Player Information


Master Test

Name: Test
Pronunciation: T-est
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Bisexual
Birthing Date: 10.10
Craft: Harper
Rank: Master
Physical Description: Sample Description
Personality: Sample Personality
More Personality!
History: History!

Candidate Information

Can Read/Write: Yes
Color Preferences: Gold,Bronze

Gold Prettyeth

Name: Prettyeth
Pronunciation: Something
Color: Gold
Size: 40
Wing: Sun Sear
Weyr of Impression: Eastern
Age: 25
Description: This is a pretty gold dragon. With a male rider!
Personality: She's haughty. And much to naughty.


Name: Micro
Species: Flit (Bronze)
Description: He's a bronze flit. He likes to fly.

Name: Markus
Species: Flit (Blue)
Description: He's... something all right.