting and engaging for him and his pet, it can also have its downsides in the occasional harmless but overblown temper tantrums that this flit sometimes throws. Being emotional isn't always a good thing … but it does make life interesting, and for the one who Impresses this flit, it always will