Player Information

Name: Rachel

Wingsecond L'stin

Name: L'stin
Pronunciation: Lih-STEN
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Birthing Date: 01.01.2713
Craft: None
Rank: Wingsecond
Physical Description:

L'stin is tall, lanky, and dark. He towers over most of the men and women he meets, but he also looks like he'll get broken in half like a twig. The muscle is tight around the bone, and if it weren't for the wrinkles and gray hairs Istan sun and imbeciles give him, he'd likely look like a teenage boy who's still waiting for his metabolism to stop rampaging. His leathery skin is beginning to loosen around his joints, and there are easily seen crow's feet around his eyes. L'stin has dark brown, almost black hair that's streaked with gray, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He tends to wear dark colors, as well, thinking that brights and pastels clash too much. You just won't see him spending undue time outside in that dark get-up.


L'stin is practical. He is fair. And he is honest. If you're being a moron, he will call you on it. He's usually tactful, and he does enjoy any sort of leadership work. Always prepared, he doesn't hesitate to delegate. And he really, really wishes he got more opportunities to be a leader.

L'stin has no tolerance for drama, stupidity, or that damned delicate female role. If women were really that delicate, the queens wouldn't be the head of the hierarchy. However, he does pick his battles, and pick them very, very carefully. He is a big fan of "my silence could just mean you are not worth the argument." Besides, silence has very interesting effects on people—they either give it up, or their overactive imaginations go to town and suddenly they’re paranoid of the terrible things you’re going to do to them when they turn around.

He believes that the Weyrs are not on Pern to squabble and bicker and whine about prestige. They are there to protect the stupid holders and make sure that the Threads don't eat up everything that they're supposed to be subsisting on. L'stin is practical to the end, stubborn, and refuses to go out and try new things if what they've already got is working fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

However, L'stin does have a sense of humor. He adores irony, as long as it's not happening to him, and he's a firm believer in karma. You reap what you sow. His one vice are bubbly pies. You can almost see his eyes widen when they're brought out.

Trait snapshot: practical, fair, stubborn, possibly too honest


Typical weyrbrat history. Didn't have a lot of privacy or possessions, and didn't really care, since it wasn't like he grew up starving or naked or anything. Entered Candidacy as soon as the Candidatemaster said he was ready and Impressed bronze Ireinth three years later at 17. They were good, studious weyrlings, and while not naturally social, both of them spent more time working and studying than they did socializing. That continued well past graduation, and it was a matter of course when the promotions started. Wingsecond at 24. Wingleader at 31. That lasted for awhile, and then it got stagnant. Ten turns later it wasn’t going anywhere, and the old leadership at Ista wasn’t showing any signs of dying off. Furthermore, for some reason, the queens were annoyingly monogamous. So he bid them all farewell and headed down somewhere smaller. It’s been about three turns, and he’s more or less patiently waiting for someone to recognize his value.

Bronze Ireinth

Name: Ireinth
Color: Bronze
Size: 39.25
Wing: White Squall
Weyr of Impression: Ista
Age: 31

Ireinth is a healthy, dark shade of bronze with just lighter swirls on his wings. He's prematurely aging, and he resentfully blames certain queens for it. Ireinth is big, muscular, and seems to have endless stamina. He is usually found outside somewhere, taking a pleasant nap in the sunshine.


Ireinth is a good guy. He sees younger queens as daughters to raise and blames himself for the sour apples. He sees the older queens as appreciated partners and has no qualms with shoving the latest drama case onto them. He has a commanding presence and is very much a leader. Ireinth doesn't care for drama either, but he's also more prone to complaining than L'stin is. He’s also more likely to arbitrarily decide that today is not a work day, and that if L’stin stays slaving away for any longer he’ll… turn into a wherry or something. And it’d be terrible. So really, they ought to go for a good swim. And he tries not to take it personally when he loses a mating flight to some uppity younger bronze.